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  1. Oky doky Thanks to everybody for the response, I'm going to try bcooney option, because I don´t want to buy any plug in, or the plug that you mentioned doghemi is for free? Sincererely BluiSh
  2. Hello I have a solution already with reports in a normal basis, my question is that I need to send the report via email insted of printed, I know that we have a script step already to send emails but I have to attach a file in order to send an email, there is any more functional o direct way to do it? Any help would be very appreciated. Sincerely BluiSh
  3. Hello! I´d like to make a report from 2 different tables, any idea on how to do it?, I was just thinking to grab the records that I need from each table and put them together in one general layout just to make and print the report but I don´t know if this could be a good solution. Any advice or info would be very helpful to me. Thanks Sincerely BluiSh
  4. An also I forgot to ask if you don´t use the API then which framework do you use?
  5. THank you very much webko! Pretty well understand it, also I'd like to ask: do you think is a Robust solution the filemaker API???
  6. Hello Forum! I have this doubt, may I develop a whole solution using only PHP instead of Filemaker??? Don't get me wrong I been using filemaker the last 10 years and I feel very comfortable with the application but sometimes I think Filemaker needs to be more robust, for the other hand I am new to PHP, I've heard that is very solid and well used for web development, So this is my question why to use an intermediate application like filemaker and it's PHP API for web development if we could go directly with PHP only??? I ask this specific point here in the forum to get a better idea and to know which way to take. Sincerely BluiSh
  7. Thank you very much... Consultant I´m testing it right now!!!!!!! THanks Sincerely BluiSh
  8. Yes Indeed I need a integer number between 1 to 20. Thanks Your help would be very helpful Sincerely BluiSh
  9. Hello People! It´s good to be back to the forum I was looking around to see how can I random numbers from 1 to 20 in some fields and follow the classic random * ((maxnumber - minnumber)+1) and for sure I got the result the only problems is that I got a 0 (zero) and only need from 1 to 20 and for my surprise the formula is not giving me a 20 neither!!!!!!! How can I resolve this problem, maybe It must be very basic maths but.... any help would be very helpful Byeeee Sincerely BluiSh
  10. Hello I need to insert an image of my logo in my application, It´s already in filemaker pro 10 advanced but when I test the IWP from my browser this image is totally damaged and without clarity, I use .png for all my logos and icons, use already photoshop for save as web and try to use gif in every way but some logos are not clean!, they have a noise at the borders. any advice??? Thanks Sincerely BluiSh
  11. BluiSh

    Page setup

    I´ve seen some people reading my problem but nobody answering it, I really need to know some indications or advice. Thanks
  12. BluiSh

    Page setup

    Hello I have a solution working with 2 print formats with the same printer, I have filemaker pro 10 advanced for windows and I don´t know why even if I select specify page setup with one format and then select the other one filemaker doesn´t respect the preferences previously selected. I thought at the beginning that Filemaker page setup preferences responded to printer control panel setup but after some tests I realized that filemaker respond to the main menu print setup. It´s confusing and my client tells me that I should record the correct setup for each case but how I tell him that filemaker doesn´t do that??? is there any plig in that handles something with more precision??? any advice??? thanks
  13. Hello! I´m working with a solution very well at the moment, but my client wants me to do some update to his data, so the logical thing for me was to only import the data but suddenly when I try to import and select the filemaker file the application tells me "your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action" I´ve been doing this task a lot and never had happen again, I´m loggin this file with the admin account, the one that allows you everything, I try a lot of things: change the name of the other solution file, loggin with different accounts and nothing works! Anyone could help me?: Sincerely BluiSh
  14. Hello! Already have a solution running pretty well in a High School, this solution takes care of all the grades of almost 500 students, every month the users of the solution print all the grades in one special format for their parents. The next step of course is to upload the solution to the internet only for consult and to check the grades an not to print all this info every month. I know I have some options: Internet web publishing, FM studio from fmwebschool, maybe php and maybe lasso, I don´t know which could be the best path to take??? I know that I have to take in mind security and the most important is that I already have a domain hosted in a server that doesn´t have Filemaker compatibility. FM studio has to be hosted only in filemaker compatability or is not nneeded at all??? Thanks for your great advice Sincerely BluiSh
  15. Hello I want to use the IWP of my filemaker solution, I'm connected to internet with a cable modem that gave me my Internet Service Provider, I already open the feature of sharing and swith it to ON, the FM pro 9 advanced already has the url active with this IP address: The problem is that If try to access from any other place with this address http:/ IWP for filemaker doesn't work??? I suppose is a problem of the real IP address, because this is the classic IP that gives for default on every machine right? or I don´t know if is the port problem??? any suggestion, help please! Thanks Sincerely BluiSh
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