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  1. I have a database of products which need to be exported in groups of 1000. There can be as many as 40000 or as few as 8000. The steps as I see them are: l. loop to export the records 2. if record count is greater then 1000 then export 1000 as file name 1.csv 3. else export remaining records and name as 1.csv I understand the logic of it but I do not know how to script it? My scripting ability is very basic. Any help would be great!
  2. I just got it. All I need to do is use a simple duplicate script that numbers the duplicates according to sorted qty. Then search for the number 1, 2, 3 and export. Easy
  3. Not sure how to do that with a FMP plugin maybe email troi, they do that sort of thing but if I were you I would do it with perl. Go to www.cpan.org for more info.
  4. I have a csv file that I need to import which looks like: item quanty location smurf1 50 ny smurf1 60.2 nv smurf1 20.1 mn smurf1 24 ca smurf1 12.2 il smurf1 7 fl smurf1 58 tx smurf2 91.66 nv smurf2 90.66 ny smurf2 22 mn smurf2 64 ca smurf2 33.25 il smurf2 51.2 fl smurf2 2 tx The info I need is which three locations have the lowest stock. So in the above example it would be: smurf2 tx 2 smurf2 mn 22 smuf2 il 33.25 smurf1 fl 7 smurf1 il 12.2 smuf1 ca 24 I know this can be done via a portal but this creates duplicates of each of the three lowest fields. I need to somehow be able to export out of this FMP7 file a list of records that for each item has the lowest three locations and qty. For example: Item loc1 qt1 loc2 qt2 loc3 qt3 Smuf2 TX 2 mn 22 il 33.25 Smuf1 fl 7 il 12.2 ca 24 Any help would be great!
  5. Ok I have the file working and I understand how it works. Took me awhile learning about portals but I got it. Now my problem is with getting rid of the duplicate records I dont need. I have the lowest two items but I also have the rest of the items. I have made a duplicate record checking script that gets rid of the duplicates for each record but this also messes up the relationships deleting info from the locations and putting in false info into the locations.The overall goal for the attached file is to have the lowest three locations for each product available for import into another FMP7 file. lowest.fp7.zip
  6. Ok, it looks like I have a problem. I need the lowest three fields. Since I still dont understand how the portals all work can someone help? Thanks
  7. Just import three times, once into each table. Only import into fields that can be imported into.
  8. Example: 1-1-04 subtracted from 8-1-05 returns 1 year 7 months 0 days
  9. Im the end user and this is far above my pay grade. Any ideas about a way to get these lowest records out of the file and into a csv?
  10. Thanks for all the help. The problem is that I cannot access the lowest two for export. I need to get the lowest two locations, qty, and item either to export or as one record with the fields: item, lowest location, qty, 2nd lowest, qty. Is this something that can be done? Thanks
  11. 1. I do understand and I know how to create relationships. 2. I do know how to set up a portal on a layout. I have been working from you example file and from your help I have set up the portal and it works fine, in taking the lowest two locatioions, thank you! But the problem I have is to be able to use that data.I need to define a field to hold each of the low qty locations, Low_loc_1 and Low_loc_2 or in some other way be able to export as a csv the values of the portal(low1, low2, along with the item name as one record.
  12. Thanks, Adam Djuby and Kent_S! Ok I'm close but I cant seem to wrap my mind arround it. here is how the data is laid out in the csv file I have of all the items, quantities, and locations: item quanty location smurf1 50 ny smurf1 20 mn smurf1 24 ca smurf1 12 il smurf1 7 fl smurf1 58 tx smurf2 90 ny smurf2 22 mn smurf2 64 ca smurf2 19 il smurf2 51 fl smurf2 2 tx For each item there are at least 4 locations. I have to import from this csv everyday. The info I need is which two locations has the lowest stock. So in the above example it would be: smurf2 tx smurf2 mn smurf1 fl smurf1 il I know this can be done via a portal or something but I need more help, this is my first portal. I read all about how to set them up but from concept to FMP doing it is beyond me. Any help would be great!
  13. My fmp7 file has three fields item, location, quantity. For each item there can be multiple quantities at each location and there are 15 locations. I want to know the two locations that have the smallest amount of quantity of an item. The rest of the locations can be deleted or omited. I can see that using a portal or some type of script would work but I just dont have the FMP skill to do it. Any help would be great!!
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