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  1. Is there a method to set a script to run based on time - say every 15 minutes? Specifically, I would like to setup Filemaker to import all images that reside in a server folder - and I'd like it to check that folder at regular intervals. Is there a way to set this up in FM - or with a 3rd party plugin? Thanks much.
  2. Thanks Ender. I didn't see anything that seemed to work, but thought I may have missed something (I'm still new with 7/8). Thanks again. Nan
  3. Hi I'm looking for Login Account names in a value list (not the passwords). I'm working in FM 7/8. Is there a method to get Account Names?
  4. Is there a method of creating a value list from the Account Names within a database? Not a custom value list -- I am looking for a calculation for a field that would string together all the Account Names in the database, which could then be used as a value list? All help is very much appreciated.
  5. Greg - thanks for your history on your conversion. (I know all DB's are not created equal, so timing will always be different -- really wanted some ballpark times to look at). One question - MetadataMagic -- I'm ok with the file reference fixes, but you caught my attention with "design report." What exactly will this do/produce? Perhaps a diagram/schema of the database? Does anyone know of any other products/utilites for producing relational diagrams of an FM database? (it would be nice if FM would printout a diagram, or at least a listing of the relationships -- or does this exist in 8 and I am missing it?) Thanks again
  6. Fenton - thank you very much. Hope you don't mind, but I've printed your reply out & will use some of your verbage in my discussions today. FM Pro Advanced I will have (is on it's way), Inspector you mentioned... is that similar to Analyzer that I used with FM 5/6? Running on a database, it will list broken or missing items & check basic structure -- reporting what are potential problems? Is Inspector a separate FM product, or 3rd party? Thanks again
  7. RAZ - LOL! I love starting my day off with laughter, makes for a good day!! Thank you
  8. Thanks Greg & Steve for your replies. As far as "if your solution works, and is fairly well designed, conversion makes sense" -- I inherited this FM4 database which was written long ago by an employee who read a book. There are broken relationships, missing files, and the Users/Groups is all over the place. Many scripts are "dead" - meaning they were ideas once that either stopped being used (or never were). Unfortunately, the powers that be all believe that "upgrading" will be the quickest & most economical way to go. I am explaining that it is more than a simple upgrade, and that when the conversion is done, it will be the same database only on a newer version (unless I start re-writing sections as I convert). One question I would like to ask is how long did it take, from start to finish, to convert your old databases & have the new ones running & "live"? And how long did the "final tweaking" stage last? Thanks again to all.
  9. I'm curious as to how many of you have chosen to upgrade existing databases, and how many chose to re-write them in FM 7/8? Any advice on deciding which direction to go? (I'm looking at an FM 4 database going to 8, multi-platform). Thanks to all
  10. Thanks for your quick reply. I am able to have a field automatically capture the checkbox choices very easily. What I'm having trouble with is then using each "name" in the list, 1 by 1, in a script to populate a field. Example, list has: one-name two-name three-name Now I need to grab "one-name" and use it to populate a field. Then loop to grab the next one in the list & so on til I can exit the loop. This database is in version 6 & not slated to be upgraded in near future, so I can't use any of the new nifty things in 7/8. :)
  11. I am at a loss on this & would appreciate any help. I have a field that offers the user a choice of "names" in the form of Checkboxes. Users can select either 1 or multiples, and the "list" of chosen will differ each time (can have 1 name or 15 names). What I need to do is to use each "name" on the list, one-by-one. I've tried to work with "Word Count", but the "names" have word spaces, hyphens & underscores -- all which seem to trigger FM to see them as word breaks. I've been playing with Left, Middle, & Right -- but have not been successful. Does anyone have any suggestions or methods to use these Names, in a calculation/script, value list, repeating field, etc. -- anything that would give me the ability to grab the names 1-by-1 and use them to populate a field in a record? All answers are much appreciated! Thank you
  12. Sorry for my confusion, but this is all relatively new to me, and I need a bit of help. I have Filemaker 5.5 server running on a windows 2000 box. I also have a separate copy of FM 6 Unlimited. The plan is to setup a new database that will have both FM access and web access, for more than 10 users. Do I install FM 6 Unlimited on a separate box & have it point web access to my 5.5 databases? (writting the new one in 5.5 I suppose). Or do I install FM 6 Unlimited on a separate box, write the new database in 6, & have FM6U host the database and handle the web access as well? (FM 7 is, unfortunately, not in the company's plans anytime in the near future.) Thanks to all for your help Nan
  13. Hello all Is there anywhere on the web, a list of the limitations that exist when using IWP. Specifically a list that tells what features within Filemaker that will not work when using IWP, such as Conditional Value Lists, etc. Rather than searching throughout the Forums for the info, or trial-and-error attempts? Thanks to all for your help (this is a great place for info!).
  14. Is there a workaround for this limitation? Would appreciate any help/suggestions/ideas -- custom publishing is last resort for this database. Thanks all.
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