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  1. Thanks comment, but I still must be doing something wrong. When I select the drop down I get . I've tried various "trial & error" methods and still have problems ie. 1. the date list is not in chronological order. 2. the list does not show the date in the format I require. 3. and/or the list keeps the last values and I end up with a mess!. 4. All of the above. The reality is I don't know what I am doing! Filemaker programming is only a part time venture for me, and I have developed some useful solutions in the past, but this has got me beat! Just to re-cap: I would like the drop down list to show the next 14 days in format: ie: "Thu, 16 Feb 2006" and update automatically and never show past dates, only today and the next 13days... This is the main part of the scheduler, the rest I think I'll be ok with. Further direction would be appreciated. ps. sorry if this is a bit vague. Cheers.
  2. I am creating a scheduling solution and would like a drop down menu displaying todays date and the next 13 days ie. a fortnight - this should automatically change every day. I've tried using a calculation for the value list eg. "today + 1 & ¶ & today + 2 etc..." this works but does not update correctly (the oldest date remains in the list) and the list displays the dates in format eg. "14/2/06" but displays "Tue, 14 Feb 2006" when I click off it. I tried various formatting but can't seem to sort it out - I'm sure there is a more elegant solution. Help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Thanx guys, I'll try the Modify Last Find script step idea first to see if that does the job (seems the easiest solution). As for "With FM6, you'd capture the foundset within a global field by a Copy All Records." I'm familiar with the terms "global field" and "copy all records" but this concept escapes me!! I'll have to think about this one a bit more. From my previous programming experience I would have thought I could create a repeating global field as text (similar to an array) - set the fields to what the user entered in find mode - then at any time, go into find mode, re-import the data - and perform a find. I'd probably have to convert data types. Is this what you mean? Unfortunately I'm developing this solution in my spare time, and I tend to forget why or where I was at. I need to go back to writing things down and checking them off as I go. (and staying off the alcohol might help!) Cheers, thanks again for the wealth of info. I'll let you know which solution works. :beertime:
  4. Hi Guys, Sorry, but I could not find anything on this when I did a search (never seems to work very well). Anyway I'm confused! I have users enter a find request, they can then flick through the found set and when they find the appropriate record select an edit button. They are taken to an edit screen where they can only edit the record they selected - They then select the commit changes button and return to the main screen - which now only shows them 1 record. I would like to automatically show the previous found set, flick through again and make other edits. The reason for the edit screen showing only the selected record is that I don't want them accidentally changing something they shouldn't. I've tried a couple of *hair brained* methods using globals to store the previous search, but it's not reliable. This is probably a common function of a lot of databases but I can't seem to work it out. I've tried using the restore find requests checkbox but it finds a different found set. Maybe I'm thinking too hard!! Help would be appreciated. :bang:
  5. Thanx comment, that looks good, i'll give it a go. :beertime:
  6. Hi Guys, I'd like to do a find on a field (defined as text) and depending on whether the 1st character is alpa or numeric, act accordingly. I'm ok on the logic and scripting side, I think I can extract the first character using the *Left ( text , number )* function - but how do I determine if it's alpha or numeric? I can't seem to find the correct function. Help appreciated.
  7. I've tried the same thing and it works fine from within FM, but if you create a solution from that file - it won't launch! It's a shame - in my solution the user can save a copy of the database. But then how do you use that file if the database becomes corrupt. I was hoping that would be easier than exporting then importing records into an empty solution.
  8. Is this right? I've done a bit of a search in the forums and have come to a rather "shocking" conclusion that it can't be done!! I have created my layout for 800x600 rez (at clients request) only to realize it looks like crapp on his new 15" flat screen LCD monitor. The text looks really fuzzy, but graphics better . If he changes his rez to 1024x768 and I use fm's zoom, text looks crisp and clear. But I can't seem to work out a way to zoom into the correct percentage. Apart from the standard zoom options, can you zoom in at 1% increments? If not, can it be done in ver7.??
  9. Thanx Reed, Funny thing is I tried that that other night with unexpected results. This time it works fine. (I've since done some other work on it) I think it has something to do with halting the preceding or following scripts. Good thing is, I think this has solved another annoying problem that's bugged me - how to get the enter key to run a default script depending on the layout you're on. I'll give it a go! B)
  10. Hi Guys, Is there any way to disable performing the find when the user hits the enter key? I have a script that enters a layout and then enters into find mode - the user enters data, and then I require them to select a button that performs the find based on some specific calculations. Problem is if they accidentally hit the enter key (which is not unlikely), the find is performed, then they are in browse mode without realising it, and could easily destroy existing data. Is there a work around? Ta.
  11. Excellent! Thanks very much comment!, that's exactly what I needed. thanx also to Soren. I didn't try that method but I'm sure it would have worked also.
  12. Hi Guys, I can't seem to figure this one out, it should be simple and I've just spent the last hour friggin' around and getting nowhere (maybe i'll have to downgrade my status to novice). I have a script that inserts the date and time into 2 seperate fields formatted eg. date "Mon, 15 Aug 2005" and "10:35:42 PM" respectively. I have a calculation that concatenates them with some extra text ie. "Last Modified: Date @ Time bla bla. The problem is that although I have used the functions TextToDate(Date)/Time etc... the calculation displays the date and time in the wrong format ie. "Last Modified: 15/08/2005 @ 22:35:42" which is not the format that I want. What the? Please help :bang:
  13. Ensure that you uncheck "Select entire contents" in the field format, under the format menu - or under options, if you are creating a script. And that should do it! Cheers :
  14. Thanx Comment & ST! That did the trick! - I changed the part background to a dark gray color, then placed a white box the size of the layout and put it at the back. Problem Solved! except that when I enter the field the graphic is now obscured by a dark grey box, but at least I can see the text - I can live with that. Which brings me to another question. On the same layout I have some other fields that have a graphic behind them (text black this time) when I enter in to any of the fields, all the other fields highlight (as if in sympathy) and obscure the graphic behind them. I can live with it, but it does detract from the overall professional look that I want to create. I already have the "nuts & bolts" of the program working well - now I want to add a little "fairy dust" but FM seems to fall down in some areas. Mind you, you can't beat FM for ease of use and development time compared with VB.NET. BTW, I'm a graphic designer by trade, and have been programming for some time. I have sucessfully sold some of my solutions to the printing industry - I'm wanting to change my career. It's not easy! Thanx again for your help. Cheers. :(
  15. Hi Guys, Sorry if this is not the appropriate area to post this question, but this is my first on this forum. I've already done a search but could not find a useful answer. My problem is white text disappears upon entry into a field. I have a field (text set to white with transparent background) over a dark colored graphic element that I have inserted. Looks cool, but when I select the field to change the text (which is numerical) I can't see the previous entered text. This is a main function of my program - to change the number and re-calculate a fomula. It's important that the user sees the previous data in the field. It's not a problem if I set the field backgound to a color, or if I set the text to a different color - but I don't want to do that! - I want my graphic to show through under the white text. I would be greatful if anyone has a solution. Cheers
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