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  1. Try this. CTRL+ALT+B OR Right click on the field you want to have borders, click on Field/Control and then click on Borders. Then check the borders you want.
  2. I'm not a designer Edit: I'm sorry, I forgot to thank you guys. Thanks!
  3. I have a problem when I hit tab after the last field in the record of any portal, it would bring me to the next line and creates an empty record when I leave. I also have a button that uses the Delete current record in the portal (each line has a button). The button does not remove the record. I end up always seeing an empty record with the del button that doesn't del the empty record. I've attached a picture of it, as soon as I enter the date for the first line, the 2nd appears and never goes away.
  4. When you use unstored, can another field refer to this "unstored" field in its validation calculation? I'm running into a validation problem and was wondering if this might be my problem.
  5. I could use some help, is my explanation not clear enough? I use GetAsDate(date_effective) because it's a calculation field and I though maybe it doesn't really return a date.
  6. I have a date field called date_recall (date for which the sales rep recall the prospect). My validation is that. Recall date must be within 3 months of the Insurance Expiry Date (which is called date_effective). date_effective is set to increment by a year if it's expired. Something I should also mention is that, date_effective can be empty. When that happens the recall date can be anything. Now my problem is that I need to have date_recall auto-enter the date 3 months prior to date_effective and at the same time modifiable so that the rep can move it closer to the expiry date. (situation: He calls the prospect but prospect tells him to call back next week or whenever, as long as it's before the expiry date). Validation would be making sure that it is within 3 months and also not expired (if it is, then reset it to 3 months of next year but I assume this isn't a problem since date_effective will always increment by a year when it is expired). Here's my Auto-Enter calculation: If ( not IsEmpty ( date_effective ); Date ( Month ( GetAsDate ( date_effective ) ) - 3 ; Day ( GetAsDate ( date_effective ) ) ; Year ( GetAsDate ( date_effective ) ) ) ; Get ( CurrentDate ) ) And here's my validation calculation: If ( not IsEmpty ( date_effective ); If ( date_recall ≥ Date ( Month ( date_effective ) - 3 ; Day ( date_effective ) ; Year ( date_effective ) ) ; 1 ; 0 ) ; 1 ) My validation does not work for some reason that is unknown to me.
  7. First off, I know that there is a function called Date. FileMaker might be confused about it. Try naming your field differently. Another thing would be that, your calculation in Validation only return a True or False (False will prompt user with a dialogue box). If you want to have the date auto-entered then you would have to put another calculation in the Auto-Enter tab. Try this in your Validation calculation: If ( Date1 ≥ OtherDate; 1; 0)
  8. Maybe this Tip from The Missing Manual might help clarify things. "Tip: If you're dying to know what determines when your validation occurs, here's the skinny: If, when validating a field, FileMaker looks at the data only in the field itself, it performs the validation immediately. If it has to look at data in other fields or other records, then it waits until you commit the record before validating." Taken from FileMaker Pro 8: The Missing Manual pg 406
  9. Thank you for the prompt reply RalphL, I just found free time to work on my database again. You seem to know alot about filemaker, could you tell me what is the difference between a function and a script? And why can't I find loop functions when I'm creating a function? Hmmm I think I kind of answered my own question just now. Edit: I know that you can call functions in the calculation field but not a script. I've been having a real hard time creating a function that is equivalent my scripts.
  10. Importing the excel data is not a problem. What I did was I created a FM8 table that has fields matching the columns of the excel file. I named this table Import. Now I need to do some parsing of this raw data. There are a few ocasions where one column contains data to many fields. Example, in excel I have a column called Address2 which has City, Province and Postal code. And in another occassion, I have many fields (in Imports table) that needs to be merged into one field (comments) for my working table. In the old access database, the developer had created 4 fields to create 4 lines of comment, instead of showing 4 lines of 1 field. Naturally the working table has separate fields for city, province and postal code. And 1 field for comments. I can't seem to find a way to create new records in the working table (Prospect) using the data in the Import table. I've created a script where I managed to extract the city, province and postal code into three variables. But I can't seem to put them into a new record in the Prospect table. Here's my script: Go to Layout [ “Import” (Import) ] Enter Browse Mode Allow User Abort [ On ] Loop Set Variable [ $Commentaires; Value:Import::COMM1 & " " & Import::COMM2 & " " & Import::Texte579 & " " & Import::Texte582 ] Set Variable [ $city; Value:LeftWords ( Import::address2 ; WordCount ( Import::address2 ) - 3 ) ] Set Variable [ $postalcode; Value:RightWords ( Import::address2 ; 2) ] Set Variable [ $province; Value:Filter ( LeftWords( RightWords ( Import::address2; 3); 1) ; "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ") ] Set Variable [ $Words; Value:WordCount ( Import::address2 ) ] #set the fields with the values of the variables. Go to Layout [ “_Prospect” (_Prospect) ] New Record/Request Set Field [ _Prospect::zk_prospectID_pt; Import::zk_prospect_pt ] Set Field [ _Prospect::company_name; Import::companie ] Set Field [ _Prospect::status; Import::Modifiable105 ] Set Field [ _Prospect::address_postal_code; $postalcode ] Set Field [ _Prospect::address_province; $province ] Set Field [ _Prospect::number_general; Import::telephone ] Set Field [ _Prospect::number_fax; Import::fax ] Set Field [ _Prospect::date_creation; Import::date_inscription ] Set Field [ _Prospect::sales[import::vente] ] Set Field [ _Prospect::employee_number; Import::NMBREEMPLO ] Set Field [ _Prospect::anticipated_revenue; Import::REV_ANTICI ] Go to Layout [ “Import” (Import) ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop
  11. I should maybe give an example, I'm entering a new record (parent company) and now I want to enter the names of the subsidiaries (child companies) as well. So that it shows up in the portal of the subsidiaries. I should mention that the fields are written in french but the design is in english, hopefully you guys will understand it.
  12. I've gone through many pages of the forum and also did some searches but I haven't found what I was looking for. My current database which is a Prospect management currently employ a table occurence of itself to show subsidiaries (child companies of the prospect). I would like to know how to create a script that will let me add a second new record while I'm already in the process of adding new one. Prospect.zip
  13. How do you make it so that the cActivePolicyID display ACTIVE instead of the real data? This is so interesting.
  14. Thanks for the prompt reply, I find your examples very helpful. Yes you are right, normally we wouldn't modify the year on the original policy but my database is actually the Prospect database where our sales reps would enter data for a company that is not currently a client of ours. Now you can see the use of incrementing a year on the date of the policy. If the policy is already past that means that it has already been renewed and the sales rep would rather know about the date of the next policy to be expired. edit: Now that I understand how you created the calculation field. I've managed to find the earliest date. That solves half the problem. The other half would be to increment the years of past expiry dates. When this is done I should always have the next expiry date that hasn't expired with the first calculation. So far I came up with this: If ( renewal ≥ Get ( CurrentDate ); renewal; Date ( Month ( renewal ); Day ( renewal ); Year ( renewal )+1)) and it seems to work. Thank you all for your help!
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