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    I make things with Swift, CloudKit, and FileMaker.

    Art Con for iOS · Xcode, Swift, Core Data, FileMaker Data API · http://artcon.app

    FM Partners for iOS · A worldwide directory of FileMaker consultants, events, and DevCon videos in your pocket · http://fmpartners.app

    SwiftFM · A Swift framework for the FileMaker Data API · github.com/starsite/SwiftFM

    FileMaker developer 20 years • Swift developer 5 years

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  1. I updated my SwiftFM repo for the FileMaker 19 Data API. https://github.com/starsite/SwiftFM Notable improvements include support for the new `validateSession()`, and moving the server `message` into the completion block. So now you can access the message in the closure, where it's more helpful. Better examples as well. Give it a ⭐️ on GitHub if you find it useful. Thanks! 😘
  2. FM Partners 2.6 was approved today and is available in the App Store. 😘 https://fmpartners.app Release notes: 📌 • Fixed a bug where a Partner update might fire more than once, temporarily causing duplicates • Removed a possible race condition where fetching nearby partners might cause a crash • Improved partner sort to accommodate company names beginning with "The" • Updated country filter UI and added support for Israel partners and events • We hope you love the app. Leave us some feedback in the Support controller. Xo.
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