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  1. Its ironic the second I get half to work the other half craps out on me....ehhhhhhhh Used to have three tables related by last names: Main : Last Name Properties Last Name DailyRequest : Last Name Ran into a snag with multiple similar last names So I added some more stuff and another table Main : _ClientID OWNERSHIP : __OwnershipID Properties : _EiderID DailyRequest : _DRID My main & prop. tables are referecned through the ownership table using a script. Eliminating the last name relationship has ruined two things for me: 1) the daily requests has to be chosen by last name - client calls in its the first thing you hear - So I had a value list which was property::lastname and is now main::lastname from that I had a filtered valuelist property::Address which will not work since I'm asking it to filter across tables which are not directly tied together - they are linked via ownership. 2)Along the same lines as above I had a portal showing all the related daily requests within the property records. Since the addition of the ownership table and the loss of the last name relationship I can not get it to work again. I am hoping however, once I get the first issue the second one will fall into place. Anyone have any thoughts about this? I have attached my database for anyone who is interested. Thanks for all your help. EiderInvestments.zip
  2. When I click the button to run my new window script it opens a new window but then resizes my main window? Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Thank you for your help.
  3. Excellent, ok now I think I can spend some time making it look pretty....wait I should probably ask the boss if he wants anything else to change first Thanks again mr_vodka Oddly enough I know understand why you initially told me to include a unique ID in each of my tables...he he he
  4. Sorry John aka mr_vodka, I feel horribly that I forgot you in my list. I am terribly sorry to not have given you the credit which you so rightly deserve. Very embarassing, indeed. I am looking at your attachment now. Thanks for still helping me even after my goof.
  5. Before I get started I just wanted to thank mr_vodka (whom I forgot to mention) Ender, Inky Phil and comment for getting me this far. I have three tables Client _ClientID FirstName LastName H.Address g.clientID Property: _PropertyID HouseName HouseAddress Ownership: _OwnershipID ClientID PropertyID I within the client table I have a property assign layout. You hit the button and the P.Assign layout pops up and you choose the address. Then you hit the button and you are returned to the client layout. After you have selected the property via the address you will hit the button to 'set' and the script runs, creating a new record in the ownership layout which ties the clientid of the person you were just looking at with the propertyid of the address you just selected, and then returns you to the client layout. This is the direction I am heading in: go to layout - ownership new record/request set field - ownership::propertyID getfield (property::_propertyid) set field - ownership::clientID getfield (Client::g.clientid) commit record/request go to layout - client As you can probably see my script writing is not entirely up to par Eider.zip
  6. Thank you for all your help Ender, I am heading over to the script forum now.
  7. Ok I have seen what you have done and it will work for me, the only issue is my clients not only own multiple properties, but each property will have multiple owners. I'm afraid I did not explain my problem very well. As you can see from the database I attached (prior) I tried linking last names from the property table into a portal within the clients table. Which worked perfectly when I only had one client to multiple properties. Once I had more than one client owning a property in addition to clients with the same last name I ran into problems. Enter the ownership table, I created this so I could have a property table and a client table and link them so I could have my property portal within my client table. The more I think about it, I believe my problem is that within my ownership table I have no way of narrowing your choices. If You choose Smith; John you will have 175 properties to choose from and if you choose Adams; Karl you will still have 175 properties to choose from. So the area I can not seem to grasp is how to get what I had (portal in my clients table displaying all the properties associated with them) but by using an autoentered serial to form the relationship - since each name, no matter will have a unique ID - but to search with the last names. Because of what you just showed me I think I can accomplish this, I am foggy on how to then tell filemaker to link (John Smith ID-1009) with (1 Cricket Lane Eider ID - MP-001-03) -Within my ownership table I will have the layout you just gave me. This will enable me to link Smith with 7 Cricket as well as Adam with 7 Cricket without having to have multiple property records of the same thing. I am sorry to have taken so much of your time and that I was not clearer with my questioning, but thank you very much for your help. Ok I've thought about it: Within the client table I have a property assign button. It brings up a screen similar to yours but instead you just fill in the address. Upon commit the script gets the clientID and the Property ID and creates a new record in a 'hidden' ownership table which joins the two. However how does my property portal in the clinet table work? How do I create a portal to the property table through the ownership table? and/or is their an easier way to accomplish this?
