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  1. Can you be a little more specific? I used the calculation by validation and no help. Sorry I am clearly a novice at this ;)
  2. Here is an example of my problem. It works great the first time it calculates but go back and change a date and it does nothing. Thanks, Dates.zip
  3. I have 2 related tables and on table 1 & 2 there are several dates that are entered. On Table two I want a layout to display the two dates (1 from table 1 and 1 from table 2)and next to it the number of days that have elapsed. I just cannot seen to figure it out. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, I feel like a fool! That was easy.
  5. I would like to have 3 fields where one is populated with a number in feet and the 2nd is populated with inches. I would then like to concactenate those two fields and convert the Feet and Inches to just inches and populate the 3rd Field with that answer. I can't seem to get anything to work. Thanks
  6. I need to autopopulate a username Field based on 3 different fields, but I want the username to be the first letter of the first name, the last name and the last 4 digits of their social. First Name = John Last Name = Doe Social Security = 111-222-1234 Username = jdoe1234 Stumped!
  7. Ok. Thanks guys. I figured out what I was doing. I was trying to perform the calc on a related field from another table and when I did a cut and paste, it worked fine. Only thing is that I did a mapquest and google map on two different addresses that both showed as being 130 miles a part. When I looked up the Lat and Long from http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/geocode It gave me a 166.68 miles. Now I wonder who is right and who is wrong. But not your guys problem, just an observation. Thanks again for your help!
  8. Here is what I am trying to do. Also, just remember that the lat's and long's must be given in degrees and not minutes. Thanks for the Help Comment! Haversine.zip
  9. ok, I am sure that question has been asked a billion times and there are probably a billion threads on the subject. I searched, I PROMISE, so please don't slam me too hard if I violated the Thread Rule. I need to know the difference in days only between two dates. I would like to have a positive # regardless if Datefield 1 is older or newer than Datefield 2. Thoughts? And again, I apologize if I should not have posted this question. Thanks
  10. Comment, I sent a Reply, but do not see it, so will try again. Did you get this to work? I have tried everything and this is not a complex function. It has to be something simple that I am doing wrong. I changed the Validation and what do you mean by Calculation Field? Thanks
  11. I am trying to implement this Formula into my solution and am getting an invalid result. It is a Haversine Function and below is what I created as a custom Function with: Can any one figure out what I am doing wrong here? //Computes the Distance between two points on Earth's Surface // input: // lat1,long1,lat2,long2 = lat and long of two points, in DECIMAL DEGREES // units = "miles" or "km" // output: Distance between the two points in miles or kilometers Let ([ D = Case( Trim(Lower(Left(units;1))) = "m"; 3958.75; 6367.45 ); // Diameter of Earth in miles or km lat1R = Radians(lat1); lat2R = Radians(lat2); long1R = Radians(long1); long2R = Radians(long2); dlat = lat2R - lat1R; dlong = long2R - long1R; a = (Sin(dlat/2))^2 + Cos(lat1R) * Cos(lat2R) * (Sin(dlong/2))^2; c = 2 * Atan(Sqrt(a)/Sqrt(1-a)); result = D * c ]; result ) My fields are; MP_HOME_LATTITUDE MP_HOME_LONGITUDE VF_GPS_LATTITUDE VF_GPS_LONGITUDE My result Field with Calculation is: MILES = Haversine ( MILES ;MP_HOME_LATTITUDE; VF_GPS_LATTITUDE; MP_HOMELONGITUDE; VF_GPS_LONGITUDE ) Does any one know what I am missing here to get a valid result? My Calc settings are - Do not Evaluate if Referenced Fields are Empty (CHECKED) and Do not replace existing value for field (UNCHECKED) and Always Validate is set to on. Thanks for any help on this!
  12. Jscott


    How do you remove the Full Access Account? Filemaker will not let me. Thanks
  13. Jscott


    That did nothing except remove my account. This program 'FMKey' still displayed every account and next to it new passwords for each of the accounts. This disturbs me, because that provides people with the capability to gain access into different privileges. I have tried everything I can think of to stop it, but to no avail. because even on a runtime, the flat file is within the folder.
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