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  1. Tom I am Sorry for not having the FM edition. I am using FM10 advance. Now you have me curoius about the two tables. The continunity table has the welder ID and the Welding process and the date Welded and the expiration date as fields. I do have a table that has the welder information as Name, ID number, and Stamp but this table is not connected the the continunity table. I think I have a data structural problem. The continunity log file has only one date field called 'DATE WELDED:" There is another field called process that captures the welding process (i.e. GTAw, SMAW, FCAW, etc.) To make each record unique, I have a field that combine the ID number, the Date welded as a number and the welding process.(i.e. 2345 SMAW 768902) That could be the problem. How would you suggest that I construct the continunity log table. Thanks for the information, will give it a whril. Lionel
  2. Tom I have two tables one with the welding information called "Continunity" and another table called " LIST" with the script in the calculating fields. Is this the right setup? I do not understand how the calculating fields known what record number to capture as the way I have is setup thet do not capture any recorder number. I understand how is it done but cannot did it to work. I made five calculating fields in the TABLE "LIST" as follows: Gobal, = GETVALUE ($$smadates;get(recordnumber)) Then I wrote a looping script in the table "LIST" as follows: Set Variable ($$ smadate; value(continunity::SMAW dates)) for all five calculation fields I am not sure on what field or fields that I should make the relationship on. no informatin is shown on the list table I do not have have winzip so i cannot post a copy of the files. Thanks for all the past help Lionel
  3. Tom Thanks for the information. I read up on virtual table but still not sure what they are or how to create them. If you would go into a more detail on how to gather the dates and make a virtual I would greatly appericate that. Thanks for all your help in the past. Lionel
  4. Olly I do not have FM12 but in FM10 when you make your value list click on the box that states " Include only related values starting from" and chose the filed you want to display. Hope this helps Lionel
  5. my past experience with portal print has not been good. Portals only print what you can see on the screen. Some of these welders have at least 60 entries for each welding process. thanks Lionel
  6. thanks for the reply I cannot open zips files at this moment. I tried using a separate portal for each welding process and that work perfectly for display purpose only but I would like to print a report as shown in the third example. Lionel
  7. Hi all Been trying to figure on how to do this for a couple months now and as you can see I am not to good on relationship. I attached three jpeg file that I hope explain what I want to accomplish. After verifing that a welder has welded in a welding process that he has been quialified for, I log the date in a continunity file. This need is done for ever six months of employment. The file continunity example show how each individual record is recorded in the file. The continunity have example is how is print on the form that is posted in the foreman office. The continunity want is how I would like it to print. Thanks in advance.  Lionel  Â
  8. Hi all I know i have not been to clear on what I have been trying to do but I hope I can state what I want to do in a clearer manner this time. When a welder qualifies using a welding process, a continunity log record is create in the continunity log table. These records are created in random order because a welder may test in one welding process to day and another welding process next month. The continunity log consist of five fields. Date welded Welder ID welding Process unique field Serial number There is about 200 record for 6 active welders in the continunity log table. A new record is also create every two (2) month to show continunity for each welder for each qualified welding process. I tried a calculation fileds that work some what. I tried to acomplished this through a relationship but have no success. I figure it would be a combination of a calculation and a relationship. I have attached two pdf files and a copy of the short version of the continunity file. Any ideas would be help Lionel continunity report now.pdf continunity report want.pdf continunity log main.zip
  9. Lee Thanks for looking and I am sorry that I did not explain myself to well with what I was looking to accomplish with the program I send you. I have made a couple of changes that I hope would help explain it better. I really appreciate the time you have took to help me with this. main.zip
  10. Lee This what I would like to accomplish Thanks Lionel continunity records_log.zip
  11. Hi all This is what i am trying to accomplish. I have a db that has all the monthly dates that each welder as welded for each process thet are qualied for. The db is setup as Date welded Process Welder ID unique number I want to made a report for each welder as shown the the original post. I perform a find on the welders ID number and sort the records by process and date welded the FCAW process would be the first set of record that are displayed on the list layout. So these record would start on the first line and so on. Then the GMAW process would be the second process displayed on the list layout but the dates are not display until after the FCAW dates. I would like all the processes dates to be displayed starting on the first line. I tried a calculation field but it does not work properly. case(isempty(GMAW_Date);getNTHrecord(GMAW_Date;Get(Recordnumber)+1);GMAW_Date) But that will only populate the last record for the FCAW process. Maybe a loop script would be better. any ideas and help wouuld be greatly appreciated Lionel
  12. why don't yuo just add another classification and name is NONE. what way it would be in the list
  13. Hi all The first example on the sheet is done with a find and looping script but i would like to get all the dates to line up as shown on the second example on the sheet attached. Thanks in advance Lionel continunity form.pdf
  14. Vaughan A need to record each date that the welder use that process. and would like it to print each date under the process use . Print one page for each welder. Lionel
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