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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to understand lookupnext function and just can't fugure it out... My database contains 2 tables. One is a list of tasks with each task having an id number. The other table is named task, where I have 2 fields; the first being an id number field and the second the "supposed" lookupnext value field calculation. My goal: I would like when I enter a task number to see in the other field what will be the next task. ex: table1 1 = wake-up 2 = breakfast 3 = work etc... table2 when I enter the number 2, i would like to get the description "work". 1 = breakfast 2 = work Can anyone help me. I have attached the file. Thanks, Fred. lookupnext_test.zip
  2. I have a created a DB for a multi-users company. Everytime they hire someone they have to call me to create a new user with an already defined profile. I tried creating a profile for the manager where he could create employee account, but without giving him full access, it doesn't work and by giving him full access he can access the DB in layout mode and I don't want to. Is there a way to do this or I have no choice but to give him full access... ? Fred.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I now know I can use multi-processors but has anyone used a 2 or more processors server with server 8; what the real world performance results? and what about the new chip dual core with server 8 ?
  4. Does server 8 support multi-processors and/or does it support Dual core processor?
  5. I've tryed to host an FMP8 file on server 7. At first glance, it seems to work even the tabs, has anyone done this, any know problems, can this be recommended? Thanx.
  6. I got a new server, running win2003 and FMS 8. Has of today I'm hosting 80 databases with an average of 5 users per database. The most users that I have had at the same time is about 30. I got 2gig of ram. I'm wondering how the system would perform if I had 200+ users logged at the same time. How much ram should I get more for that scenario. Is there a rule that I don't know about (like a terminal server requires 80 megs of ram per users) fo FMS8. Please don't answer has much ram as you can get!!! Fred.
  7. Let us make some runtimes that have network capabilities then and sell us FMPro advanced more expensive. With the internet I don't practically make runtimes anymore.
  8. Filemaker, why not make a client application with network capabilities that could add, delete and edit records that's all. Basically a filemaker without the programming and design functions for a very low price (below 50.00$) or even free, it could be called the Filemaker reader! Let's face it people who need design and programming functions will buy the advanced version. In the end, more people would use filemaker, they would sell more advanced & server versions. Actually with that version they could skip entirely the FileMaker pro version. What do you guys think?
  9. I've created a solution and I'm deploying it to 25 customers over the internet (25 different db)with 1 to 4 users each that can be connected at the same time. I'm looking for more speed and want to maximise hardware/software performance of my future new server, my question is: Two servers with the same configuration (same number of hosted files & same number of users),running only Filemaker server 8, one with win server 2000 SP4, the other with server 2003. Would The one with Win server 2000 SP4 be faster?
  10. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to access the IWP pages via internet explorer on the PocketPC platform. I've tryed without success. I think the browser doesn't support java. Any way to bypass that?
  11. I'm running 1 fm7 database on FMS7 on a win2003 server machine (p3, 1 gig ram). With one client connected locally (LAN) I get speeds of 8-10 Kb/s max, wich is ok (still I would expect more from a 100mb/s network).My main problem is that I rarely get more than 4 kb/s and mostly 2 Kb/s when accesed from the internet (WAN). The connection is a Dedicated DSL with 80 KB/s up and this is still with one client connected to the database. (encryption is off by the way on the server). Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get better speeds especially fron the internet connections and if yes, what do I need to do. I can understand that part of the database involves calculation and summaries and that can slow down the database file, but still 2 to 4 kb/s via the internet is really slow and should be faster. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Regards. Fred.
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