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  1. This happened to me and one of my customers as well. She was using Ver. 6, bought Ver. 8 tried to install it and it couldn't find her installed version 6 and would not accept her version 6 license. I bought Ver. 8 and had the identical problem. What is going on here? Wonder what the correct format for entering the license key is supposed to be? I kept trying combinations until I finally hit on the correct format, I can't remember what it was. I downloaded the FM 8.0.2 updater now for some reason my FM7 files will not open. I've never had these kinds of problems since I began using FileMaker 3. Is FileMaker going the way of Microsoft Word. I remember when it was a really great word processor. I'm making an effort to learn FM8 but it is really taxing my patience. It's just not as user friendly as any previous version, of course, these are just my opinions.
  2. I'm using FM 6 on a Windows box. I guess I didn't explain my problem fully. I am converting from a DOS database. The database is student records. There are 15 fields in the DOS database that contain course names. There are 15 courses. Some students took some courses. The courses are not entered in the fields in any order. If I want to find which student took a specific course, I'd have to search for a course in each of the 15 fields. I have created 15 fields for the courses in the FM database and imported the records. Now I need to import all the records in the 15 fields into one repeating field with 15 repetitions. I know I can import a repeating field with each repetition as a separate record. I'm just wondering if it is possible to import the other way, separate fields into a single field, like perhaps when mapping the fields, map Course 1 into the Repeating field as Added Record, then map Course 2 into the Repeating Field as Added Record, how do I map to repetition 2. I don't think it can be done. Do you know of any way?
  3. FM6-WIN I have information in 15 fields that I need to combine into a single repeating field so I can search for contents of one field rather than search through each of 15 fields. Is there any way to do this.
  4. Thanks Lee, Once again you came through for me. Many Thanks I went back and converted the FM6 files again and before I closed it, I checked File Options, lo and behold, there was the Admin user name. I'm finding a lot in FM8 that is confusing me (especially the window views, guess I'm going to have to read my FM7 3rd party manual. Apparently there is nothing in print for FM8 yet.
  5. I converted some FileMaker 6 files into FileMaker 8 files. Made a few entries and all was well. Then I closed the files. I later opened the files only to be greeted by a dialog box asking for the Account name and password. This was not a password protected file. It never had an account name or password attached to it. The dialog box appears with my user name from the computer operating system. What is going on here?
  6. I have a database of 18 courses (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)and I have a database of 20 instructors (i.e. Fred, Sam, Bill, Tom, etc.) Some instructors are qualified to teach some of the courses. There is a relationship established between the two databases. In the instructors database I have a "Data Enty" form that has all the information about an instructor. I have a repeating field that is a value list based on the "course name" in the course database. I click in the field, select the courses the instructor is qualified to teach, so on the layout I have a list of the courses an instructor is qualified to teach in the repeating field. I can search for "Excel" in the field and find I have four instructors qualified. In another layout "Qualified Instructors", I have a list of the found set. All is going well up to this point. In the header of this layout, I have the words "Qualified to teach" then I dropped in the field "Course" below this line of type (bet you know where I'm going with this). My result in this field is the first entry of the drop down list of the active record in my found set. I was hoping that that the layout would show "Qualified to teach" with the course name that I had searched for below it in the header and the list of qualified instructors appearing in the body. Can this be fixed? Thanks for any help I can get...
  7. I must have had a brain freeze, minutes after I posted the problem, the solution came to me. I used: LeftWords( First_Name, 1) &" " & LeftWords( Last_Name, 1) Worked fine, I was creating a certificate and needed the names combined, now if I can figure out how to add the date in a date field to a number from a text field in a related database I can call it a day.
  8. I need to combine a first_name field contents with a last_name field contents into a joined_name field. I have tried a few calculations with poor results, what am I forgetting?
  9. The reason I didn't want to print from the Students database is the letter would be part of a students record. I would prefer the letter be part of the Course database record. Any help on this one?
  10. I'm using FileMaker 4 on Windows You don't want to hear what I have tried, so here is the problem. I have two related databases Courses and Students. From the Courses database I want to print a letter from a found set of students in the Students database. Record_number is the key field. I prepare the letter in the Courses Database with Record_number, First_name and Last_name related fields from Students Database. I find the students that should receive the letter and create a script: Freeze Window Perform Find Request 1 Restore find request Mail List Yes Loop Copy Record_Number Select entire contents Open Filename: "Courses.FP3" Paste Courses::Record_Number Perform Script External: Courses.FP3 Sub-scripts Print_Announcement Go to Record/Request/Page Next Exit after last End Loop The Print_Announcement external script I have in Courses is: Go to Layout Course_Announcement Print No dialog I need a script in Courses or Students that will print a students first and last names in the letter from the found set, go to the next students name, print the letter and continue through the found set in the Students database. I'm perplexed once again but I'll keep trying, I have just run out of ideas.
  11. Thasnks for the tip. The whitepaper is the best FileMaker clarifier I have ever read. It will certainly make my solutions more professional. Sometimes in naming fields I catch my errors after the fact, I used a . in one of my field names, a definatye no no. Thanks again.
