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  1. I was trying to do this with privilege restrictions but using a get command with a calculation may be the best. thanks, john
  2. What is the best way of locking a record so it cannot be modified(text field) that is made on a different date than today. I want to be able to edit and change records made today but not to accidentally modify records made on previous days. This data field is a text field(s) that contain patient data that should be "locked at midnight". thanks, john
  3. I think I have a solution-- check the topic "portals and set find..." --it is a little rough, john
  4. Just a note- I found a workaround for placing the portal contents anywhere in a text file-- it is a little rough around the edges. Thanks -Queue- and comment for your help! -enclosed is the work around. john
  5. That is what I needed---- again thanks, john
  6. Thanks, I will take a look at the reference. jonn
  7. I have a portal to another set of records and am trying to place the data from the portal to a text file (various positions in the single text file depending on the cursor position selected). This works only at the end of the text file with the use of a set field script and a button on the portal. I have tried insert calculated result but this for some reason does not work with portals(it works with drop down lists).By selecting the drop down lists and placing a button script with a insert calculated result-- I can place text into the file any place the cursor is located. Any one else had this problem?
  8. That is exactly what I needed! Being a novice, I have spent hours trying to get the relationship to work but that was the key. Again, thank you very much!!!
  9. What I am trying to do is to copy the patient number from the first table (patient registration) to the second table (ros) and then pull the patient's name, date of birth(dob) and other identifying data through the relationship by using the record number. I have tried to store the original patient number in a global and then use setfield to store it in the second(ros) table. I have tried lookup, copying it through a related table link----> patient registration::patient number, GTRR with and without new record request but it does not show up in the second table. The second field always remains blank. It seems to me that the second table should show the same value in the patient number field as the first table in a one to one relationship. I guess that I am missing something in the concept or have a validation/auto enter/storage problem. If I could get PATIENT_REGISTRATION TO table to talk to ROS TO table, I think I could figure out how to make the other tables work. thanks, john
  10. I am trying to develope an office database which involves tabulating data from multiple layouts into text files. I have about 8 tables linked in a one to one fashion by a "patient number". I am trying to pull data through the link to populate multiple fields. I have exhausted filemaker pro advanced and "using filemaker 7" and basically have gotten nowhere. Getting frustrated. My links do not work and cannot pull data through. I have tried GTRR, tried using globals to store data and nothing works. The record numbers have to be unique and discontinuous (have to be entered manually) because of the chart system in the office. Also I have tried auto entering serial numbers and so far zip for working. Could you take a look at the file and point me in the right direction. --------thanks. johnj ROS.fp7.zip
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