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  1. I did pick up a few pearls from your last linked vid. I'll check these out. Thank you very much, Lee!!!
  2. Thanks for the link, Lee... just so happens I am a member there. The video is a great introduction to using Themes, but it should be noted for future viewers of this thread, that it does not address topic issue per say. The only take away so far is, start from the Minimalist Theme and work from there. If ever you wish to clear state settings, your only option is to go back and start from Minimalist, there is no option to clear Hover, Pressed, Etc. states to be non-specific (no reaction) that I know of anyway. Thank you all for chiming in, I will just continue to work around this. If there are any other ideas on how to address this, please share!
  3. On the same note, field set to a 'Pop-Up Value Menu' by default has a drop shadow that is not removable in the drop shadow and or line options... somehow i've found a Pop-up that does not have this, that i've been able to modify and spawn from to avoid this ugly thing.
  4. same here, but even the Minimalist theme has this 'Pressed' state specified. From what I can see, any and all starter themes have button specified with a 'Pressed' state.... so I can not figure out a work-around to clear the pressed state, like I can with the 'hover' state. I find it weird that, once you specify a state, you can not just clear it back to 'un-specified'. I'm going insane trying to explain this, hahaha, but it is driving me crazy! =)
  5. by default, with some preloaded themes, the 'Hover' state is not specified on a button, so there is no reaction, unless you specify one. once you specify it, you can not clear it back to 'unspecified'. So I can just go back to a default button, and create a new style if I every want to remove Hover state. But all the buttons seem to come with a preloaded 'Pressed' state, so i can not use this trick to clear the pressed state.
  6. In this demo file, select button, choose [button bar: segment] > Pressed, notice that the color of fill changes. I wish to clear this, so it does not change under 'Pressed'
  7. I see how to edit various states. but once edited, it seems you can not 'clear' the spec. Meaning, once you have specified a characteristic of an a stare, you must always have a specified state. i want to make it un-specified, so it does not react at all to the different state. I can edit the sates to give an illusion of no reaction, but I want a true null reaction to state.
  8. Can you clear a style of the Hover, Pressed, Etc. state? If I understand correctly, button Hover, Pressed, Etc. states are not specified, then the Normal state is used throughout. I have a button that I wish to NOT change state upon Pressed, but I can not seem to clear it, any help on this? Thank you so much!
  9. In one of my solutions, I have allowed user to enter "long" titles. I just have a conditional formatting set to reduce font size if long, so full title can be shown. Length ( field ) > 20 So if title is over 20 characters, font size is reduced.
  10. BRAVO! Problem solved! Thank you guys very much! I've simply set FMP File to always use OS settings, and set my preferred date format in OS preferences as directed above. I wil not bother converting previous entries, in my mind, its not a big deal. But this is a very clean solution, one that I did not understand until now. Thanks again!
  11. hmmm, i don't see an option in my OS to include a leading 0. or any other options for that matter. =P
  12. yes, sorry, I meant "drop-down calendar" =). i found the 'always use file saved settings' and have it selected. sorry, where to I set file settings for date format?
  13. i'm just being fickle... when using a pull down date menu, by default, the date is entered in 2/13/2017. I like to display with leading zeros, just so in list, alignment is more pleasing. Also, in some cases, I have some calculations that combine multiple fields, thus destroying the date formatting option via inspector. I know I can separate merge fields if needed, and I will regain formatting option again. But nice to know how to do this if I ever choose to. I don't believe the desired target format destroys data in any way. plus, would be nice if user could be controlled automatically, and prevent odd data entry.
  14. I wish to replace entry via field calculated value from: 2/13/2017 2-13-17 ...etc to: 02/13/2017 Including the "leading zeros" month, day, year format, and use of "/". Anyone have a canned calculation I can plug in here? I wish to go beyond simple data formatting facade.
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