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  1. Thanks, but there is one hitch. when putting the code the value of zero gets checked but the other values are not displayed, I also tried without the zero in the xsl:if statement, but it displays all the values with the last value in the valuelist getting checked. Please suggest. Thanks Chandrajit
  2. Thanks for your response, but i am facing some problems with the lines of code. I have 4 custom defined values in the valuelist with values of 0, 10, 20 and 30. And I want that when i open the web page, the value of 0 should be checked(it should act as if it is the default value.) If in HTML, we would have used something like where the value of 0 would be checked everytime I open the web page, thereby acting as the default value for Discount. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am using Filemaker7 with XSLT. I use the following lines of code to represent a radio button from a value-list on the web page. But there is no way that I can select a particular radio button as default. In HTML I could use something like: Please suggest
  4. Hello friends, I am using XSLT with Filemaker 7. I am using a set of radio buttons on the web page which evaluates if the Billing Address = the shipping address. the set of values for the radio buttons are "YES" and "NO". the code that I am using is I also have another problem, where I am trying to display the values of a calculation field on to the Web page. the name of the field is "Tax Rate" and its value="Customers::Tax Rate" and in the "Customers" File the Tax Rate Field is defined as "NY Tax n Zip::Tax Rate" All the file references are also in place. Please suggest. Chandrajit
  5. Hello, First of all I would like to thank Martin for all the help. I have this calculation field in which I can see the values getting changed on a runtime, but when I try to display teh same field on teh web using xslt I am not getting any value. The code that I am using is where default record is a variable defined as Thanks in advance. Chandrajit
  6. Hello Martin, I have checked them out as well. I had placed all the required folders in the same path. But I have stumbled upon something and feel that this should be able to help me out. But the only hitch is that I cannot find a variable by the name of "stored-find". Please find the complete xsl <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> xmlns:fml="http://www.filemaker.com/fmpxmllayout" xmlns:fmq="http://www.filemaker.com/xml/query" xmlns:fmrs="http://www.filemaker.com/xml/fmresultset" xmlns:fmxslt="xalan://com.fmi.xslt.ExtensionFunctions" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"> 1 Sample:11/22/2004 04:31 true summaryreport.xsl? &-findall &-findall Please help
  7. Hello friends, I am trying to display values from a portal, but theres is nothing that is working. The code that I am using is something like this: I am presently in a table called "Orders" and I am trying to display values from a portal in this table which contains fields from a table called "OrderItems"
  8. Hello martin, i did check out the log files, but there was nothig to help. there is just the file cdml2xsl_utilities.xsl. any other ways and means coz this thing has become a real pain and I have to write lots of JavaScript for each of these. thanks in advance
  9. Thanks Martin. When I use the CDML converter, I do get the "cdml2xsl_utilities.xsl" but I do not get the "cdml2xsl_includes.xsl". Any solutions for this Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, I am using XSLT with a FileMaker Database. I have converted the CDML files running in FM 6 to XSLT using CDML converter. I have been able to solve most of the conversion errors, with the exception of a few. In one of the XSL files I am declaring a form like the comment has been added to facilitate understanding followed by a few the next page i.e. customerverify.xsl gives all the data right but in case there is some data that is missing or if there is some required filed that needs to be filled up, the -token.error does not work. Could you suggest an alternative to this, coz the CDML converter has given its output in this form. the CDML format for this was Thanks in advance.
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