  8. -Ok I see the purpose of the portal now, it could reside anywhere in the database, probably most effective in the property or client area and would have only a few options (If in the property area, would list first and last name - since we have already chosed the correct property through the visible record) Then create a script which getvalue client ID, then creates a new record in ownership which finally ties the two together? -I think I understand the global function now as a storage facility, although am not sure how to implement it, I will have to work on that -The confusion is from me not understanding your concept for the portal as the device to relate the propery / client -Even though it is not correct I have attached my file again, the more complicated stuff is not really mine, I was helped out by others in the forum. Thank you for your help EiderT2.zip
  9. Thank you very much for your thoughts Ender, currently I am using both portals and sorted value lists - I fear though this database has become a little too big for me to handle. I am sure your solution works but am confused with the global storage aspect of it. If I have global storage for 'last name' then wont it only allow me one value across the database? I am confident I have created the proper relationships between the names to allow for unique selections, but am a little confused with the portal setups. Specifically, referencing through a table. I have attached my database if you have the interest. As you will see the portal indicates the properties exist but does not display their information. Thank you again for your help, as well as the reference to the website.
  10. I already asked this question but since I piggybacked it onto a previous non related post I'm hoping no one saw it, rather than not having any advice for me. Eitherway, I'm having some major trouble with my database surrounding multiple last names from completely different families. Comment suggested I incorporate a new table called ownerships where I link the last names to the properties and that is what I am trying to do. But the problem I am having is incorporating autoentered serials. If I have a _ClientID (auto enter) and a _PropertyID (auto enter) and I'm linking them together in the ownership table no one will remember that Smith = 1178 and his property 6 harmon = 3110. asking someone to link these two things is impossible. So I am asking you guys if anyone has any suggestions how I can make this easier, or if this is it. What I am hoping for is a process of elimination type thing, you first select the last name, then you get a related value list for the first name, then you get another related value list for the property ID. Maybe I am just going about this whole thing the wrong way, I am getting a little burned out by all of it. Again, thank you for all your help.
  11. Preface ---------------------------------- Yesterday I was all excited, after over a month and some help from the members of fmforums I had completed my database - save of course for a few minor touches to make things easier. I began the final step: Database entry, after weaving my way through a few clients I ran into a snag. Did you know there are almost 3 million 'Smiths' in the united states...dwarfed only by 100 million 'Zhangs' in the world. Can anyone see where this is going? I recalled my issue had been previously pointed out to me, but alas in my efforts with the beautification of my database I forgot about this nagging issue. I searched the forum for all my posts and came across this one where comment pointed out I need a new database. Point of Post ---------------------------- So I have a few questions about Comment's prior comments: My understanding of your last post is that you have to enter all your clients, then enter all your properties and then go to the ownership table and link all of them. Is this correct? or can I automate some of this? It seems hard to ask somebody to remember an auto serial number so they can correctly relate the name to the property. How do you use the auto serial to define the relationship but not ask the user to interact with it at all? I think my brain is just fried. Thank you for all your help, -kibber
  12. Got it, I am still having trouble with the whole 'background' field concept. I have one final question... When I create a new record my ClassKey field reverts to the 'active' status of my gActiveStatKey2 field? So my display portal will go blank until I select 'All' or 'plumbing' etc. Any thoughts on this one? So I guess all that is left then is to enter the data...hehehe Thanks again for your help John
  13. I was having trouble posting yesterday, I can't seem to delete the 'new thread' I made yesterday - the blank one named "portal sorted by two value lists:revisited"- so if one of the moderators could do that it would be great So I set up the gcclasskey field, made it a global calc based on your code mr_vodka; put it in my WR layout and created a relationship between WR:gcclasskey & WR by ActiveStat:class Then I made the gcclasskey field a pop up menu using the same value list as the WR:class value list I think that is everything, so finally, I did something wrong because when I click on the WR:gcclasskey to sort the portal a pop up tells me the field is not modifiable? Any thoughts? Thanks again for all the help
  14. That is perfect mr_vodka. I think I was mixing up the order of the values, so FM was looking to the wrong table for the data-if that is possible. Only one issue though, I have a value list: maint. plumbing elec. painting can I easily create a value ALL which will display values from the four categories above? Thanks again for your help
  15. I have a portal (working perfectly thanks to mr_vodka) which filters and displays records based on their status (active, completed, canceled)-using global data. Can I define it through an additional value list "class" being (maintainence, electrical, plumbing, painting or all) The majority of the time it would be set to a default of 'all' but occasionally my boss would like to see if any one area is lagging. As you can see I tried to just duplicate g.activestatkay2 with g.activestatkey3 but ran into the problem of the portal only being able to be referenced to one table at a time? Thanks for your help
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