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  1. I don't understand the reference to "I suggest you check Ray Cologon's site at www.nightwing.com. He has a plugin (or an unlocked solution that can do most of this for you and it will be xplat." I went to the site and it deals with Ray and his artwork. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance, Bugs4
  2. How would you go about doing that? Hard drive serial number and date. Is there a script to do that or some sort of plugin? Thanks in advance. Bugs4
  3. Is there any method for developing a run time version of the app and have it "expire" based on some type of parameter, ie date? I'm building some sales/contact databases and the customer wants the app to "time-out" after a certain date just in case a rep were to leave the firm, the data would no longer be accessable after a specific date. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance - Bugs4
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