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  1. Sohnar Software are looking for a talented Filemaker Developer to work in their London offices. Please contact Jeremy Rudge by email at jeremy@sohnar.com
  2. I have been uploading files remotely to my filemaker server using the admin console. However, it eventually crashed out. On reopening i get: Admin Server Connection Error: The admin server cannot establish a connection to the admin server I have also tried opening the console from the filemaker server with the same result. This has happened in the past. I have had to restart the entire server to get it working again. All web services are working, and clients can access the files. I have also installed all server updates. Is there a service or something i can restart without having to bring down the entire server? Thank you for your time Steve
  3. We are currently doing some testing with ESS. We have a couple of MySQL tables added to a fmp file. Is there a way of capturing the sql query statement when i do a search within filemaker? Any help would be appreciated. steve
  4. Hello Steven, yep they are all web compatible. Even the set web viewer [goto URL] step is apparently web compatible. Steve p.s. i forgot to say that no error message comes up and the schedule says successfully completed.
  5. I am trying to get a filemaker script step to work correctly as part of a filemaker schedule. The script step is set web viewer [go to URL...] The url being used 'activate' a RSS service outside of filemaker. This script step is web-compatible and thus is able, in theory, to be run as part of a server schedule activated script. The script works as a standalone script within a filemaker client. Because the schedule runs as a session on the server I tested the URL by pasting it into a browser on the server. This worked. So there is no blocking of the URL on the server either. Is this script step really compatible with filemaker server schedules? Any help would be appreciated. Steve The script is as follows: Go to Layout [ “URL_editorialInfo” (PTO__editorialInfo) ] Set Error Capture [ On ] Set Web Viewer [ Object Name: "amanda_service"; URL: "http://amanda/web/request/hubNotification/setMessageUsingArgs? type=editorial&job=ds&user=admin&rssTitle=Hub : Editorial Change : ds : for shot fb73965555&rssComment=Changes to the editorial information for this shot have been made.&cutLength_n= 120&head…" ] Go to Layout [ original layout ]
  6. I am using filemaker server 9 advanced on windows XP. I have a filemaker file that contains a MySQL shadow table. The ODBC connection is done on filemaker server. All connects well and I have the correct username and password to connect to the MySQL data source. And in the filemaker file the datasource is set with the correct username and password. When I open my published filemaker file and go to a layout for the shadow table it prompts me for a name and password for the ODBC data source. I have tried every combo of password/username to no avail. If i just press OK with no username and password it just connects anyway. I only have one ODBC datasource and I have none set up on the client machine. I have tried every kind of username/password combo for the server, MySQL, the filemaker file, the client machine.... Strange.
  7. I know what you mean about breaking the data out into different tables. However, we already do that to a large degree. These fields unfortunately do need to be in the same tables. The local copies also cannot be networked for operational reasons. So unfortunately, it seems i am doing nothing wrong. I already do incremental updates from a test copy and try and keep field structure changes to the minimum. Oh well, not real short cuts. THanks for the quick responses. Cheers
  8. I constantly have issues with my files whereby the field mappings constantly mismatch. Just to describe the situation: I have a 'master' file running off of a server. This regularly has additional fields added to it's tables. I then have a series of local files that have data imported into the master. They regularly have extra fields added to them. The problem is I have hundreds of local files run by many users, and upwards of 10 complicated import scripts in the master. What I find is happening is that almost everytime I add (or maybe delete) fields from one or both of these files, the mapping goes askew and i have to remap everything. I spend about 30% of my support dealing with issues related to imports. Am i missing something? Any help desperately appreciated.
  9. Excuse me if i am barking up the wrong tree. I have managed to get an ODBC connection between filemaker and Excel. I can make new records or modify records in filemaker and then refresh the connection in excel for the changes to be made there. However, what I had in mind is to open up an excel file populated with filemaker data. Make changes within excel, and for FMP to update. Can i do this. How? I have been to www.filemaker.com/odbc and to be honest it isn't exactly the most informative area of the site. Any tips/comments would be greatly appreciated. p.s. once i can achieve this in excel i want to move on to Project and do the same there.
  10. Can Find Matching Records be customized like other menu items? I have customized my Find functions to filter out certain records. I need to do the same for Find Matching Records. I get the sneaky suspicion this cannot be done....
  11. That explains it. Thank you. Yes, I have always thought that too. I have done this on a test machine to see what happens. What prompted me was an article in the latest edition of FileMaker Advisor magazine that explained just such a technique.
  12. I have a .bat file stored in the directory C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerDataScripts which activates a trigger.fp7 file in the same location. If i double-click on the .bat file it opens the trigger file. If i however make a scheduled task run the script nothing seems to happen. It runs the schedule with no errors but doesn't seem to activate the .bat file. I have tried various different .bat files and none of them seem to open from within a schedule. Confused...
  13. I have started to use the audit log function from Nightwing Enterprises as a really easy way to record the changes that occur in a record. It works superbly with one exception. It does not record changes made from a replace field contents command. This seems to be because fmp does not provide the function through Get( ActiveFieldName )with the current information before proceeding with carrying out the remaining steps: It cannot compare the state of the field currently from what was in the field originally, because it doesn't know yet what field is being activated. My question is therefore how does the replace command differ from simply moving out of a field in terms of capturing Get( ActiveFieldName )? Or can anyone fix the function to record the replace field contents operation? I attach my test file. Thank you for taking the time... This excellent function is available free from www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker test.zip
  14. Sorry for wasting your time, I must have been really stupid. You are correct, if there are no existing records in the found set it will not match them.
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