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  1. you could do this using conditional value lists instead...might be alittle cleaner and will help with learning relationships also. you end up with two fields. the first would be the body location. the second types of surgery. the types of surgery change based on what part of the body you choose. http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/170316/ that post is what helped me learn to do it.
  2. assign each employeeID its own color...that way regaurdless of the order the colors are always different just a thought though B)
  3. two options. set up the month(get(currentdate)-1) calc. but then have set it to some like if(month(get(currentdate)-1)=1;"January"; if(month(get(currentdate)-1)=2;"Febuary"; if(month(get(currentdate)-1)=3;"March";..... so on and so forth.... but the last line would be if(month(get(currentdate)-1)=0;"December";"")))))))))))) the second option would be monthname("1/"& month(get(currentdate)-1) & "/" & year(get(currentdate)) both of those should work.
  4. close as possible is kinda like new house options: extra bedroom, extended living room, tray ceiling in the master bedroom. predesigned house options: extra bedroom, extending living room. the only thing the origional house would be missing is maybe one or two options worth. ive been asked to set the find up as almost a check list of all the options they need. as those options are picked the list of possible matches becomes smaller. the catch is that lets say there are options a, b, c, d, e new house has a, d, e, a pre existing house that has just "a" would be considered a match. or one that had a, b, d if the house didn't include a, d, or e it shouldn't show up at all but if it has atleast one of those 3 it should
  5. where i work we have job folders in draws. its a building company so each folder is a house design. each house design has options. when ever a new design is being made with its own set of options the designers go to the drawers and find a folder already made that is close a possible to copy and work from. how could i go about setting that up.
  6. from that explaination... i see... each game being its own record. with a point value feild and a win/lose feild for each player. then with scripting have the appropriate values subtracted from everyone considered a loser and added to the winner. do you think something like that could work for you?
  7. the portal is absolutly the right tool. once the self join is set up relating the committee to committee, you can use the go to related record script step to click on a portal row and go to the that individuals record.
  8. timestamps. you times have to be attatched to dates. that way you can actually get the correct amount of times. have calc fields that are formated as 24 hour time to get totals as opposed to an am pm time. then just have a sum field of all the calc fields.
  9. does it matter that i have the summary field placed in the body of my layout
  10. but i want to add up all that = 1 i can't do a total of "Y".....can i?
  11. mine is actually set up exactly like yours but my summary field doesn't update....automatically...and sorry i can't post my file right now
  12. i have a summary total field, i want it to show a grand total. the field that i am totaling is a calculation field that equal 1 or 0. if all 3 records = 1 then the summary should read 3 on all of them. if 2 of them =1 it should read 2...etc. when one of them change the total doesn't update itself accordingly. what could be wrong...and what could i be missing. other info: its not a report its just a standard record view and i need a count of how many records meet the check requirements
  13. if i were to do that what would i have choose to exclude those? i would assume strict data type...but letters only isn't an option
  14. is it possible to tell a field not to allow certian characters. i know i could set up a filter...but i need the users to not even be allowed to in put characters like / @ & any help is appreciated
  15. i have a timestamp field....i want it to display as a timestamp...can i take off the seconds with out having to do a bunch of background work and extra calc fields to extract and then put back together??
  16. any tips to mimic the feel of an actually web page as apposed to a form that is just meant to be filled out? im attempting to make a database for internet savvy useres as opposed to the standard database user
  17. i have an open url step. the url is built by combining feilds like so If(IsEmpty(block);"R:2006Builders" & "" & Builder & "" & Subdivision & "No Block" & "lot " & lot & "lot specs";"R:2006Builders" & "" & Builder & "" & Subdivision & "block " & block & "lot " & lot & "lot specs") now the open script works on most users computer. but one user nothing pops up. any suggestions as to why or what to look for?
  18. does seem workable.... alittle more round about then i was hoping...but i don't see any more options. thanks for the input i'll see what i can do with that.
  19. i need to write a script that...needs to do a find and print for each memeber of a value list. example: there are several job records, and each one is assigned to a certain person from said value list(joe,billy,sue). when the manager hits print there needs to be a print off of all joe's jobs. then another print off for all of billy's and another for sue's. but it needs to be flexible because names may be added or taken away from the value list at anytime.
  20. is it possible to print the contents of an individual field with out printing the layout it is on
  21. how can you do a search for anything on or before 210 days from current date
  22. is there a command or a special way to enter two different find requests into a single field....i want it to show all records with A and B but not C. how would i manually acomplish that?
  23. when you specify that you want the calaner icon. is there any way to specify what side of the field you want it on?
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