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  1. I have a grandchild.. Project > Assignment > Milestone I like the List view because I can find and sort that way I want... as well as change the what is populated by Sub Parts... i can show Deadline Priority, or a General View... I believe portals can be displayed similarly, but the programing required for this is way above my skill level, and hardly worth the complexity.
  2. I've done a crude search for such a plugin with no luck. If anyone know where to find, help us out! lol I'd love to use an animation... it really seems to help user keep context while moving to an entirely new layout... I think i would prefer a layout animation over a Pop-Over, or even a Card Window. I'm on this kick of trying to make my desktop solution as small as a phone app. p.s. I have my solution primarily displaying in List Mode, otherwise I would just take advantage of the Slide Control.
  3. Comment, I enjoyed this educational read, thank you for taking the time to lay it out!
  4. I've attached a 'workaround' file (bummer I could not get the original button bar to work). The Button Bar behaves differently somehow with the combination of being tabbed into, and hidden segments. I've exhausted myself trying to solve this issue to the best of my ability, maybe a FMP bug, I dunno. So I have resorted to going back to using a standard button stacked underneath the Button Bar. The button bar is now inert with the function of only storing / displaying icons. sample_button_bar_04.fmp12
  5. Now with the ability to use a Button Bar, wanted to make use of the [ Hide Object ] feature and make a cool check box toggle. I've accomplished this, and it works great when activated by 'mouse click', but FAILS when tabbed into and activated via 'key command', aka enter, or spacebar. Strangely, if you turn OFF the hide object feature, that key command works. Somehow a conflict is happening with hide object is involved, and I can not seem to resolve it. I need the script to toggle true, and then return to itself so that user can simply hit the return/spacebar key to continue to
  6. Wondering if any insiders know if the "Animated Go To Layout" will ever be available on for desktop version of FMP?
  7. ☺️ Thank you LaRetta!.. this functions, but still when User clicks say, the Burrito item, popup appears, if the User clicks the burrito again, it should close, but at the moment it pops back open. I'm hoping for the effect of it collapsing open when clicks, and collapse down with clicked again. This is normal behavior for a popover to collapse out when click, and collapse down when clicked again. BUT since it is being activated via script, the natural behavior has changed. I apologize for my awkward type up description, i often wish some in-person work could be done.
  8. Ah, I failed to notice that "Specify" was an option, blindly was looking at None / segments. LOL, for a second there, I noticed that LaRetta's file worked (of course), but did not know HOW it was working. Right on!... this little trick will be so handy! So happy to have the power of a Button Bar as an option!!! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!
  9. Comment... are you talking about adding a 3rd blank segment to the button bar? And also, how would I script defining this blank segment as active? Thank you very much for your help! LaRetta... 🤩 fantastic to hear from you!!! So nice to run into you here, whats good, how ya been!?! I read your message and was excited that it may be an easy fix, but I've tried to simply refresh object, and it is not working for me, maybe I've overlooked something? For sake of overly covering myself, I added a refresh object for every element of the button bar, still no luck. Updated sample f
  10. Curious if there is a solution to this problem I'm having.... I would prefer to use a Button Bar over a standard Button. But, a Button Bar has an Active State that holds hierarchy over Hover State, which makes the Dial Up/Down Button in the attached sample file "appear" to not work correctly. Is is possible to somehow override the Active State so Hover State works properly? Thank you for any help! 😃 sample_button_bar.fmp12
  11. Gottcha, Fitch!... in the working file outside this demo, I'm using the if [], and that works fine as long as the User presses the script button. But User is highly likely not to only click the button, and more likely to just randomly click elsewhere on the layout... which will cause the popover to close while leaving a highlighted state active. I've updated the file and screenshot of script: sample_popover_open_close_2.fmp12
  12. Hello and thank you peeking at my question... I can not seem to get my scripts to behave in a way that is expected, driving me batty! OBJECTIVE :: Fix Popover Open button so that when clicked popover opens, and when clicked again the popover closes. CURRENT ERROR :: At the moment when Popover button is clicked the popover opens, and then just reopens when clicked again, which is not the desired behavior. NOTES :: To help illustrate my issue, I've attached some files. THANK YOU kindly for your time and help! 🤠 sample_popover_open_close.fmp12 I've been able to get the hig
  13. I've not submitted a bug problem, this issue has plagued me for many years. Was hoping as I just upgraded to FMP18 it would be fixed, but no luck. Very strange to me, yea... I can set the hex, the RGB, etc... and it still skews itself for some reason. bananas! lol
  14. MAC OS Catalina... from "Color Other" > OS Color Picker, I set an objects color using the sRGB Profile to 240, 240, 245. Then when I exit and return to the objects color mix, it is shifted to 243, 243, 247. This color is just one example, happens on all colors, even if I set a swatch to my mix. Any knowledge on how I can avoid this color mix shift? I've been trying to finalize my colors and styles, but this very annoying issue is keeping me from doing so, as colors between objects, layouts etc. are noticeably off and are not consistent. This is driving crazy, lol.... please help.
  15. I did pick up a few pearls from your last linked vid. I'll check these out. Thank you very much, Lee!!!
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