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  1. the computer I used to host my Filemaker 5 databases quit on me. So I've installed FMServer 5.5 on a new box (same OS, Windows XP). It worked fine the day I set it up, but the next day, the host is not visible from the client computers. If I run Filemaker 5 (client) on the server box, it has no trouble finding the host and accessing the files, so I know they are open and hosted. Any idea why my other workstations would have trouble? (Please help! This is our invoicing and inventory system, so we can't sell anything until I get it resolved.)
  2. I'm using FMPro 5.5 with FMServer 5.5 in a multi-user environment. Making modifications to our application is always a pain, because I have to either make changes and do testing in realtime on the system while it's in use (dangerous, if the changes are at all complex), or I have to isolate a copy of the database files on a computer not connected to the network. I can simply copy the files to my local computer, and then disable the network connection, but the instant I re-enable the network connection, I risk having the application accidently open one of my test files (even though the active copy is already open!) I suppose there's an expensive "Developer's Edition" that avoids this problem, but I'm on a budget. Anyone figured out a reasonable work around? Thanks, ~kyle
  3. I'm having this problem too, in Windows XP, and can't seem to lick it. The files are located in a folder called "boutique". To get them to automatically load when I boot up, I put a shortcut to the "boutique" folder in the "Program FilesFilemakerFilemaker Server 5.5" folder. As far as I can tell, this is the only copy of these files anywhere on the network. Because I can browse to these files through Windows Explorer, I flagged the folder as "hidden" (now I can't "see" them). The problem persists. Any more ideas? Thanks
  4. I recently upgraded from FMServer 3 (with FM 4.1) to FMServer 5.5 (with FM 5). We have always used ipx/spx protocol (a carry-over from text-only Novell days). I currently have FMServer configured to use both ipx/spx and TCP/IP. Is there any performance advantage of one over the other? Thanks, ~kyle
  5. In FMServer 5.5, is there a way to open an Administration window on the HOST computer similar to the "Remote Administration" I can run from the client computers? (The "Server Console" allows me to configure the server and access the Event Viewer, but offers nothing in the way of a screen displaying guests logged in, files hosted, etc.) I've looked through the manual and browseds various screens and can't find any way to do this, other than installing a copy of FileMaker Pro (client) on the host in addition to the Server program, and installing the Admin plug-in with it. It seems silly to purchase another copy for FileMaker just for this purpose. Any ideas? Thanks, ~kyle
  6. Oh that... Okay, I found it, thanks. Just expected to find something that looked more like the old log (with a single mouse-click I could see at a glance everything that had happened in the most recent session, which files were open, errors, etc all in one window - using Event Viewer I have to click each event individually till I find the one I want) *Sigh* Oh well, all things being equal, FMServer 5.5 seems to be an improvment over its predecessor - its just hard to teach an old dog (me) new tricks. Thanks, ~kyle
  7. Okay, I know I'm a couple years late, but I've just upgraded to Server 5.5 and can't find the log. You said it's in the "Windows Log" - what's that? and where can I find it? Thanks
  8. I am running FileMaker Server 5.5 on a Windows XP Pro machine. Installed it yesterday. Seems to work fine so far.
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