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  1. Thanks.. that is what I mean...and this is my entry: Name = FirstName & " " & Surname But sorry to say, it is not happening. Please see attachment.
  2. Have Fields FirstName and Surname.+ Name How to calc FirstName and Surname to = Name
  3. Thanks, Genx... http://www.briandunning.com/cf/521 worked just great.
  4. I have dob and age fields and I wish to calculate age (in number of years... How?
  5. Thanks folks for your assistance. Problem resolved.. It appears that the 700 odd files imported from Excel was in text format, despite earlier indications that it was in date format. Cheers, Bapak
  6. It is a date field and year has 4 digits, i.e. 2003 Bapak
  7. Using FM7. My dbase has about 15000 records, all of which have been imported from various sources, some Excel but mostly earlier versions of FM. There is a date field where the date displays correctly for all except for about 700 records where it shows up as ? ... Have tried all different date formats but still ?... back at the source, the date format is correct. Any suggestions? Cheers, Bapak
  8. Thanks, Henry. Worked straight off. Bapak
  9. The Runtime install quite ok by itself, It is only when using a installer that it will not run following installation. Have checked and all files uploaded. And Brent,InstallShield is an overkill... the runtime is for a non-proft organisation. Bapak
  10. Not sure where this one should go... I have a Runtime dbase (FM Developer 7) that runs perfectly ok... I wish to use installation software for it...Have tried 3 different Installer and all seem to install ok but the Runtime will not run. Any suggestions? Bapak
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