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  1. Queue, it is working now. Thank you so much. The reason it wasn't working was I still had my old find script that I was trying to create in it. I took that out, and restarted the program, it's perfect.
  2. Update. I can do find with more than one entry in one field. The problem is in omit option. When I check the omit box to do the find, it returns the records that contain either rice or oat.
  3. I cannot type anything in xfield, such as xMeat, Xstarch etc in the find mode. It still does not do find/omit on more than one entry in one field... :)
  4. Ok. I hope it is attached to this post. Queue, you must be an angel :)
  5. How do I post the sample? Just write them down here? Manufacture - Solid Gold Item Name - Wolfcub Dog Cat - Dog Type - Dry Meat - Bison, Salmon meal Starch - Brow Rice, millet, Cracked Pearled Barley, Rice bran, Amaranth Oil - Canola, Flaxseed Others - Garlic, Blueberries, Yucca, Chicory root I want to be able to search/find in Meat, Starch, Oil, Others. Do I have to change the text field to global text field? The program said any entry will be eraced when I change to global text field. I realized that I have no knowledge of what each script means, and I would have to learn.
  6. I'm going to try creating a new script. I'm totally new to this and I have no idea what each one means.. Hopefully I will suceed. Wish me luck. Thanks guys for the quick response. If I cannot seem to figure things out, I will be back.
  7. Queue, Sorry for my ignorance, but is this the script that I can make in the scriptmaker in fm?
  8. Here is the screen shots with comment. http://naturallypet.com/fm.html
  9. I'm using older mac, os 8.6 with fm5. My ancient imac is not capable of upgreated to newer os. Anyway, I'm just using text field, and filling them in the ingredient list. I have them separated into grain, meat, oil and such. So for example, one product will have input as follow Grains: brown rice, oats, barley meats: Chicken, turkey oil: Flax If I'm looking for only one ingredient in that field, find does what it does.(I'm using omit what it fit in the find, and show the rest stuff.) But if I want to look for a products that has rice and oats inthe gran field, then go find, omit those match, it will show all products. I want to be able to find product that doesn't contain certain ingredients. So, I was wondering if I have to make additional field such as grain1, grain2, grain3. etc. which I really don't want to do. But if I have to I guess I would have to.. Or, not that I know anything about programing, but maybe there is just simple programing that I can do with help from someone that will fix this?
  10. I thought it will be a great idea to have listing dog foods that I sell with their ingredient list, so that if someone is looking for certain ingredient in the food, I can find them easy. So I started creating a database with name and ingredient list as fields. I was listing the mail ingredients in "ingredient list" field. However the find does not seem to find more than one thing in the same field. is this correct? If so, do I have to make separate fields for each ingredient that I'm inputting?
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