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  1. Yes, that worked great. Thanks again. Just to confirm for other's benefit. The Deployment Wizard was started, Then just before the 'next' button was clicked at the stage where it searches for web servers, the network cable was unplugged. After a couple of minutes, the next screen appeared correctly listing the web server as IIS. The rest of the deployment was completed and the network cable was plugged in again.
  2. Thanks Matt. I'll give it another go.
  3. Hi Was this original issue ever solved? I have the exact same problem on a 2008 R2 server with IIS7 and have run out of ideas. No firewall is on. IIS has been reinstalled with and without FMS11 present and vice versa, with reboots between steps, several times. IIS is serving pages on port 80 fine. ISAPI is installed. Anonymous user is enabled. Still get the "No web servers were found" error when trying to deploy. Thanks
  4. We have a client who is experiencing weekly crashes on Windows Server 2003 with the log showing either ntdll.dll or OmniORB4.dll. They are running the latest FM Server 10.
  5. Excellent, makes perfect sense. Maybe the help could do with a bit of fleshing out. Thanks comment.
  6. Yes, good points. Unless you can be certain that only scripting or only a user has made changes then no use at all. So I guess we're back to the question of: 1) Does Get(RecordOpenState) behave as intended? 2) If so, is the help entry misleading?
  7. But Get(RecordOpenCount) does return a non-zero count even if a Set Field has altered a related record. So in that way I guess it behaves the way I had expected Get(RecordOpenState) to. So using both you can determine if it is a record in the current context's table or a related table that has been altered. Count = 1 and State = 0 Child Count = n and State = 0 : n Children Count = 1 and State = 2 : Parent Count = n and State = 2 : Parent and n-1 children Is that right? Seems quite useful.
  8. Agreed, I'm hesitating to submit a bug report until I understand exactly what should be happening versus what appears to be happening. Can anyone throw any more light on the matter?
  9. Hi Brian I was checking that the record wasn't uncommitted before a script did some stuff but there are other (probably better) ways I can handle it. I just thought it curious that Get(RecordOpenState) didn't give the result I expected. Glad you saw it too. Thought I might be going mad. Simon
  10. Hi Sorry, I've updated my profile. This is on OSX 10.4.10 with FMPA9.0v1. File is not hosted. I'm sure I'm missing something glaringly obvious but I just can't see why this is giving what appears to me to be a wrong result. I've attached a very simple example that (on my system at least) demonstrates the issue. @Vaughan - I've tried in both Data Viewer and in a Custom Dialog box and I get the same result. Thanks Simon GROS.fp7.zip
  11. Hello If I click in a portal field and change its value, Get(RecordOpenState) evaluates to 2 as expected. However, if I script: Go To Portal Row[select; First] Set Field[related:field; "something"] after the script has completed, the record is still open (I can revert it) but Get(RecordOpenState) shows 0. This difference in behaviour doesn't seem to be indicated in the FileMaker Help entry for Get(RecordOpenState). What am I missing? Thanks Simon
  12. Thanks, that's very useful. Simon
  13. Hi aholtzapfel Would you be willing to post an example of setting the three printing defaults via vbscript? Thanks Simon
  14. We have the same problem printing to a slip printer (TSP143). FileMaker will crash on any of three clients at the Print step but only now and then and not consistently on the same record. Have tried: 1) A new layout. 2) A new file. 3) Different fonts. 4) Different printer drivers. This crash manifests on both 8.0v3 and 8.5v1. The server is an Xserve. No joy so far. Simon
  15. Hi, We have had very good experiences with MoneyWorks and have many clients using it happily from our FM8 frontend. Plugin works fine. Universal binary is apparently on its way very soon. Cheers Simon
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