  12. I'm using FM 6 in Windows. I have run into another situation I can’t seem to resolve. In the following calculation, I need to add another argument. My customer informs me that the following calculation is including jobs that have been finished. She wants me to fix it so no projects that have been finished appear in the list. Where do I put in this calculation that if “Finished” is valid, no calculation should be made for that record. The fields "Total Jacket Cost" and "CC Total Jacket Cost" in the calculation are in a related database. “Finished” and “Est. Cost” is in the parent database Case( IsEmpty(Est. Cost),"" , (Main to Action by Jacket::CC Total Jacket Cost + Main to Action by Jacket::Total Jacket Cost)> (Est. Cost * .85), "Approaching Estimate", "")
  13. I stopped fighting this problem, went to lunch, cleared my head, thought about something else. Got back, looked at the calculation and found my problem to be the order of the argument. The resolved solution is: Case( IsEmpty(Est. Cost),"" , Main to Action by Jacket::Total Jacket Cost > (Est. Cost * .85), "Approaching Estimate", "") Thanks for your help, I'll keep your soultion in case my doesn't pass testing.
  14. I am having a problem with a calculated result displaying when it shouldn't, obviously there is something wrong with my argument. This is a relational database. Three fields are involved. "Estimated Cost" (number field with a dollar figure entered that is the estimated cost of a project) "Total Jacket Cost" (a calculation field from the related database (Calculation Result is a Number)) "Approaching Estimate" (Calculation Field that should appear as the result of a calculation (Calculation Result is Text) I have tried the following arguments: Case( Total Jacket Cost > (Est. Cost * .85), "Approaching Estimate" , IsEmpty(Est. Cost), "", "") If(Est. Cost > Total Jacket Cost * .85 , "Approaching Estimate" , "" ) The problem is that this field is returning a result whenever any entry is in the field "Total Jacket Cost" (I tried to insert a screen shot here for clarification but don't know how) I have tried numerous combinations of these arguments. All I want to see is the return "Approaching Estimate" when "Total Jacket Cost" exceeds 85% of the "Estimated Cost". What is amiss with these arguments?
  15. There are three fields involved. 1. Operation (Value List)Text Field 2. Hours (Number of hours a worker spent on the operation)Number Field 3. Operation Cost (Hours X Operation Cost)Calculation Field The Operation field is using a Value List of operations with the hourly cost of the operation the last word of each text string. 710-10 - Design 114.00 710-11 - Web/Html 110.00 710-12 - Disk Preparation 088.00 710-13 - Illustration 109.00 710-14 - Scanning 090.00 In the calculation field I need to pull out the last word from the Value List in The Operation(114.00 or 110.00 or 088.00 or 109.00 or 090.00(this is the rate charged for the operation))depending upon which operation is selected from the value list. Then multiply this number by the number of hours entered in the "Hours" field. Rather than show you my failed attempts using RightWords, Count and numerous other functions, what should I be doing in the Calculation Field? Do I need the 088.00 format or could I just use 88.00
  16. LaRetta, I must admit I am sometimes confused regarding "Keep vs. Replace", When to use it and what it does. I know that when I revise a "Find" or "Sort" or other actions in a script that I need to Replace that action. What confuses me is if I revise a script and do something like adding a calculation to the script, I usually select "Replace" unless I haven't changed anything else. I have been using FileMaker since Ver. 3 and I am still confused about when to use Keep or Replace.
  17. What seems to work consistantly is Enter Find Mode Insert Text [Finished, "="] Perform Find [] Show Omitted Apparently "=" finds literal text so at this point FileMaker is finding all records with an entry in the Finished field, the "Show Omitted" shows all the empty fields. Am I correct in this assumtion? Thank you everyone for your help. FMForum is "da bomb"
  18. I tried the script and an error message pops up "The date in this field must be a valid date in the range of years yadda yadda"
  19. The problem continues. The field is a date field, I can't seem to find empty date fields. There in lies the problem. Any other suggestions?
  20. I am attempting to create a script to find records with an empty date field using the "If" function. The complete script is Show all records If( IsEmpty(Finished), "", 0) End If Sort [Restore, No Dialog] The script always return all records Doing a manual search I find 254 records with no dates. What am I doing wrong?
  21. I have a request to creat a report in an existing database that will find 1. New records entered in the last week using the date field "Date Entered" 2. Jobs completed in the last week using the date field "Date Finished" 3. Jobs in progress (the total of "Date Entered" minus "Date finished" The problem I am having is getting all this information on one layout. I am sure FileMaker is capable of doing this, I'm not sure I can handle it without a bit of help. Thanks
  22. Thanks John, That was exactly what I needed. I would never have guessed that. Sorry about the double post, I couldn't remember where I posted the message.
  23. I have a request to find records entered in the last week. There is a Date Entered field. The script I used is: enter find mode insert calculated result Status( CurrentDate) & "..." & (Status( CurrentDate) - 6) perform find My results were not found records but an error message that the date must be in the 1/1/2005 format. When I clicked continue the information in the "Date field" is 732215...732221. Apparently this is Filemaker code for 9/28/05 through 10/2/05. Before I started I entered five records with the 9/28/05 through 12/2/05 dates. In find mode using 9/28/05...10/2/05 returned all five records. I have tried scripts using both Set Field and Insert Calculated Result without success. I confirmed that the DATE field is set as a Date field. I even changed the date format to 1/1/2005 from 1/1/05 just for the heck of it. The "Specify Calculation" says The calculation must be a Date, I just don't know what is going wrong. Do you have any ideas?
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