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  1. I'm having same problem. did you come up with a solution?
  2. ok, is there any way to get the applescript 'do script' to execute on the server instead of the client? I have both mac and windows filemaker clients that need to use this script.
  3. I've been trying all day to get my database to execute a shell script... I originally had this process working with applescript but filemaker server wouldn't run the applescript, thats why im trying to use shell scripting. the shell script works. I typed it in a text doc and dragged it into a terminal window hit return and it executes. but no combination of options in the 'Send Event' script step would run the shell script. I tried it sending 'do script' with 'document' and with 'script text'. I also tried making an automator action into an application that just runs the shell script, but choosing that seemed to do nothing, target application was still . what am i doing wrong? please help!
  4. I am using this same script to schedule appointments in ical from filemaker. however my problem is that i need it to run on filemaker server 8, from a windows filemaker client. is this possible? I read somewhere that filmaker server doesn't handle applescript the same way the client does, and you need to use a shell script instead so i tried the "send do script event" with the script text. but nothing happens. if i put the shell script directly into terminal and hit return it works. does anyone know how to make filmaker server run my shell script?:
  5. I was originally, but im printing out multiple invoices to PDF...everytime the script loops it overwrites the pdf file with a new one and i end up with a bunch of emails that are addressed correctly, but all have the same attachment... am i missing something about the way this works? Ummm...Nevermind, I've been working too hard today... I went through the script again and using print to pdf seems to be working now...I guess it's just time for a break :
  6. I'm trying to make a database that can print invoices as PDF's and send them via email... the Print script step seems to do what i want if i use a loop and perform w/out dialog, specifying "Mail PDF" as the print options. this generates seperate emails, each with it's own invoice attached. the only problem is that it doesn't give any options for setting the email address based on a field!! I tried using automator and added the "extract field data" step before the new mail step, but it puts the email address in the body of the text instead of the TO field, and i cant figure out anyway to change that. anyone have any ideas???
  7. the problem im running into I think is the way im determining the stock status... I have an Art display field that merges the artist, title, size, and medium. this field is the match field. so then my sold field looks like, ArtSold = Case ( ArtDisplay = LineItems::Item; "sold"; "" ) then i have SoldStatus = Case ( Sold = "sold";0;1 ) the problem is that these calc fields are unstored and use related fields so i cant use them in relationships... how can i make the product table update the inventory without needing to run a script when the invoice is done? is there a better way to do inventory control?
  8. I'm working on an inventory, invoicing, and customer database for an art studio. the invoice table uses a seperate line item table with a portal on the invoice layout. they only sell original artwork, so each record in the product table is unique and only has one in stock. I want to create a value list that contains all records in the Product(Art) table that are not sold.... whats the best way to do this???
  9. I think I would classify it as a bug...if it is the file path causing the error, the error should reflect that, not say out of memory...don't you think?? the file path WAS specified in the script and the print dialog was set to write to the same directory the at database is in, and to overwrite existing files with that name....
  10. Don't Panic

    Rosetta Bug??

    I'm working on a database script that prints invoices to pdf's without dialog, then attaches it to an email. when i got my macbook pro and ran the script i got an error that said "out of memory". i went into the script and re-did the print step, and that fixed it. I sent the updated database to someone with a PPC mac, and he got the out of memory error... has anyone run into this using an intel mac?
  11. Hi, I think I may have taken a wrong turn. Just recently found a need to import XML into my FM 7 database. Started looking in the FileMaker Professional Training book for info on XML. In the CWP section they use the fmresultset grammar. Tried to find info on this new grammar and found very little, except when referenced with FM Server Advanced. I noticed that fmresultset was not an export option with FM 7. Then it finally dawned on me that maybe fmresultset XML could not be imported into FM7. Am I correct? Should I be focusing on using XSLT to transform my XML to FMPXMLRESULT instead? Thanks.
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