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  1. Thanks for the advice. I have gone back to the original source records and have done the "match only" on the Import. That worked fine. Again, yuk, on having to mess with bad data when upgrading to a different db. Thanks, once again. Deke
  2. Okay. So...I will need to add a text field in the FM7 file for the incoming txtDate and then do the import on a "match-only." Doing this will bring in the old/bad text-defined date field into the FM7 file (a text-defined field as a temp storage place). In the FM7 file I then run the script ("Replace Contents" in the Date-defined field) to convert the text-defined date field to one that is compatible with FM7's Date format. Before I run the script I will have two fields, (1) Text field with YY/MM/DD format and (2) Date field that has previously-imported YY/MM/DD that FileMaker made into a Date field. Do these sound like the right steps?
  3. That would be a very good approach, however, the records that were imported have now been updated, in some cases, in the FM7 file. So, I can't go back and re-import w/o losing those updates. Yuk, what a nasty problem! Any other suggestions?
  4. As an fyi, we are not dealing with a text field at all in the FM7 file. We are trying to convert a bad date-defined field that was imported from a 5.5 text-defined field, that was used to simulate a Date field). Hope this helps.
  5. Sorry, LaRetta, that didn't work either. I still think I am not communicating the scenario like I should. The FM7 file contains a db-defined Date field. The data for this field was imported from a 5.5 file that had the field defined as text in the format, YY/MM/DD, with leading zeros. As we know, FM7 assumes a YYYY year and, I suspect, makes that adjust in the date field in question. How can I send you/tell you what the raw data looks like in the FM7 file, if that is what you need. Do you need to know how the old and new date fields are formatted? Thanks for your patience. Deke
  6. I ran the script "Middle(....) & "/20"..... and when I view as table, I see nothing but "?" in the Date field I did the Replace Contents on. When I click on the data field in the View As Form, I see "0/20/204/" in one of the records, "/201/204/", and "1/20/204/", "/200/205/" others, as examples.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I'm not sure I explained the situation well enough, sao let me add the following. Y'all may already have taken this in account. 1. I imported a text-defined "date" field from 5.5 to a date-defined date field in 7. 2. I want to "Replace Contents" of the existing (bad) imported date field 'on the fly' using the script. Thanks. Do I use the script just as is or is there a function name that preceeds the suggested script.
  8. I imported a few thousand records from FM5.5 into FM7 that had a date field defined (in the 5.5 file) as a text field in the following format: YY/MM/DD. That same field is properly defined in the FM7 file as a Date field. I need a script that now converts the YY/MM/DD Date field data in the FM7 file to that which is compatible with FM7 Date format MM/DD/YYYY. 1. All records are for 2004. 2. I plan to use the script to "Replace Contents" of the Date field in FM7. I could use some help really quickly, if possible. Thanks, Deke.
  9. Let me add that the client does not have FM Server installed. They have three seats of FM7Pro client. The FM7 db was created and resides on one of the the client seats. I'm not sure what you mean by "ssh tunnel." I am not a FM "heavy" when it comes to FM server, remote access, FM firewall so some more detail would help. Thanks. Deke
  10. I have been told by FileMaker tech support that a FileMaker Pro7 client db cannot be accessible remotely and be a secure connection. I have a client that told me that they used to have remote access using v5.5. My response to them was that "you may have had access to your client-based FM5.5 db, but I doubt if the connection was protected through a secure connection, as in Advanced Server7." Was I right in what I said? Must one have a properly-configured FM Server to enable a secure connection to restricted, remote users? Thanks.
  11. Thanks everybody for the help. I am able to do the date comversion from text to date correctly. The help is very much appreciated!! Deke
  12. I put in the "extra" ")" and it still gives a yyyy value as "0004" For this set of records, the only year contained in the olddate text field is, "04" as in yy/mm/dd. Any ideas why the "replace field contents" result shows the calculated date as, 03/11/0004", for example and not 03/11/2004? Also, for future reference, why does the calculation include the check for "<10"? I know I had tried the Date function before and got it to work on all dates with month <10. Thanks.
  13. Ray, Your approach and formula seemt o work okay, however, the yyyy after the Replace Field Content is "0004" rather than "2004" What needs to be added to your formual to give the date the right centruy? Thanks, much for the help.
  14. I have the old db with an added "date" field that is defined as auto-enter/calculated value with the Specify Calculation= datepaidnew="followed by your formula." My question at this point is: how do I get the datepaidnew field populated? what action does that?
  15. Although I do know about calculated fields, I just don't seem to understand the process of converting the date field... Do I create a new date-type field in the old db corresponding to text-type "oldDate"? Do I populate the new (real) date field in the old db? How do I go about doing the data population? Sorry for these dumb questions, but I seem to be missing the sequence here. Thanks.
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