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  1. I didn't try to trap the last window...i was just noting what will trigger the file closing script.
  2. I created a script that executes when the file closes. It is assigned in the File Options menu item. These script steps cause the script itself to repeat (Close Window)..if it's the last window open (Exit Application) (Close File) However, if I try (Exit Script) or (Halt Script)the file won't close. QUESTION: What script steps can close the file without re-triggering the script that executes when the file is closing? I've attached the script that executes when the file is closing [color:green]g_LogOff and the script it calls, [color:orange]g_BackupCurrentFile.[/b] 1147816147-g_LogOff.txt 1147816157-g_BackupCurrentFile.txt
  3. Ok..here's more detail. The MAIN table is a table called [color:green]REQUESTS which has four choices for the [color:green]REQUESTS:[color:red]letter field. Controlled by a value list. The choice I want to filter has the value [color:purple]"TO REPORTER" in the [color:green]REQUESTS:[color:red]letter field. I created a global field called [color:brown]g_letter_reporter which I gave the value [color:purple]"TO REPORTER". I then created a [color:blue]TO named [color:blue]REQUESTS_REPORTERS and linked [color:green]REQUESTS:[color:brown]g_letter_reporter = [color:blue]REQUESTS_REPORTERS: [color:red]letter. Now I want my layout to only show records that have [color:purple]"TO REPORTER" in the [color:red]letter field. (Incidentally I also have a report that I want to do the same thing!) How do you "script" a form/report to GTRR? Should I have clicked the option to create a script when creating this form/report? If so, how can I recapture those scripts if I didn't choose that option initially? Subsequently, how do I navigate to these form/reports using said scripts?
  4. I have a table that has two interfaces. The first interface is a layout that should show all records. The other layout is to be based on a table occurrence that only shows records with a particular value in one field. I have tried creating a separate field with that value then creating a relationship btwn the table and its occurrence based on the separate field and the field that may have the same value as the separate field. My expectations are that the table occurrence will only show the records that have the value I want in the specific field. However, I keep getting all the records and sometimes Cartesian results. How should I relate the table occurrence to the table so that the interface(layout) I create can only see the records that have a particular value in one field? In what context, should the layout be? the fields?
  5. I have a logon script that directs the user to a main page based on the privilege set. After reading your post (and finding out there is an Install Custom Menu Set script step) I added this to my logon script. When the user logs on Install the appropriate menu set based on the privilege set. Thanks for your help If[Get(PrivilegeSetName)= Set A Install CustomMenuSetName MenuSet A
  6. Can custom menus be assigned across an entire file based on the privilege set? I would like the full menu as an administrator BUT abbreviated custom menu for the end-user based on their privilege set.
  7. At the 11th hour of preparing my database for roll out, I remembered this separation technique from class. I am developing an application that will run from a remote server but will be storing the scripts and such on the local server. How exactly are the tables, layouts, scripts and such divided between files ?
  8. I've created and exhaustive script that validates the entry in a particular field.The validation forces the user's entry into a standard form. I've now decided that I need repetitions for this field because users are inclined to enter multiple values in this field for expedience which will only standardize the first value. There are a maximum of 5 repeating fields. So to make a long story short.... I want to edit my validation script to loop through all repetitions, if they exist. What is the quickest way to change all the references to that field to now include a repetion number fieldname[n].
  9. I have a custom dialog box that prompts the user for input to use in the current script. However, if the user clicks Cancel instead of OK I want the script to Halt. Currently, the script continues regardless if there is any input or not.
  10. I have a related issue. On a server (not Filemaker) we are scanning PDF documents via a digital document writer. In a FM database, we are creating records of each scanned document. This record contains a document_alias(calculation) that we would like to assign to a document once it is scanned. I would like to create blank PDF with the name of the document_alias(via a script). Once that document is scanned it should replace the blank PDF. We want all available document_aliases to show to the user so they can chose the correct alias to assign to the current document being scanned..in order to establish a naming convention. We are using a Canon CD-4070NW digital document writer and are considering the Troi file plug-in. The goal we want to accomplish is a link in the FM database that retrieves the PDF on our server. We don't want to store the document in a container in the database. We want a file reference to the server.
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