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  1. Any suggestions on which export options to use, because i tried pasting the null character into the field definition and it did not work either. I also tried using the char (12) and exporting but it does not come through as the FF character. I have not tried setting it into a global field would Filemaker see this differently then simply pasting the null character into the field definition box directly? Thanks for your help
  2. Hello, I am trying to match a dat file that one of our main suppliers is requiring us to export The last line in this img is what I have now from filemaker the rest are what I am trying to mimic, I uploaded an screenshot here http://db.tt/Mq4Fc9f This is my field definition for every record: Let( [ m = Month( date ); m = If( Length( m ) = 1; "0"; "" ) & m; d = Day( date ); d = If( Length( d ) = 1; "0"; "" ) & d; y = Year( date ); y = If( Length( y ) = 4; Right( y; 2 ); y); rid = "*" & rollID & "*"; r = rollID & space( 20 - Length( rollID ) ); po = m & d & y & space( 20 - Length( m & d & y ) ); dte = If( Length( date ) < 10; "0" & date; date ) & space( 10 - Length( date ) ) ]; "123456" & space( 6 ) & //scanner serial Number "111" & space( 1 ) & //site code "PHY" & " " & //Transaction code dte & " " & //date of scan space( 12 ) & " " & //delivery number po & " " & //po number space( 20 ) & " " & //physical ID space( 18 ) & " " & //material Number r //roll id & "" ) /* Field Start (1 based) Length Notes Scanner Serial Number 1 12 Site Code 14 3 Transaction Code 18 3 Transaction Date 22 10 Delivery Number 34 12 Po Number 47 20 Physical Id 68 20 Material 89 18 Product Id 108 20 */ ok now I have tried replacing the spaces in between each field with char(0) to get the nul character that does not work. I have tried placing char( 12 ) at the end after the roll id that did not work it simply displays as shown above never showing the appropriate characters. I have confirmed by copying his FF into the data viewr and using the code function it does return 12 and the nul returns 0 I have tried exporting as tab and mer files with encoding set to ansi, aschii, utf-8, utf-16 Why can I not export char(0) as nul and char(12) as FF, can it be done? Before I spend more time on this I was hoping someone would have an answer or flat out tell me it can not be done. Thanks
  3. Grant, What should I be looking for? When I installed I used the serial key provided with the maintenance release. Thanks for the help.
  4. Server 10 Advanced with the 10 Admin Console Here's another image showing the About under the Help menu
  5. Here is how the Admin console changes when I try to shutdown the WPE and then the Database Server...I suppose this is all probably normal behavior and I have just never noticed it before.
  6. RPCia

    Layout Order

    Nevermind I found it, Manage Layout!
  7. Am I missing something or is there no way to change the order of the layouts on a file hosted by FileMaker Server 10.
  8. Ok so the last two mornings usually between 3 am and 4 am I have been getting these error messages from the server. I have it installed as 2 server alternative the only thing on the second server is the web hosting. It seems to host files fine. What I did when no one else was in the system is 1) shutdown the WPE 2) then the admin console will not respond properly I try to close all files and it will not 3) I try to shut down the Database Server in the admin console and get an error, something like unable to shut down the server the weird part The really weird part is when I go look under the configure Database Server tab, it has a line that is not normally there just under Client Settings before the maximum number of FileMaker Pro Connections. Says Filemaker can host a maximum of 0 connections or something on those lines. 4) I used the command line to close all files and shut down FMS Sorry for being vague it was 6 am when I saw this and did not have time to take screen shots or copy it down. I was half asleep and had to get everything back up and running I should be able to repeat this tonight when I shut down FMS and reboot it.
  9. not on the workstation, but on the server I updated all the windows 2003 OS patches that I was behind on before installing FMS 10. 1) Caught up on updates 2) Unisnstalled Version 9 Server Adv 3) Installed Version 10 Server Adv Post install of version 10 I have not installed any patches. I completly shutdown the server and restarted FMS 10, then I was able to once again open a file from FMA 10 on my client. Whenever it opens a supporting file I get the following warning on the FMS. Warning #661 It does however open the file and allow me access. should this post have been under the Server Forum? Thanks
  10. Server 10 Advanced installed on 2003 server Client is FMP 10 Advanced on XP SP3 box It seemed to be running ok yesterday, this morning I went in to play around a bit and when I tried to open any files. I recieved a coffee cup then it prompted me for a username and password. it is configured to use single-signon with external authentication. My account will not let me in to any files, I am able to open a file with a local filemaker admin account. I checked the logs in the 10 admin console and this was the only message I could find that seemed relevant error code is 628, which occured at 3:04 am today, only other logs are verifying that the backup occured successfully at 3:00 am. None of the external authentication accounts seem to be working. Anyone else having a similar problem?
  11. Don't take this the wrong, maybe I read the wrong knowledge base article. But that is not a solution, it is a work around the fact is one can not install sp3 and hide the files users do not have access to
  12. TheTSart I ran a quick test with a new file and yield the same results as you in both versions 8 and 9... =1 works as you would like it to except when you throw "1 - small" into the mixture then it also finds the fields with that value. I believe the reason why ==1 does not work is becuase there are no fields with just the character 1 in them. take this example text field record 1 1 1A 1B Record 2 1A 1B 1 - Small Record 3 1A 1B =1 return 1 and 2 ==1 returns none I see 1 of two solutions 1) two find requests first one =1 second one omit =1 - 2) use a calculated field or a scripted find to throw out any of the values with "1 " and then something following it flag those one way and the others another way hope this helps
  13. I have also had this problem occur with a windows 2000 box. Not sure if anyone else had this happen yet.
  14. My argument for the bringing the missing buttons back is that the scriptMaker makes heavy use of the mouse. I would not have a problem if it was truly a programming language/window I would be using the keyboard to type out the code and the shortcuts would be the natural thing to use. However, it is not and the mouse is the primary use for adding script commands to the script. I feel it is more of a hassle to have to go back to the keyboard and use the ctrl-c, ctrl-v to copy and paste a few lines of code, or click to buttons to save a script ( the close then save ). It was much simpler to use the mouse to achieve these tasks, after all the mouse is the input device in use probably 90% of the time Just my 86 cents!
  15. Did the thin client get lost as well?
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