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  1. I have a date field in my database that has dates corresponding to pretty much every tues, wed, thur, and fri of the last couple of years. What I want to do is export all the records where the date field equals a day that was a tuesday between june 2005 and june 2006. Is there an easy find I can do to just get these days? Any suggestions? This is a Filemaker 5.5 database.
  2. No I just have filemaker pro and developer 5.5 and 6. You wouldn't happen to know of any module tutorials or samples for logging. All I need is the username and log in time and log out time. Thanks.
  3. I think they just double click on the .fp5 file and it opens in filemaker and then each user has a password created under file->access privileges->passwords and under sharing multiuser is selected and local data access companion is checked
  4. Is there a log or a way to create a log that tracks when a person logs into a .fp5 database and how long they were logged in. It's a multiuser db on a network drive accessed by 3 or 4 people.
  5. Unfortunately for me information services is so strict I'm not even able to change my system time. It's not that big a deal anyway. Thanks for the response.
  6. Thanks, I can't find file->file options in filemaker 5.5 can I even do this or is it a new feature in 7
  7. I searched for this and found that is seems possible but not how to do it. Can I enter dates in this format DD/MMM/YYYY i.e. 01/JAN/2005 or does entry have to be based on the systems clock.
  8. I've been doing finds for * inorder to see how many records have data in each field but * doesn't work in date or number fields. Is there a wildcard I can search with for number and date fields that will do the same. Thanks. Filemaker 5.5.
  9. I used metadatamagic and was able to find all the fields that aren't being used. But, there are still fields that are in layouts but have no data stored in them for any of the records and metadatamagic doesn't help me find these. Any suggestions? Also, if a field is not in any layouts, relationships, calculations, scrips or value lists can I assume that it's useless and can be deleted.
  10. I'm cleaning up a flat, one file database that someone made with 869 fields and 4000 records. I was told that there might be fields that actually are empty for every single record so I can get rid of them. Is there a way in filemaker 5.5 or 6 to search for these fields. Thanks.
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