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  1. I have an old mac setup to receive faxes electronically, print them to a specific printer, and aotomatically email to an email account that I check with FileMaker and the 'mialIt' plugin - works a treat!
  2. Hi I would like to know if there is a way of checking to see if a file exists when using the Save Records as PDF script step. I am deriving the file name based on record attributes, but want to prompt the user to over write if exists. I will do with an AppleScript if necessary, but would prefer to do with FM. Thanks halski
  3. I have a field that has a calculated Auto enter value, which is the value of a calculated field in a related table. When I create a record using FileMaker, this works fine. When I create a record using WPE (PHP pages), the auto enter does not work. I have tried doing a calculated Auto enter value, which is the value of a non-calculated field in a related table and this works fine. So it appears to be something to do with the related calculated field!?! Does anyone know why this is and how I can fix. Thanks Halski
  4. Hi There I am trying to capture a client's IP address when creating a record. I have tried the following code (and a number of other variations). $ip=getenv('REMOTE_ADDR'); $ip=$_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']; $ip = $_ENV['REMOTE_ADDR']; the 'getenv' code appears to sort of work, but returns the IP address of the FileMaker server and not the client. Does anyone know of a way to capture the client's IP address? Thanks Halski
  5. Thanks! I just read that topic (sorry). Halski
  6. I have just moved my FX.php solution from FMS Advanced 7 to FMS Advanced 8. Since then, one of my search results page displays the following error; Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /Library/WebServer/Documents/Precedents/prec_list.php on line 16 The strange thing is, that with some data I get the error and other data I don't. Is there something I must do to fix this so it will work with FMSA 8? The exact same test data works fine on FMSA7... Thanks Halski
  7. Hi there.. I have a simple PHP page that adds a record to a fp7database. I am only populating two fields, one number field and one text field. I have found that the text field causes the process of the 'New' request to slow down. If I changed the field type from Text to Number, it takes less that a second as opposed to about 3 seconds as text. Is there some way to fix this or does it just take longer to process text? Halski
  8. Hi Martin No change when I remove 'javascript:'. Still nothing happens when I click the close button.. Cheers Hal.
  9. Hi Martin I have attached the XSLT file (zipped). Is that what you meant? Cheers Halski addreply.zip
  10. Hi there I used to use this js to provid a close window button inmmy HTML / CDML pages It doesn't work in my XSLT pages. Does anyone know why that would be and how I should go about fixing it? Thanks heaps!!
  11. Hi Martin The dates are sorted by the query.. I deleted the field from the layout and re-added, now it is ok! Strange... Cheers Hal
  12. does anyone know why my date formatted field sorts as text not as date. It does this when I use the FileMaker Site Assistant to generate my pages? Is there away to correct this. Thanks
  13. I would like to be able to format my results pages so that the first 30 found records will appear in one column and the second 30 (if any appear in the second column. I will max my results to 60 so that only 2 columns are requried... Any help is appreciated Thanks
  14. Ue the FileMaker Site Assistant to create your pages and select the 'Summary'. I did this and then just customized that page and slipped it into my solution, - works well. Good luck
  15. Hi all Just a quick 'tip' for converting FP5/CDML solutions to FP7/XSLST. I am in the process of converting a reasonably complex (for me anyway) system. I was having alot of performance issues and spent alot of time messing around, almost giving up. The solution consists of about 8 FMP files, that I haven't consolidated, I just did a straigt conversion and fixed any breakages. The problem that was causing the speed issues was bad file references. So, the first thing you should do when converting your 5 databases to 7 is FIX YOUR FILE REFS. This changed the requests from being painfully slow, to acceptable... (still a touch slower than CDML, but hey, FMP7 is worth it!). I hope this saves someone some time and hair. Have a good day Halski
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