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  1. Yes you are right, my order date field was a text field that was auto entering a creation date. Thanks for your help.
  2. I do have a date field but I have another field for expected delivery period that has a numeric value in it. I have setup the expected delivery date filed as a calculation to add the order date field with the expected delivery period field. This is not producing the results I need. Some dates have years going to 2881 and some records have a ? mark. Wierd.
  3. I have an date field that I want to be able to add a number of days to it. I want to be able to add 20 days to a date field. What kind of script would be used here to accomplish this? I tried adding the number straight to the date field and set the calulcation to return as a date and get some really weird results. There must be an easy way to add to a date field. Thanks in advance, Coffee.
  4. Hey, you are right. I was setting it up as a text field that did an auto-enter calc. Now that I changed it to a calc field, it is producing the results that I wanted. Thanks mr_vodka.
  5. I need some help with this one. I need to be able to automatically update a calculation field that store a total qty of product in the field. It seems like there is no method to have this field update automatically when a field value is changed in one of the fields used in the calculation? Please let me know if there is a way to accomplish this. Thanks in advance. COFFEE.
  6. Hi, I have a program that opens a new window that runs a new record script. I have a submit button that closes and commits the records based on data entry validation. The problem is that if you close the window using the 'X' button in the window title bar, the record commits as a blank record. My question is there a way to grey out those buttons in the titlebar or is there a script that will do this for us? Thanks in advance.
  7. Is there anyway to use the Sort Records script without having the dialog box come up. I would like to use a button that specifies the sort and then sorts the records without this dialog appearing. Thanks, Coffee.
  8. I am looking too avoid using a portal here, I just want the found set to be displaye din the current layout, would the process be the same?
  9. Is there anyway of using a find request to find related records using a current field value? EG. A client can have many products. when on the products layout, I want a button to be clicked to view all the products related to that client only. How can this be accomplished? If I need to use a gloabl field, can you give an explanation as to how because I am a little confused on how to use gloabl fields. Thanks in advance.
  10. I am looking at setting up a button when it is clicked to find records based on a field on the current layout and the found set to be displayed in that same layout. Looking to find duplicate records based on a specific field in that layout. I hope that maes m ore sense.
  11. How do I setup the find script to check a specific field in the current record and return a found set based on that criteria?
  12. I find that portals are a set size and will become scrollable when the records increase past that size of portal. Is there a way to get this portal to increase length to accomodate all found records dynamically?
  13. Is there a way to open a layout in the body of another layout? I want to open up a list view layout in a custom designed layout workspace. Kind of like frames in html.
  14. A Portal has to be a set size doesn;t it? I am looking for a button type of solution that allows you access to all your clients without taking up alot of space.
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