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  1. I'm sure this was discussed years ago, but I can't find any refernece to it. I have separate projects on separate servers using FX.php and FM's API, which I'd like to bring together onto one server hosting FMS13 on Win2012. Is it possible to run these simultaneously, and if so, is there any documentation or thread someone could point me to to help? Michael
  2. I have not been successful with the LDAP approach, and in truth, it will only give me basic details. Our university also has a web service I can query for more details, so I will try to go this way. Can't say if it is going to be as quick as the LDAP/ODBC in dynamically adding new valid records when an unknown user tries to login to the database. I will be looking at SmartPill, however I have become a little jaded at the PHP approach, as the PHP pages have to go somewhere, and our ITD is not supporting a server for this - god knows why - which leaves them strewn around on servers that are not reliable. I am tired of having to get three or more different machines to constantly work for every web solution - one for the database, one for the client to do recurring tasks like emailing Excel and PDF exports, and one for the PHP and/or Web stuff. If they were all supported by the ITD, I would feel better, but FileMaker solutions are still not fashionable with IT people. But that is probably a university issue more than a generic FileMaker issue - there are common problems for us who work within universities, and I am currently talking with FMI about some kind of regional communications between those work within universities. Apple once had such a concept - a conference thing, which they called Apple University Conference or AUC. We could do the same with FileMaker - FUC.
  3. Yes thanks for that Genx, which is what a commentator I found on the web also said, except that others seem to disagree. I expect the truth really lies in doing some testing, if I can be bothered. Although if this is true as you and others say, then I am surprised FMI has not updated their examples.
  4. FileMaker keeps using this =& operator, which some research indicates is called a 'reference'. But FM doesn't seem to explain when and when not to use it. Also my research tells me you can get into trouble using this in some circumstances, and others say it isn't necessary as the parser takes care of the optimisation issue. My reading on it has done my head in. Has anyone got opinions on correct usage, and does it really improve performance? Michael
  5. Thanks Genx, in the absence of any other comments to the contrary, that looks sensible advice. The reason I asked about FMSA mucking with the php.ini, is because I installed the FM version before I changed my mind, then reverted it via the Admin module - then I noticed FMSA had added stuff into the php.ini, although it did appear to have commented it out after the reversal. Just can't be sure these people go to as much trouble undoing things as they do in doing them in the first place. But it does look to be working fine so far. Anyway I can always reinstall everything if absolutely necessary - God knows how many times I have done that in the past. m
  6. Trying to get my head around these: what is the difference between createRecord and newAddCommand? I am assuming they do the same thing (could be wrong there), so when to use which one? Michael
  7. I assume this has been discussed somewhere, but I haven't found it as yet, so if anyone could point me to where I can find info on this I'd appreciate it. I have always build with FX.php, and am only now doing a job using the FM API. What is the best way to combine these on the same server? Does it matter if FMSA installs it's own PHP, or is it better to do a manual install, and retain the normal install of PHP? I assume if the FM install is chosen, then the FX folder has to be moved into the FileMaker area somewhere. Does the php.ini need modification after FM has mucked with it? Can I switch back and forth from the FM Admin module without stuffing it up somewhere, or is it better to uninstall and reinstall FMSA and PHP? Is there a best deployment practice discussed somewhere? I am interested in both the Windows and Mac platform. Plus I am developing on Vista. thanks, Michael FMSA 9 Cross Platform
  8. I meant to return to this earlier, but just too busy - I would love to get this LDAP via ODBC working as I only need to retrieve basic information dynamically, for many databases. They are using openLDAP as their primary, but they also have an up-to-date duplicate on Active Directory. So either would be viable. If you could point me to the drivers for either, it would help. I have often wondered how FMS finds the LDAP to authenticate as I don't recall setting in a path for it. Which leaves me uncertain which LDAP it has found. The IT people are also unhappy about that as they say there are numerous LDAP servers, not all of which are appropriate. In any case, it works perfectly.
  9. Thanks for that link - could be useful. Unfortunately, although accessing LDAP via ODBC looks like a great idea, it can't work because FileMaker left out the necessary drivers in their provided SequeLink. Bit odd that. Saving money no doubt. Means I have to get a full SequeLink from the organisation, which there are rumours of one existing, but I have not been successful finding yet. They also say SequeLink is dodgy. My next attempt will be with SmartPill, when I find the time. Michael
  10. I see a few other posts that could possibly be on this, but then may not be, so I'll put this as a separate post. OS: Vista SP1, duel core. FileMaker Advanced 9.0v3 Using localhost connection: IWP called through either Firefox 3 or IE 7 says no database available. I had FMSA (which I actually did get to work once), so completely uninstalled that (took forever!). Then I did a repair on FMA. IWP still didn't work. Uninstalled FMA and installed again FMA 9.0v1. Bingo! IWP worked. Plus FMA didn't annoy me on opening with that message telling me someone else was using FM database on my machine - some such error message. Updated to 9.0v3 and no IWP again. Plus those silly messages came again, (which on a converted database get really annoying as there are so many files). Uninstalled and reinstalled back to 9.0v1 and all is working (or I should say I am finally working). But what is curious is when I was connected to the organisational network, 9.0v3 IWP on localhost worked perfectly - and there were no annoying opening messages. I even had the FMSA still installed at that point. If this is a bug, I have been unable to find anything so far on FMI site. Such an obvious problem should surely be reported. I may have missed some communiqué some place, and would appreciate any link to such. Likely I have may have done something stupid, but as it works on one version and not the other... Otherwise I suppose I'm paying for using Vista.
  11. Thanks for those suggestions - I will look into them. I have also discovered it is possible to access LDAP through ODBC, but don't know if that is possible with FileMaker. Anyone know about this? It would be great if possible, as I could import directly from within an FM script.
  12. Does anyone have any information on the best way to import data into FM tables via an LDAP query? This is in a University situation in which the IT Div is asking us to pull details via LDAP requests, rather than they push data to us via dumps. Anyone know of a way to do this from inside FMP, or a plugin that will facilitate it? Michael
  13. This is extracted from the FSA forum: --------------- "FMSA 7 Mac OS X Server IWP Homepage location" Answering my own question for the benefit of others... On Mac OS X FMSA 7 the default IWP homepage is located at: /Library/FileMaker Server 7/Web Publishing/publishing engine/wpc/FM Web Publishing... (right-click to show package contents) .../Resources/iwpres/ Be sure to set the permissions correctly on your custom homepage file and be ready to replace your page again whenever you run an update for FMSA (might overwrite your IWP homepage file, might not). Greg Torok ------------------------ Michael
  14. Do a search for iwp_home.html It is in an obscure place on both Mac and PC. I forget where on the Mac but on PC it is in the FileMaker Server directory of Program Files, but deep down somewhere. Steven Blackwell has a discussion on this in his first update to his book on FileMaker Security. He suggests a script tag or redirect. Script tag goes like this, in the head: Parent.location.href=http://yourpagepath Michael
  15. I have also been trying to get this to happen, using various forms of _self, but so far to no success. Also tried to close the old IWP window but can't get that to happen in the same script call. There is a way to do it however - use a logout script (Exit Application) which takes you to the IWP Home page, then put a redirect on that page (iwp_home.html) to the URL you want. I want to take users to my own web page of the solution on logout. But by putting a redirect on the iwp_home.html file, it means that file can never be used for other IWP databases. Not very satisfactory. Michael
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