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  1. Haha, that's true... thanks for reminding me. : If I have to trade file-size for speed, then so be it. I've already made up the calc field (thank God for the Loop command, it's what built the expression). Yeah.... but I'd hate to enter "Car and Driver" company-name, and have everyone with a "Car and Driver" related-show appear too. Alrighty then... after all that talk, and using a key with 64-lines, it doesn't seem to be working! It acts a little weird. For instance, if the filters are all blank, and I put '"All" & "¶" &' at the top of the child-key, it works; put "All" at the bottom of the expression, and it doesn't. There isn't some internal limit on key sizes, is there? Please see the attached file, let me know if something's amiss. Thanks in advanced. FilterPortal_Attempt1.zip
  2. Haha, alright then... but first, understand that I'm not creating an OR relationship. That was totally offkey, feel free to ignore all that talk. But I see that someone else had a question much like mine, forgive me for shamelessly copying his words (it was well written). I'm just looking for just that... portal filtering, plain and simple. I know this'd be easy with newer FileMaker versions, they allow multi-key relationships. But I have a challenge, and need something complex out of a simpler relationship model. I have a couple ideas on how to do it, but neither is very good (check out the attached file to see them in action). Method 1: Find and Go Global Run a Normal find, and save a list of all the results (at least, their IDs) in a Global text field. The portal just looks up Master::gblContactList = Contacts::ContactID. But when dealing with 1000's of records over networking-speeds, it takes waaaay too long to find, sort, and retrieve everything (five-seconds, which equals computer-eternity). Method 2: The Simple Relationship A great and fast solution, I can just use calculation fields for the relationship. Examples.... Master: If( Length(FirstName & LastName) = 0, "All", Trim( Case( not IsEmpty(FirstName), "First:" & FirstName & " ") & Case( not IsEmpty(LastName), "Last:" & LastName)) Contacts: "First:" & FirstName & "¶" & "Last:" & LastName & "¶" & "First:" & FirstName & " Last:" & LastName & "¶" & "All" At least, that would work for two fields; it has 4 combinations. With six fields, there's a full 32 combinations; but can you imagine 2000 records each with a 32-line key? That would be a very very large index. (In case you're wondering where 720 went, that was the "mix-and-match" scenario. But since FileMaker uses multi-line, not spacebar-marks, that could never happen anyway. So more math crap... ignore ). Does any of this make sense? I'm probably barking up the wrong tree; I should just take a breathe and check out Google. Portal filtering is all I seek... if there's a better way of getting there, I'm all for it. Your ideas are most welcome. FilterPortal.zip
  3. Hmm... maybe you just gave me the answer. What if I used comment's suggestion, but used a " " in place of ¶? In the Master table, cNames = "Last:" & gblFilterLastName & " First:" & gblFilterFirstName In the Child table, cNames = "Last:" & LastName & " First:" & FirstName Would FileMaker work with something like that? Don't have time at this particular moment, but I'll try it out later today. Wish me luck!
  4. Nope, still asking. I've done a lot of complicated relationships before, but I'm scratching my head over this one. Alrighty, I'll try to communicate a little better..... Goal: Filter a portal by relationship using six "filter-fields" that may or may not have info. Your idea is good, but like you said, it doesn't always match things to the correct field. They sort of mix-and-match (and there's 720 ways to mix 6 fields... ignore me, math wiz ). Perhaps I need to reword this: How does one get a relationship to be dynamic? Where it doesn't require data in all the filter fields, it sort of ignores blanks? On the front-end (Master), I could just treat blanks like an "All", but can I write a back-end (Contacts) calculation that will work? Hope this makes sense. If there's any more info you need, just me know. :
  5. Not a bad idea! Except I have six filter fields. Last name, first name, biz title, category, and related show. Your combination would work for two fields, but six has 720 combinations. So sad! : Hahahaha, oh boy.... first off, let me apologize for my obvious mistake. When I wrote that earlier this morning, it all made sense. But now that I'm awake, not so much! : Your solution is the perfect OR solution. But this is not a simple OR command, I was totally offkey with that thought. It's more of a "If( not IsEmpty(gblFilterFirstName), FirstName = gblFilterFirstName, 1) AND If( not IsEmpty(gblFilterLastName), LastName = gblFilterLastName, 1)" relationship. So sorry for the confusion, I'll make sure to have my breakfast and soda before posting a question again. :wired:
  6. Ello everyone, slight trouble building this "simple" find feature. I have a Master file with a portal that shows records from the Contacts file. There's also several blank fields on the Master labeled after the contact-fields I'd like to search ('Last Name', 'First Name', etc). How can I enter data into these filter fields, and have the portal automatically show the correct records? Obviously through a relationship, but how? Now in other database programs (such as MS-Access, or anything with SQL), it'd be just "WHERE LastName = gblFilterLastName OR FirstName = gblFilterFirstName...". Very simple. Is there some FileMaker alternative or trick I should know about (since v6 doesn't have an OR relationship)? Now I could have it run a Find, but getting the info to Master would be trouble. Marking all the results (through ReplaceContents) would make sense, but this is a shared database, and everyone would see each other's finds. Stepping through each record and compiling a list in a global Master field would work too, but that takes five seconds over a network (which is an eternity). I know: lame ideas -- which is why I'm here today. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :help:
