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  1. Try this: Create a new database with 2 fields "theGreeting" and "theYear" Then copy the following script into your script editor: set theYEAR to 2006 set Greeting to {"Happy New Year", "Prosit Neujahr", "Bonne Annee", "Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!", "Bliain nua fe mhaise dhuit", "Felice anno nuovo"} tell application "FileMaker Developer" tell front database repeat with i from 1 to count of Greeting create new record tell record i set cell "theGreeting" to item i of Greeting set cell "theYear" to theYEAR end tell end repeat end tell end tell
  2. Thanks Ender. Worked a treat. Maybe I am blind but I searched the help file but could not find any reference to @@.
  3. I have two fields I wish to sort in ascending order. LastName and TypeOfAd LastName contains a list of surnames and TypeOfAd contains either Black and White or Color. I view this with View as List. Is it possible (after the sort is done) to have a field that will automatically contain a sequential number starting at 1.
  4. How do I restrict the ability of the user to create databases? TIA Daibhead
  5. Thanks Christian I am not totally familiar with the PC and have never heard of VNC Client. What is the setup on the PC side is it third party software? TIA Daibhead
  6. Here is a sample file with the relevant fields. I have changed the field name "Copy Cost" to "Copy Cost Picture Ad with Text" SampleDB1.fp7.zip
  7. I have got a field "Copy Cost" which has the following calculation. If(PatternCount(Payment Info; "Make Good"); 0; If(GetAsNumber(Count of words in text field) <= 20; 19; Count of words in text field * .95)) I now need to incorporate the following calculation into the first one. If(PatternCount(AD PRODUCTION; "Text Only Ad"); If(GetAsNumber(Count of words in text field) <= 20; 50; (Count of words in text field - 20) * .95 + 50)) Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Is it possible with Applescript (or any other way) to embed an image into a database. I have run scripts that place an image into a container, but this is only a reference to the image. For example: set folderPath to choose folder tell application "FileMaker Developer" activate repeat with i from 1 to count of records tell record i set pictureFileName to cell "Ad Number" & ".pdf" as string try set cell "Picture" to file (folderPath & pictureFileName as string) end try end tell end repeat end tell activate display dialog "Done"
  9. Daibhead

    XP Printing

    Hi How do you make the Printer selection stick? I have a database hosted on a Mac. This database is used by 2 PC's running Filemaker 7 on XP. The Printer settings will not stick. Always reverting to the default. The users are constantly having to reselect the printer settings. Any ideas on how to fix this.
  10. Hi Mark: How is old Brum : You need to put an alias before the file path "make new attachment with properties {file name:alias"Hard Disk:Users:markbowen:Desktop:Uploader:account .php"} at after the last paragraph" Cheers from Canada
  11. Hi: When i try to view JPEG files (on a Mac) that are inserted by a user on a PC using "store only a reference to file" option. The Image is replaced by a "The file cannot be found filename.jpg". The server on which the file resides is visible on both platforms. I know this is a problem with how file references are handled on each platform, but I am at a loss on how to fix it. The PC's are on Filemaker 7 running XP. DB is hosted by the Mac.
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