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  1. Hi, I may be in the wrong subforum for this ... but it's related to relationships, so we'll give it a shot. If I have a list of people, and each of those people has one or more related records with a date field , any thoughts on the best way to find the next lowest date field compared to a given date. Example, Bob has related records with the dates Jan 1, 2017, July 15, 2017, and Jan 31, 2018 -- I want to find the date that is the date thats' closest to, but before, Dec 1, 2017. And, if Bob had not had any dates before Dec 1, 2017, I get effectively a null. Thoughts on best way to do this? Happy for it to be some sort of relationship, calculation, or custom function. Would prefer any of those over a script. Thanks! Neil
  2. Hi, We're just starting with CloudMail and while we have an existing AWS account in place, we're new to Amazon's SES. We've already been approved for static IPs and increased rate, but Amazon Support is recommending that we have two static IPs ... not just one. Does CloudMail support this? If yes, then is it a good idea to have the multiple static IPs? Thanks! Neil
  3. I encourage you to request FileMaker as a supported app on this page: https://zapier.com/zapbook/ When you go there, look on the right side where it says "Request an App" and submit "FileMaker" there. The more people that do this, especially in a short period of time, the more likely it will get attention. Neil
  4. Daniel, Did you ever find a solution? Thanks! Neil
  5. I'm thinking that I'm just looking at this all wrong ... but let's see how folks chime in. Two tables -- people and registrations (assume registrations can be the values A-F). Relationship via a "People ID" The people layout has a portal that shows all the registrations for that person in the portal. I want to do a find that has all the people that have registration A and registration F. In other words, they cannot have just A or F, but need both. Since you can only search on one portal row for the record, and multiple finds requests are an "OR" not an "AND" -- what's the best way to do this? (Note: There's a lot more than A-F, and there's more complexity and a lot of options -- I just distilled it down in this way to make it simple.) Thanks! Neil
  6. Good Evening. After several hours of web searching, and not finding the answer ... it's time for an email list post. Background: I have a database called "centers" with about 50-100 records. One of the fields is called "numcopies" One layout is called "cover letter" One layout is called "flyer" The two layouts are personalized for each record. Task: I'd like to run a script that goes through each of the records in the database. For each record, I would like to print one copy of the cover letter (the layout called "cover letter"). After that one page is printed for a record, I want to print the flyer for each record ... but I want to print the number of copies specified by "numcopies" for that record. Simple Example: Let's say that we have two centers: LA and NY. LA needs 50 copies of the flyer, and NY needs 25 copies of the flyer. Remember, the flyers for each location are different not only by quantity, but that they are "personalized" (e.g., one flyer prints with LA on it, and the other with NY on it). I want to have a resulting stack of paper that looks like this: Single page cover letter to LA 50 copies of the flyer personalized to LA Single page cover letter to NY 25 copies of the flyer personalized to NY The problem: I'm happy for this to be in either ScriptMaker or AppleScript, but I've been unable to find a good solution. Clearly, I can print with ScriptMaker, but I cannot dynamically specify the copies. It's probably possible with AppleScript, but since I generally find AppleScript to be a "read only" language , I could certainly use some examples to pilfer from. : Thanks! Neil
  7. Great comments on global fields. Related to this, any ideas on a good way to have a global field (or some sort of equivalent) that would not only be accessible to all users using the system, but stay set from one session to the next? Right now, we have a script that runs at launch set a global field, but frankly, that's cumbersome to change, and not something that I'd want the user to be able to do (the value is something that I would want a user to change). Thanks! Neil
  8. Hey all, I'm just putting some scheduled backups into place, but every time I go back to check on them, I find them disabled, and not having run the backup. I see nothing wrong with the setup I'm doing ... has anyone ever seen this problem? Thanks! Neil
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