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  1. Wow, thank you Fitch and Shawn for your so valuable comments. Could I please ask another question. Here is my Items Table Deprtament: (lookup) User: (lookup) Item Name Item Description Quantity Purpose When I use a department say audio, in the User field, I would only like to show the users from that department. How is this done? Its done somehow through self joing tables but not quite sure. Also, perhaps it will be a good idea that Item Name and Description is also a lookup. Could somebody point me in the right direction please. Thank you for all your help. Yogesh
  2. I would like to build a simplae office stationary database. At present when a staff takes items from the receptionist, the receptionoist keeps a track of it. Below is what she keeps track of: Date taken: Taken by: Department: ( we have 8 departments such as Audio, Video, Graphics etc) Item Taken: Quantity: Purpose: I have come up with the following tables and fields: 1) Department Table: Department_id (pk) Department_name 2)User Table User_id(pk) Department_id (fk) User_name 3) Item Table Item_id(pk) User_id(fk) Date_taken Quantity Purpose Department I am not sure about this relationship. Is this correct? Could anybidy provide any help please. Thank you heaps for your time. Yogesh
  3. Your solution is great and very helpful. But what happends once the job is completed and you receive the payments. How do you close the job etc etc. I have no idea that is why I am asking. Thank you.
  4. Sorry Vaughan, But I did not quite get what you are saying. I figured from your reply that I need to do something to Accounts&Priviledges. All I want is, you start off a job, the status field says its "open". When the job is done, the receptonist logs-in and enters the receipt number (after receiving the payment) and somehow..there is a button etc or something that lets her close the job - So no one can go back and edit the job. I have seen lots of sample tracking system but in all of them, yo could simply go back and chnage the job details etc.
  5. I want to create a simple job tracking system. I have created 4 tables called "Job (job_id as PK)", "Customer (customer_id as PK)" "Employee (Employee_id as PK)" and "LineItem (LineItem_id as PK, Job_id(FK), Employee_id(FK), Customer_id(FK))". Is this the way to go? Are all the tables simply joined to the LineItem table via Foreign Key? Please help. Thank you kindly.
  6. I have created a job tracking system. Once a new job comes in we enter "open" in the job status field. Once the job is completed, I want our receptionist to be able to enter a receipt number (once payment is done) in the system and "tell" the system the job is closed - so no one can go back and change anything. Can anybody tell how the receptionist can enter (or use drop down menu ) and enter the job is closed. I just hope to know how the Methodology works. Please help. yogesh
  7. Dear all, I have searched alot to find a solution where In Stock QTY, gets automactically deducted after sales invoice has been raised etc. I came to this thread http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/184927/ I downloaded the solution and studied it. I tried to implement the same solution in my database, but it doesnt work! I am attaching my solution. (You can login as Guest - with Full Access). I really really hopeing somebody could take about 5-10minutes to look at my solution and show what is the problem. I feel its a very minor problem. I am stuck on this problem for about 3 months now, so please please please help. Thank you so much Yogesh Workshop_20Mar_Copy-fp7.zip
  8. Thank you Mr Vodka and comment! It makes sense to me now. I have a small question. I hope you guys could help me out here. I have 3 fields in Inventory table: Stock_in_hand,Minimum_stock_level,Stock_available Stock_in_hand = simply enter the quantity when u first create an inventory Minimum_stock_level = is simply the minimum level of stock to be kept Stock_available = Stock in Hand - LineItem::Quantity (does this sound correct)? It works fine and the deduction happens. But when I go back to my inventory layout,I still see Stock_in_hand = same as before. Well this is bound to happend as "Stock_in_hand" is simply a number enter by a user. Is there any better way of handling "Stock_in_hand", and "Stock_available" ..................................... Also just one more question. When I am selling some product/inventory I want make sure "Quanity field" in the LineItem table checks to see if Quanity entered Thank you for your kind help.
  9. LineItem table is basically a joint table between Invoice and Inventory table. OK I am happy with that. I know how to link the 3 tables together. What I would like to know is where does the data "price", "quantity", "subtotal", ""date of creation of invoice" "total" from the layout go? Do they go in the LineItem or Invoice Table and why? Does the invoice table only have these fields-> Invoice_ID(PK), Customer_ID(FK) and LineItem_ID(FK)
  10. Thank you Ender. But I do not how to accomplish what you have said. So I have a service table with department, price, and type(conditional) fields? And is this service table is linked to LineItemTable? OH I forgot to mention some of these departments uses CD/DVD to dubbing, digitising,burning a copy for the client. So will this come from the inventory table?
  11. Thank you toolman... Umm.. what I have done is created a separate table for each department with the following fields: Charges_ID(PK),Description and price. And then I have linked this table to "LineItem" (Charges_ID is FK) table. Then I have created a separate layout for each department. Data is coming from LineItem Table. On this layout I have a DropDown menu that pulls data from charges table. What do you think of this?
  12. Ok I have an invoicing system(with all the usual, lineItem, inventory, vendor, invoice tables) for a parts database that works great! We are part of an insitute so we have many departments, for eg. Graphics Design, Audio, Video etc). All departments have fixed cost for each service thy provide Graphic Design department for eg has the folowing cost: - Color Printing - Scanning - Laminating - etc And Audio department would have something like: - Cassette Digitising - Cassette to Cassette Dubbing - Cassette to CD Dubbing - etc 1) Firstly, Do I create a table for each department and link in to the lineItem table? 2) I want to a user to go to a different layout based on get(accountName). So when a person from graphic department logs in, he can create an invoice by a pull down menu that brings up the fixed cost "ONLY" from the graphics table.. is there anything wrong with this? Can u suggest any other ideas please... Thank you for reading this and hope you comment..
  13. Thank you Tim for your help. I hope you could answer few more of my questions on the 3 more tables you have included. Equipment Table > why is there "Serial, Equipment_ID and Asset_ID fields"? Cant I just go with 1 field say Serial Number -set to auto-increment and use this field to link it with WO_dtl_lines table? - also Mfg-Serial_No - is this the serial number of the equipment? WO_Dtl_Lines > Is this sort of a lineItem table?. I am inlcuding my complete version of the r/ship. I could also send you my filemaker file. I sincerely hope you could help me with some bits and pieces. Yogesh relationship.pdf
  14. Thank you for your help. But I do not know what you exaxtle mean...is it possible if you could please explain further in terms of how many more tables I need to create and how they will be linked/related and to which table... Thank you for your help...hope you could help little bit further..
  15. I have an inventory with Customer,Vendor,Invoice,LineItem - it all works great. But I have something additional. Please read below. Here is the scenario. We purchase spares parts. We are a small department that looks after equipments in lecture theaters of an institution. We keep these parts until we get request from the institution to install/replace these parts in a lecture theater. So we want track in - in which lecture theater a part has been installed (location field) – a drop down menu - Who the part was issued to (name of the (employee field) who took the part from the department to install) – a drop down menu - In which equipment in the lecture theaters the part was installed or replace (equipment field) - What was the brand of the equipment(brand field) - What was the model of the equipment(model field) - What was the Asset that the part was installed/replaced (asset field) Basically we want to track where and on what equipment the part was used. I am thinking of creating another table called history with these fields ->history_ID (PK), location, equipment, brand, model, asset) and in my Invoice table – have an additional field called (history_ID) Invoice -> history_ID <-History So on the Invoice layout, I have the portal from LineItem – all as usual but also have field where the user can enter details for location, equipment, brand,model, asset- and these details go in the history table. Does this make sense? Do you see any problems?
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