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  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried this before. I need to import about 20 ledgers into Filemaker. This would obviously be very expensive if someone had to type out all of the pages line by line, (I would say 6 months of work). Does anyone here know of a means of scanning it into filemaker or Excel in order to create the database that we need?
  2. To fill you in a little more. We have up to 20,000 articles in a year most of which are unique in other words we make it, sell it and it becomes history. Others can be long standing lines with years of history. Nothing is high volume total units on the most prolific items is 200 or so. The movements table means that I will have fewer movements to count if you consider a 10 year history.
  3. I am looking at a solution for inventory. One important request is that they need to be able to calculate the inventory for previous dates. E.g. the beginning of the quarter compared to today or this day last year. My thoughts so far to be able to do this is to have an article file and a stock movements file, all values and quantities of stock will be held in the movements file. Basically the last related record will be in the movements table will be current value, but we can also find the last related related record based on any date. Will this be a fast way to calculate or slow? I don't want to start and then find things slow down on me too much. After this I will also need to be able to age the stock.
  4. I will have about 15 users. But each will creating a lot of data.
  5. I have a couple of questions before I take the plunge back into Filemaker after a long absence. When purchasing the annual contract can someone explain what a user is? Is it the number of people that can use filemaker at one time or does everyone that will want to get online need a separate licence? For instance would I need one licence when I access from at home and one from work. I might have many people sharing machines etc. Also there is a limit of "2 GB outbound data transfer per user, per month — tracked annually." What is this telling me? My databases will tend to be quite large as we use thousands of hi-res photographs.
  6. I want to set up a simple database for use on android devices. I’ll use web direct but would need to get customer signatures, is this possible?
  7. We are a high end jewellery business and I am about to start a project to cover the entire business. The first part of this project will be calculating stock in multiple branches. I will need to be able to calculate the stock values and quantities for different dates at all times, so for instance today is 31st January 2017, how do my stock levels compare to 31st January 2016. Most stock is made up of one off pieces although some repeating products might have 20 years of history and up to 100 sales. There would generally be up to 15,000 different articles in stock at any one time, but I feel I should be thinking about growth in this area. I know that I am asking a huge question for a forum, instead I am asking where should I look for answers to this? At the moment I imagine a movements table, that will have the fields, Date of movement Entry Qty Sale Qty Sale Return Qty Exit Qty Correction Qty (this is for when things don't give us the correct answer)
  8. A barcode scanner is supposed to just mimic the keyboard. So it should work
  9. When I try to install it on 2008 standard SP2 I get a message that Filemaker server will not install or uninstall on this version of windows. This is very strange.
  10. I have a job that I will need Filemaker to do, At the moment I would have to load it onto our old 2008 standard server till we get a new machine in the new year. For now this project will not be very intensive about 5/6 users at most. Would it work?
  11. Many thanks comment. That works perfectly, I would love to get a better knowledge of the calculations functions. Kind regards,
  12. I'm not sure if it is possible but I am trying to separate text from an imported file. A sample of the text I am given is as follows; Flicker/18/70/O I would like to be able to separate the different parts into separate fields. Field 1 = Flicker Field 2 = would be 18 Field 3 = 70 Filed 4 = O Is there some calculation I could use to do this? Many thanks for all help
  13. Could anyone tell me how to move my copy of Filemaker 14 advanced to my new Laptop from my old one. Kind regards, Mark
  14. Yes that sounds like what I will do. The relationship will be based on the Identifier of the currency and it should be less than or equal to the date of the invoice, sorted descending by date. Perfectly logical! Many thanks for your help.
  15. I need a little bit of help. I am trying to relate an invoice table to my currency rates table, I want to always get the last rate rather than all rates. How do I do this? I have two tables Invoices and Exchange rates. An Invoice exchange rate would be €1.00 is 1.1006 31st October 2015 €1.00 was 1.1201 in 1st October (this might be the last time it was updated) How do I get the system to always default to the last value entered? So if I enter a new invoice today the rates will always take the rate entered today rather than the one entered on 1st October.
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