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  1. Can I make standalone databases for the Mac and Windows off of just my Mac? Can I make a standalone database that will work on both platforms? Thanks ahead of time
  2. I would like to be able to have a drop-menu that when you select one of the values from a list it will automatically run a script as soon as the selection is made without having to perform any other additional action such as clicking on a button or choosing a script from the script menu. For example, I have a database of furniture which includes categories of chairs, tables, beds, mirrors, sofa's, etc. I want to set up a field as a drop-menu of the above listed furniture categories and perform a find on the selection. So if I pull down mirrors in the drop-menu I want the database to find and show just those items that are mirrors. And I want the find to happen the instant I select the mirrors value from the drop-menu. I don't want to perform any additional actions like clicking on a script or on a button, etc. Is this possible? The reason I would like to be able to do this is to save a significant amount of time for the user. The database I currently have set up uses several of these search fields and a user will typically use them several hundred to a thousand times a day. If I can cut-out a step it would save a lot of time and create a much smoother workflow. I've seen this type of drop-menu used on website's, but I have not been able to figure out how to make it work within filemaker. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had any good resources on User Interface Design. I'm looking for good books, websites, or other easily accessible resources. My personal belief is that good user interface design accounts for a large part of a databases efficiency and effectiveness and want to expand my knowledge in that area.
  4. I'm using FM7 and I've noticed that there isn't a way to rearrange the search criteria list for a perform find (or any other find for that matter). Am I mistaken or am I right? Is there a way to insert a search criteria in between or before any other in the search criteria list?
  5. They have three copies at Amazon.com starting at $93.50. I just checked today (8-31-05).
  6. If you really want to get into scripting I really like "Scriptology: Filemaker Pro Demystified." It is 7 years old and out of print, but has a lot of good stuff. I think used copies are going for $93.50 at Amazon. Probably overkill for beginners.
  7. I am interested in setting up an FMP database on a local network and having people access it through the Web Publishing. First, will FMP or FMP Developer allow me to do this or do I need to get FMP Server? Second, is there any major issues I may run across or should be aware of?
  8. Is it possible to network to a stand-alone database created using FMP7 Developer? Does FMP Server allow people to connect to a database without FMP client software? I'm thinking not, unless web-publishing is set up and people access the database through a browser.
  9. How many simultaneous clients can connect to a database running under FM Pro 7 (Not server)? I thought it was five, but I tried connecting a second client and got a "too many user's" or some such dialog box.
  10. I've noticed a quirk between the Windows and Mac OS X versions of Filemaker Pro 7. I have a database where I have three different windows open at the same time to show three different layouts of the same database. On a Windows version of FM I can click a button and have it work right away even if the button is not in the active window. On the Mac, clicking a button in an inactive window does nothing except make the window the button is in active. I then I have to click the button again to make it work. I like the way the Windows version does it. Is it possible to make the Mac version do it the same way?
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