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  1. Nevermind! I've figured it out. The weightings weren't working properly and now they are! I apologize for all of the trouble! I appreciate your help so much, thank you!
  2. Sure: I've typed these numbers into my database: 68, 75, 85, 52, 97, 47, 89, 87, 92, 93, 85, 81, 94 the resulting GPA is 3.30 if I type the numbers as: 68.0013, 75, 84.89, 52.36, 97.1, 47, 88.6, 87, 92.2, 92.8, 85, 81.03, 94 the resulting GPA is: 3.12 Utilizing the equation provided by the users above the GPAs sometimes differ extremely, for example: 1.13 when it should be 2.12. There is another equation that follows after in order to get the proper weighting and decipher the GPA however, which is all of the resulting GPA calculations added and divided by 22.
  3. I don't know why, but it still isn't working... Using values with decimal points gives me a GPA of 1.13 Using the same values without decimals points gives me a GPA 2.12 ??
  4. Actually that formula won't work because for example, let's say the mark is 66.9. It will run through the calculation and sees that 66.9 is < 67 therefore it will assign the value 2.00... however, 66.9 rounded is 70 and should be assigned 2.33...
  5. Ok. I've tried this calculation and it still doesn't seem to work... Let (n = (GetAsNumber(Round(ACOU Marks S1; 0))); Case( n < 40; "0"; n >= 40 and n <= 53; "0.25"; n >= 54 and n <= 56; "1.00"; n >= 57 and n <= 59; "1.33"; n >= 60 and n <= 62; "1.67"; n >= 63 and n <= 66; "2.00"; n >= 67 and n <= 69; "2.33"; n >= 70 and n <= 72; "2.67"; n >= 73 and n <= 76; "3.00"; n >= 77 and n <= 79; "3.33"; n >= 80 and n <= 84; "3.67"; n >= 85 and n <= 89; "4.00"; n >= 90 and n <= 100; "4.33")) Ideas?
  6. Yes, that is what the problem is. The GPA calculation wasn't accurate because 73.3 is technically = to 73 but the calculation views it as greater than 73. This is why I would like to have the numbers rounded so there are no decimals points and use the calculation without decimals. I will try the round function above, and also, thank you for the great calculation that you offered. I will be using that as well! Thank you all for your help!
  7. Figured it out! 24.5 = 25 Although it shows as 25 when rounded, it is not rounding and therefore calculating it as less than 25. Is there a way to automatically round numbers in FileMaker?
  8. Hi there! In our school we do all of our GPA calculations for transcripts within FileMaker. I imported all of the marks from Excel. The calculation is something like: If(GetAsNumber(Marks S1) < 40; "0"; If(GetAsNumber(Marks S1) >= 40 and GetAsNumber(Marks S1) <= 53; "0.25"; If(GetAsNumber(Marks S1) >= 54 and GetAsNumber(Marks S1) <= 56; "1.00"; If(GetAsNumber(Marks S1) >= 57 ... etc. I've noticed however that it is not calculating properly and the only way it does calculate properly is if there aren't any decimal places. Why would having decimal places effect the calculation? 24.3 is less than 50 whether it be 24 or 24.3, but when it is 24.3 it doesn't recognize it at all! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Well I thank you for your help. I'm not a database developer, in fact, I know little to nothing about them but have been told to build our database... I just picked up a FileMaker 8 book which may be helpful. Again, thank you!
  10. And now that I'm attempting to implement it, it seems I do not have a field corresponding to the "value" field in the example.
  11. One last question: what if I do not have a value list for an item. For example inquiry date. If I want to summarize inquiries per month and the inquiry date field is entered upon inquiry, not from a drop down. Is this a case where you have to create an individual calculation for each one? This is what I have already and it works fine. I'm just curious if there are other ways.
  12. Great, thanks. I'm actually using 8... I just haven't changed it yet. Oops.
  13. Thank you! I love learning new things like this. Could you give me an example of what the calculation would look like? For example, i have a value list "Source" which contains Google and Yahoo. I want to know how many people used Google and how many people used Yahoo.
  14. Thank you. I have read that topic a number of times and still fail to grasp the concept. When I look at the file I don't understand how you manage to have so little fields for 7 different types of payment...
  15. Hello again, I am once again tackling this problem. I recently solved it by creating a flag and then creating a summary. ie. GoogleFlag source of awareness = "google" GoogleSum Total GoogleFlag This has worked fine but I have over 50 different sources and creating the flag and then the summary takes a lot of time. I attempted the previous version that you mentioned, creating a global field with google and then a count field. But if I have over 50 sources of awareness would they not all require their own table? In some cases where I would like to summarize, example: by country... there are so many countries is there an easier way to do this? Thank you!
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