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  1. The current file format has been active since FMP12. Judging by previous versions and how often file compatibility gets broken, it seems we're due for a new file extension soon. I'm at the point where I need to update a complex database that was created in FMP11. It's not an emergency so I'm debating wether it's worth waiting another 18 months or so until we get FileMaker 20 to convert it to .fmp20 directly. But if we know there won't be a new file extension, I'd start now in FMP18. Do we have any intel on FileMaker 20 file compatibility? Cheers!
  2. The process of submitting that form can be seen in action here: http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/DevelopersResources/protocolV3/HTTPInterface.html
  3. Hello, I'm trying to setup a WebViewer that would get a shipping quote from the CanadaPost server. It seems it should be fairly simple. In the attached HTML file the entire xml is taken from a field of the form. I want to turn it into a PHP file that takes the various pieces of data (not the whole XML) from the URL so I can have a WebViewer that's set to refresh http://www.myserver.com/getcpquote.php?CPCID=CPC_DEMO_XML&FZIP=mip1c0&TAT=24&...... And give me the text string of the server reply in a variable or field so I can parse it a present it to the user.
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to adapt a php osCommerce shipping module to FMP so that I can provide shipping estimates from within a FMP DB. The thing is, I don't know php or xml, I also haven't really had the chance to play with the PHP, XML or even web viewer part of FMP, so I need some help. The php looks rather simple, it forms some XML using the data provided, uses an HTTP POST to send it to the Canada Post server and then parses the resulting XML back from Canada Post. I'm pretty sure I can accurately recreate the XML with my data in FMP. The part I'm not sure about is how to sen
  5. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I tried the double quotes and it didn't work. I also tried a single space within a single and double quotes, still no go. But THEN I tried and empty single quote WITHOUT the curly brackets and it worked! yay So for future reference, for posterity: INSERT INTO Untitled ("date", "time") VALUES ('', {9:00:00}) does the job.
  6. Hello, I'm using the MBS FileMaker plugin to run some SQL queries on my FileMaker 10 file. I am not using an external data source, the SQL acts directly on the tables in my FMP file. One oddity with SQL in FileMaker is the syntax surrounding date and time fields where you have to enclose the field name in quotes and the value in curly brackets {} like so: MBS("FM.ExecuteSQL"; "INSERT INTO table_a ("date", "time") VALUES ({" & table_b::date & "}, {" & table_b::time & "})") This query works as long as the date and time fields of table_b are not empty. That is
  7. I would have to add that at the top of ALL the scripts that commit the records, there are a lot. So far it's the only solution I see though...
  8. Hello, Thanks for replying. The "Commit Record" step would trigger the validation script on the field but the problem remains: if the validation fails then the record cannot be committed (can't navigate to another layout) yet the nav script keeps going assuming the layout has been changed... Thanks for the help though, short of modifying all my nav scripts I'm still at a loss as to how to solve this one... Cheers
  9. Hello, I've setup some field validation using script triggers and it works well. My script has an Exit Script Result: 0 step to prevent the user from leaving the field if the data fails validation. My solution, like many, also makes use of scripted navigation and that's where the problems start. If the user modifies one of those fields and then hits a navigation button the navigation script is triggered first. Then, upon reaching a script step that takes the focus away from the field, the field validation script gets triggered, the validation fails with an Exit Script Result: 0
  10. Ok, whoever comes up with a solution to this one will make it into the FMP Hall Of Fame. I can imagine a multitude of scenario where such a function can come in extremely handy. The goal: Comparing 2 text fields and coloring the differences. Like: Field 1:The [color:red]quick brown [color:red]fox jump[color:red]s over the lazy [color:red]dog. Field 2:The [color:red]fat lazy cat jump[color:red]ed over the lazy [color:red]fox [color:red]last night. It should be usable on very large texts. I'm pretty sure it's feasible with a recursive custom function, or a smart
  11. Hello all, Two fellow developers and I are working on a FM9 solution that's to be boxed and sold. We are hosting the file on FMP 9 Server Advanced (Mac) and working on it using FMP 9 Advanced (2 of us on Mac OS 10.5.1 and 1 on Windows Vista). Our solution makes use of a Back and Forth navigation system based on a slightly modified version of SeedCode Back Magic. The system uses various global variables to store the back and forward navigation trails and such. We just recently started experiencing very bizarre behavior with the the Back and Forth script, more precisely with the s
  12. Hello, I am trying to setup a fairly complex DB for data separation in FMP 8.5. I would like to ultimately end up with 2 files: - The data file which would contain only : *The data tables, with only data fields, keys and log fields (creation date etc...). *A table for user preferences and other user globals *A table for the user specified value lists - The GUI file which would contain everything else: layouts, graphics, scripts, non-user value lists, cascading delete structure, all calculations but NO user data. The obvious advantage being that I
  13. Hello, I too am looking for a way to ouput claim info into a print image file, did you figure it out ? Cheers
  14. I too am looking for a way to export claim data to the ANSI format, have you figured out how to do it ?
  15. Hello Vaughan, Thanks for your reply. I was trying to spare you all the details but to answer your questions and statements: - The reason I want to use the Caps Lock key is because all the other modifier keys are already used for other purposes. I originally used the Option/Alt key instead but it triggers the menu keyboard shortcuts in Windows and that's a problem. - I am aware that the modifier key event will be triggered even if the user is in another app, it's all part of the plan and actually necessary to my solution as the user WILL be working in another app (another F
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