  7. Sweet! Thanks for the help IdealData, that was just what I needed.
  8. I have a report that's grouped by Hour and Segment, with all related discussions appearing underneath each timeslot (that is, in Body). However, because discussions tends to be pretty lengthy, that field's been sized to be very big yet 'shrinkable' via sliding. Sounds good in theory, but in practice, something goes wrong. The list of discussions is always forced onto a new page! But if I shrink the Discussion field (and Body), the discussions correctly start appearing underneath the Segment again! Why is this field (or part) not shrinking properly? The field obviously shrinks (the list of discussions looks fine), yet it's forced onto another page (as if something isn't shrinking). Suggestions? Explanations? See the attached file for an example... ShrinkingProblem.zip
  9. Ah, well... I understand. Having a local file opener is a good workaround, though it takes away from the whole "one shared file" simplicity. Thanks again for the responses. If anyone has further comments/suggestions, I'm still listening.
  10. I'm trying to run an FM script from Microsoft Word VBA Code. While this is pretty easy to do if the database is local, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this over a network. The trouble occurs at the following VB line: Set FMProDoc = FMProApp.Documents.Open(filepath, password) Basically, it opens a database using the specified filepath and password, and then stores a link to that database inside the FMProDoc object. Unfortunately, I cannot determine what filepath to provide for a database on a network. From Filemaker, I would normally go to "Open Remote", choose "Local Hosts", and pick the shared database I want from the list. Is there a filepath equivelant? Thanks in advanced. }:(
  11. Great idea, IdealData! It really solves my problem! Simply going "Exit Record", "Go to Field", "Exit Record" refreshed it completely.... no window refreshes necessary. Don't know why I didn't think of that before. After all, I did say that the manual click-method worked; putting it into script-form is common sense. Oh well, that sounds like me. When I spend several hours bent on solving one single annoyance, I have trouble "seeing the forest because of all the trees". I'm sure I'll learn my lesson soon enough.... Anyway, thanks for the support IdealData.
  12. I have a schedule displayed onscreen, and I allow the user to "move" contacts between timeslots in that schedule. Before moving it, I use a script to see if the contact already exists in the destination timeslot. To do this verify (I'll explain this as simply as I can), I have the calculation field [ContactID & "~" & Timeslot] both in my Master Schedule file and the ScheduleLines file. I simply relate from the Master to the Lines, and if related records come up, I know that the contact is already in the destination time (at which point, a message comes up and the move is cancelled). Unfortunately, when I choose a contact and the Calculation Field updates, the relationship to ScheduleLines does not refresh. It will show related records and values when there aren't any. However, if I pause the verify script mid-way and click in a Related Field, it suddenly refreshes and correctly becomes blank. Likewise, if my script goes to a different layout, returns, and refreshes the window, the relation will then refresh. While this whole "switch layouts and refresh" method is a good workaround, it displays those annoying split-second screen glitches while refreshing. I really do not understand why FileMaker will not relookup the related records when the relationship source changes. Any explanations or suggestions are appreciated. :) Relationship.zip
  13. Not to sound impatient, but is there no one out there who has experienced similar symptoms or has some explanation? My attachment has been viewed 29 times, yet no one has responded. Even if you don't have an explanation, could someone at least tell me if they experience my issue using the aforesaid attachment? That way, I can know it it's an issue with the database or with my FileMaker.
  14. Change of plans... again. Another bizarre failure to read a field correctly is happening. I've uploaded a sample file as you requested. Here's the problem. On my on-screen schedule summary, clicking a name is suppose to set the Master's LineID field to whatever's clicked on. For reasons yet unknown, that does not happen. I also added that aforementioned "Change Guest Date" feature, though with Conversation migration added. I figure we can kill two birds with one stone. Note that I have renamed "Conversations" to "Communications". Again, any help is appreciated. ;) Trouble.zip
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