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  1. The reason behind these questions is that we are using the separation model and wanted to keep all the global fields with the front end file. So we wanted to see if we should use a global calculation field to reference the global field from the front end file. Since they will be used as key fields and we do not want the globals in the data file I thought this would be the best way.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. So what is the benefit of global calculations then? Why wouldn't we just use unstored calculations?
  3. Sorry. I may have given a bad example. Lets say there is a global field to which each user has set to the records he has chosen. James 1 10 13 Cory 3 10 25 Will a calculation field referencing the global field still result user specific data? When do we use global calculations?
  4. Hi. Do calculations that are referencing global fields still give user specific data? If there was a calculation field with gUserName and gUserName was a global field with that was set with the user's name what would that result be? What about global calculations?
  5. Again what about those that use the separation model. Does it not make more sense to use summary fields and then just reference them from the parent table like in the file I posted? This would get away from creating all those extra relationships for aggregate calculations in the data file.
  6. I know that when its on the same table the summary field acts that way but what about when its displayed as a related field such as this. smrytest.zip
  7. But even in browse mode the summary field will give me the total donations for each separate customer. The amounts are the same for both the summary field and the calculation field.
  8. But what if you use both a portal to view and then summary for reporting. Why create both a summary field and a calculation for basically the same thing?
  9. No what I mean is what are the pluses and minuses of the two different setups if for example there is a customer table and a related donations table. I could use a summary field to figure out the donation total for each customer. I could also use a calculation field with Sum(DonationAmount) in the customer table. Is one better than the other? What if I wanted to use the seperation model.
  10. Is there any speed differences between using a summary field verses a calculation that uses aggregate functions such as count and sum? What are the pluses and minues of using either way? If I end up using the seperation model I think that summaries are the way to go because its less relationships for the data file because I can just use summary fields with relationships I make with the layout file. Is this your experience?
  11. I looked at the define accounts and I do not see a way to lock fields on a condition. How do I lock certain fields from being entered upon a field called, Lock_Fields being set. I do not want to lock all of them but only some.
  12. Hi Duke. I think you are misunderstanding me. I want both values to display in the popup itself. However, when the choice is selected, in FM6 it only displays the first field value. But in FM8 it shows both fields again AFTER selected.
  13. Hi I just found something strange today. In FM6 if you created a value list using values from a related file's fields with 'Also Display value from' the second field, and then when you use a popup menu, when you selected a value, ONLY the first field's value is displayed. However in FM8 once selected, it displays BOTH field 1 and field 2. In other words, lets say you have two fields that you select to be your value list. The first field is a person initials and the other one is the name. Okay if there are two names of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse the popup list itself will display as DD Donald Duck MM Mickey Mouse So in FM6 once you select the first choice, the field will show DD but in FM8 it will show as DD Donald Duck. What gives?
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