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  1. Is there a way to avoid the outlook security warning?
  2. is there a plugin that will send email in a background process so that FMP will not be locked up while sending email?
  3. poslaw

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    Who offers the fastest Filemaker hosting?
  4. I have been wondering on where to start with this. Any help is appreciated. I have a calculation that returns the time a record was last updated but it is in hours. How can I convert it to days: My calculated result: 25:14:01 Desired result: 1 Day, 1 Hour, 14 Minutes Thanks!
  5. A client enters in this report manually in excel. They'd like it generated through filemaker. Any thoughts on how to generate this report, based on the number of orders a client has? Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks, I'll try some of these suggestions out and let you know what happens.
  7. Payments come in to be split among multiple orders but they manually split them up and apply them to each order becuase the old system simply had a payment field for each order.
  8. I am trying to conceptualize how to set up a relationship and/or portal. Any thoughts on this one... Tables: Orders, Clients, Payments Relationships: Orders::ClientID=Clients:ClientID Orders::OrderNumber=Payments::OrderNumber I thought this was a great setup, as it allowed for partial payments. But here's the issue: The user previously liked to browse Client Records and enter payments though this layout, as it was quicker since there was a portal to show ORDERS. The payments were contained in a payment field in ORDERS. The 3rd PAYMENTS table did not exist as the payment was recorded in the ORDERS table. How can I show ORDERS in a portal on a CLIENTS layout and still allow for the Payments to be entered? Perhaps I should scrap the PAYMENTS table and just use a repeating field? Any thoughts...
  9. I was just wondering if someone can give me a starting point on this. I have a customer service database. We track our client orders with this. Our clients go through a lot of employees. We don't know when they leave the employ of our client. When showing our clients orders, I want to show our clients contacts in a portal sorted by the highest number of orders by a contact, over the last 30 days. Table 1: Orders Table 2: Client Table 3: Client Contacts Portal: Want to show contacts sorted by number of orders over last 30 days. This way once a contact stops ordering our product because they no longer work for our client, they'll drop to the bottom of the list after 30 days or so. Thanks!
  10. I have a hosted FM8 DB. I am only allowed one FM8 file on the host. I bought an email plugin and I trying to intergrate this with my solution. I was able to import the tables & fields from the email solution, but I can't see any way to import the relationships. Is it possible to import (or copy & paste) relationships? I can't create a reference to the file, as I am limited to only 1 .fm7 file. Thanks.
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