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  1. Hi, I've been trying for a few days to resolve a problem i'm having with my fm8 database. Basically, I don't know how to relate the staff available days for working at their preferred site to the site days that need to be staffed. I would gratefully appreciate some help with this one. I've got to try and get this finished for monday morning. I've attached a pic to hopefully clear things up. Many thanks in advance guys and gals!
  2. Hi I'm having real problems resolving a problem with my relationships. I have the following tables set up STAFF Key: StaffID (linked to A and B ) STAFF AVAILABILITY xStaffID (A) DateAvailable SITES SiteID (linked to C) PREFERRED SITES xStaffID ( xSiteID © SITE DAYS SiteDayID F keys? SELECTED SITE DAY xSiteDayID Basically, what i'm trying to do is...the dates for a particular site appear in a selection portal (based on Site Days). As the user clicks on the date in the portal, another portal populates with a list of staff available on that day to work at that site. Then the user clicks on the staff name in the portal and it allocates the name to that day. I have got the first selection portal with the days listed working and editable. But the available staff list for that day at that site is causing a headache. Please help. Many thanks in advance. Paul
  3. Thank you for your help guys..does exactly what it says on the tin! I agree that it is not the best way to do this. It is not very elegant. However, I thought it would be the easiest for the users to multiple select different roles that members of staff are willing to undertake, and what they are qualified for. I like the idea of a multiple selection portal...but was not sure how to do it. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I'm having a little problem with a conditional checkbox. Basically, I have 2 tables (Staff & JobRoles) and want to have a check box in the staff table which gets it values from the JobRoles table but conditional on a field in in the staff table that has the persons current qualification level. So, if a user selects say level 2 as the qualification level, the checkbox shows all level 1 and level 2 roles. The roles available would then increase as the person becomes more qualified. Can anyone help me... gratefully, Paul
  5. I thought it was a bit when it was a pop-up list. I changed it to a pop-up menu with a separator between 'All' and the other values. Looks much cleaner.
  6. What about creating an extra field called "include" in your relationship. Scripting the find, then performing a replace on the 'include' field with "Y"? When you finished with the records you would have to then do a replace again with "" to clear the portal.
  7. thanks for the simplified calc. What do you mean click in the field after selecting 'all'? If you select 'all' the portal automatically updates with no extra clicking. Do you mean to get rid of the selected field outline? I'm also setting the global to 'all' in the startup script and when navigating to that particular layout.
  8. Thanks for that...sometimes you get to close to the problem. However, I didn't use a checkbox in the end as it takes up to much screen space. But it made me think about it on similar lines. Instead I added 'All' to the value list. Then added an auto-enter calculation to the field: - Case ( gFilter_ListingsStatus = "All" ; "All¶Not Started¶In Progress¶Waiting on Response" ; gFilter_ListingsStatus = "Not Started" ; "Not Started" ; gFilter_ListingsStatus = "in Progress" ; "in Progress" ; gFilter_ListingsStatus = "Waiting on Response" ; "Waiting on Response" ; gFilter_ListingsStatus = "Complete" ; "Complete" ) So now if 'All' is selected, it is automatically replaced by the other task status values.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm having a problem with some portals and I wonder if someone could give some advice... I have a contacts table and a tasks table. Firstly, I want to be able to filter portal 'a' to show tasks by status - which I have done with a global field with the task status value list. - not started - in progress - waiting on response - complete But I would also like to be able to filter portal 'a' to show all tasks that are not 'complete' as well as by the other status categories. Secondly, I would like to be able to click on a row in portal 'a', highlight the row - which again I have done - and then the problem is getting the details to appear on the same page in portal 'b' for editing. Many thanks in advance for your help with this...it is greatly appreciated. Regards, Paul
  10. Hi, I wonder if one of you guys can point me in the right direction. I am initiating a script with an calculated URL request. The result is a web page with a single image on it. I need to be able to get this image in to a container of the current record automatically. How can I do that - hopefully without having to buy another plug-in? Many thanks in advance for your advice. Paul
  11. You can get rid of the flash associated with global UI fields by making the field have a background colour..i.e don't make the field transparent.
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