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  1. I figured out how to do it!! I have to Set the Error Capture to ON, and then after my Perform find scrip step, I have an If statement Get(lasterror)=401 that means my count is zero. Great stuff.
  2. I am still having issues when there are 0 records found. I would prefer NOT to see the FM window that says: "No records found..." with options "Modify Search", "Continue" or "Cancel". Is it possible to have this not show up? I have a script test after that says If get(FoundCount)=0 it will perform a set of actions. Thanks.
  3. Thank you. That did the job perfectly. I appreciate your help.
  4. This should be a simple question, but I cannot figure out how to do it. I have a table with close to 20,000 records. I have a field called "ItemNumber". I want to do a search that matches the field contents exactly. For example: I have item numbers ABC123 XYZ345 I want to do a search where if I type "ABC", since there is no exact match for item "ABC" I would like it to return 0 records. In other words I want to match the full contents of the field, not a partial match. My search script goes into Find Mode, sets the ItemNuber field to the global search field and does the perform find. In addition, if it returns 0 records, can I script to supress the window that tells me "No records were found" and asks whether to modify the search, cancel or continue. Basically I want to embed in the script that if 0 records were found, then it will perform a set of tasks. All without user interaction. Can this be done? Thanks.
  5. How can it be a display driver? Does FM make direct driver calls to the hardware? I use all types of applications on my PC, from CAD, 3D, Office, Photoshop, video editing, desktop publishing, etc. And nothing flickers like this. I know my video card was pretty high end a few years back, Nvidia Quadro FX500 and the drivers are up to date. ;)
  6. Belive you me, I am NOT the FM expert you guys are. But I did want to try the test for myself. I discovered there is the flicker in v.9 you state, but not on 8.5. What I found curious is that if I make both file windows (not maximized) there is no flicker when swithing between them. Take a look at the screen cap. I am not sure if this will resolve your problem, by having both your windows visible, there may not be flicker. Does this help any?
  7. That was the problem!! It was a text field. Now that I changed it to a Timestamp field, it sorts correctly. I am embarrassed for missing this. I really apreciate your help.
  8. Thanks John, I did this from the begining but it still mis-sorts as I indicated in my post.
  9. Hi Gang, I have a portal which I have to sort by a Timestammps field. This field is automatically populutaed at some point by using the get(timestamp) function. Now when I look at the portal which should be sorted chronologically the dates are sorted like this: 6/8/2007 xx:xx AM 6/7/2007 xx:xx PM 6/2/2007 xx:xx AM 6/12/2007 xx:xx PM 6/1/2007 xx:xx AM (my system uses the American date format of mm/dd/yyyy) The 6/12 date should be first but it's next to the 6/1. Is there a way to correctly sort chronologically? Thanks guys. Hernandito
  10. Thank you Martha. I was able to solve the problem. The Table with the portal relationships had several records. When adding a record, for some reason, that table wasn't updating. This main table is basically a one record table, but it had 3. I deleted the extra records and the new items show up in the portal instantly. Thanks for your help again. Hernando
  11. Thanks Martha, but no luck. I tried with the Flush Cache on and off and neither worked.
  12. Hi Gang, I am stuck. I have a table which contains a field with "Status" for each entry. The "Status" could be things like "Active", "Submittted", "Completed". I created separate instances of this table to create separate portals which show the different statuses. The tables and the relationships all work fine, but the problem I am running into is when I create a new entry on the table, the newly created entry does NOT show up unless I change the status of an existing item. To create the new item, in my script, I go to the layout for the main table, create the new record, I have a dialog that prompts for the "Task Name" and at the end of the script, I return to the original layout with the portals. The new task doesn't show up until I take an existing item and change its status. Then the portal refreshes with the new item in there. Is there a way for this to show up automatically? I do have a script step to Commit Records, but it doesn't do the trick. I have tried sorting the portal as well with no luck. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Hernando
  13. Grazie Daniele! This did the trick. I appreciate your help.
  14. Hi Gang, I have a small layout which contains a handful of fields. One of the fields is a "Drop Down List" field which shows the contents of a table with a very large number of records. This is a Global field that has no Autocalculation. I have it configured to "Auto complete from value List". The weird behavior is when I click on the desired value, the field gets assigned the value, but the drop-down list drops down again. I have to click on an empty area of the layout o get rid of it. I tried setting the Tab layout order so it's at the begining of the order list with items following it, but it still does this. I tried setting it to a a Popup Menu behavior, but since the value list is huge, it takes like 10 seconds for it to pop up. Does anyone have a clue how to solve this? My other drop down lists do not behave this way. Thanks for you help.
  15. Thank you Kevin. I did close the file on the server, opened it directly, inserted the images into the containers and then opened the file again. It worked perfectly. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate your help.
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