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  1. Thank you, Thank you very much, and I have another question No. which is how can I get the Login in the in script?
  2. I have wrote a script as below which is for showing a message... but it can't auto update when (Current DAte) Was change, is anyone can tell me what should I do? If (StartDate < Get(CurrentDate) and EndDate > Get(CurrentDate) ; TextColor ("Processing" ; RGB ( 100 ; 154 ; 244) )) & If (StartDate > Get(CurrentDate) ; TextColor ( "Comming" ; RGB ( 255 ; 0 ; 0 ) )) & If (EndDate < Get(CurrentDate) ; TextColor ("Finished"; RGB ( 172 ; 172 ; 172 ) ))
  3. Thank you SD, Thank you very much, I have use your concept and finally makes the function works and I am getting more known about Filemaker Pro, Thank you very much!!! Thank you!!
  4. Thanks a lot SD, your sample file is excellent, but I have try my best to put your concerpt to match my existing file, but seens not working do you think I can send you the file and you can see where is the problem? Thank you SD
  5. I am creating a Database which divided to two parts, first part is personal information, and second part is salary calculation plus timecard so on first part i use "only show related record" from another table, so I can choice difference month salary record... now there is a problem, in one field of salary record, I need to know the field result from previous monthly record, so what command should I use and how to write the script?
  6. I have wrote a script for reminder once kind of condition happens, will popup a dialog and show a message, I have run the dialog and it runs perfectly, but i don't know how to make it can perform automaticly, because I only can perform this script manully.... Thanks for help Thank you
  7. well actually, the database I am creating is for calculating the promoter salary, but I need to divided to two part, first part also the root part is Promoter, I can select which promoter, then when I click in to the detail layout, I can choice different month of that promoter, but I don't know how to do that....
  8. Thank you all, really thanks the information you provide were really helpful
  9. Dear SD I have try your calc, but can't make it work can you give me more detail how does your calc work? I have set field"theTime" format as number, and field of Calc as Time... anything more that I should know?
  10. I have a date field, usually have to input like xx:xx in 24 hours format, can I change the input ways to xxxx in 24 hours format then system can auto turns to xx:xxAM or xx:xxPM? Thanks
  11. Thank you very much I have sort it out by you giving helps Thanks again... but I have a final problem can't figure out!! I guess it's quite difficult to figure out
  12. I have a field to Display the Month and change to text format so I can use the pop-up list functiont: selection as below January February March April May June July August September October November December one of my database function need to know how many days of a month to calculate the OverTime Salary is anyone can tell me how should the script write? The field store the Month call "Begin Month" Thanks for reading this and please give me help thanks a lot
  13. Thank you of all, but actually I have sort the problem according to comment's solution, actually I am a new starter, never try filemaker Pro before, and I don't have any experience on programming before, so I have try my best to get understand the script command meaning by reading the sample file, but it's not easy, actually, I don't have any script book to get understand what the script command means cuz until now I am still using the trial version, I wanna simplify my work,before i only use excel to do all the calculation but takes me lot of the time, so try to setup a database to simplify my calculation on my promoter salary... Thanks again, but honestly, Queue's formula is too difficult to me, I don't even understand what it means, but thanks again!!
  14. Please help me, I have a problem with calculation I want to use a formula which do some simply calculation,the functions as below, when sales amount is over $1500, there will have 5 dollars extra per hour, and once have $500(per day) Sales amount extra, will have extra 5 dollars until the sales amount reach 5000, then there will have 40 dollars extra per hour and will count extra 2 hours. Everything seens fine but I have found a very serious problem, FM7 will take the sales amount 2,20,200,20000 as 2000, 9,90,900,90000 as more then 5000, I am very confuse, how should I write the calculation script, please help me... I need to finish the database by this weekend!! the calculation script as below Case( GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) < "1500"; 0; GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) ≤ "1999"; Work Hours * 5 ; GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) ≤ "2499"; Work Hours * 10 ; GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) ≤ "2999"; Work Hours * 15 ; GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) ≤ "3499"; Work Hours * 20 ; GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) ≤ "3999"; Work Hours * 25 ; GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) ≤ "4499"; Work Hours * 30 ; GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) ≤ "4999"; Work Hours * 35 ; GetAsNumber( Sales Amount ) ≥ "5000"; ( Work Hours + 2 ) * 40 ; "")
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