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  1. THANK YOU, Comment! I see where my thoughts where/are lacking. I will try this as soon as possible. This is probably a stupid question... but just so I´m not missing anything. What do you meen by (pk) and (fk)? (I have a feeling I ought to see it straight away, but I don´t... sorry...) And a short comment to Soren (who helped me on the track earlier.. thanks... :-) ). Yes, you are right! SetField doesn´t work with FM6 and IWP. I managed to get everything else done with CDML and -script.PreFind running my scripts, except creating a new record and at the same time assign the next available code from a global text field. This of course is because -script.PreFind requires a search function whereas creating a new record with CDML requires sending ina form. Had the same problem with deleting a record, but found a way around it by mixing in FM href-tags.
  2. "Comments" suggestion sounds like a step forward. As I mentioned earlier i tried with relationships but I failed. Could you, Comment, elaborate a little. I don´t get it... How do you assign a given set of codes from one file to another and at the same time keep track which code is taken and which not?
  3. Oh... and just to be clear.... the codes won´t be "1, 2, 3, 4...1000". I have a formula that generates more complicated serials :-)
  4. The "big picture" is just a simple task. In our organisation (school)we need to reorganise and get an overwiev of three separate functions all with similar setup. Lets take one of them, copiers. The copiers are spread around in three different buildings and administrated by three different persons. Our teachers need to have access to several of these copiers since they work all around the place. Today they do have different ID:s and passwds. on every copier since it technically isn´t possible to administrate the copiers centrally. Thats why I want to build a sollution, accessible for all three of the copier administrators, where the ID:s and passwrds are given automatically so that they can do a reservation making sure the numbers are unique for each user. Limitation 1: The copiers can only handle 300-1000 unique given codes (we have a lot of people coming and going during one year). That´s why I need to make the list of serials loop, meaning that freed up ID:s can be reused. Limitation 2: FM6 and IWP as the only reasonable "interface" right now. Limitation 3: My own lack of skill :-( In my earlier posts I tried to narrow it down to the main FM problem; I need either get a script running everytime a new record is created/deleted or get the fields make internal calculations so the source field changes. Of course I can argue for an upgrade to FM 8, which I will eventually... but until then... well I don´t like to give up ;-). Sorry for bothering you!
  5. :-) well... "1, 2, 3, 4... 100" are actually the real words/values, but I´m not using them as RecordID:s. I need to generate unique serial numbers in a limited range (lets say 1 -100). Since the range is limited it also is important to be able to reuse deleted serial numbers. Let´s say record 1 in a database gets sn. 1, record 2 gets sn. 2 etc. If I delete record 1, sn. 1 ought to be free to use again. Here the source field comes in. In an other script I´m putting back the freed serial numbers at the end of the source filed. This meens that the source might look like this when in use: "21, 22, 23... 100, 1, 2, 3"
  6. Thank you ThatOneGuy for your reply. Yes you are right when noticing there's something awry with the structure... It´s really annoying. I fix this with no problems with ScriptMaker, Flash, Lingo and old good HyperCard, but the limitations in FM6 and the fact buttons are no option (since this is supposed to work with IWP) makes this tricky. - Yes, I have tried with both third and fourth and related fields but still end up with no succes. The main problem is that I can´t change the contense of the source field. This i s basically the structure I´m using. A text fieldA has a Autoenter Calculation using MiddleWords(textfieldB, 1 ,1). Global TextFieldB is the source field with the text "1, 2, 3, 4, ...1000". When a new record is created the text fieldA = "1". So far so good. Now I need to prepare the source field so it is ready for the next creation of a new record. This meens I need to get rid of the first word ( "1,") The easiest way would be to make the source filed a calculation filed and to use MiddleWords(textfieldB, 2 ,1) This is where the circular definition hits. The same happens even if I use a third field as a temporary container. I do understand why.. but still I´m stuck!
  7. The topic of this post sounds a bit unlogical... I know... ;-( Here is the case. I need to change content in a field without using scripts. Text Field A autoenters the first word from Text Filed B when a new record is created. After this i want to change the content in Text Filed B so everything remains except the first word (the word that now also is in Text Field A). Well... this is a circular definition! I get it to work all right with scripted buttons but in my sollution buttons is no option. If I could get a script run everytime a new record is created my problem would be solved... but that is impossible... isn´t it...? -So the only option is to make Calculation Fields that won´t end up with the message "circular definition". Any help out there... please... ? PS. I´m using FM 6
  8. Thank you Soren for your patience... The situation is as follows: I needed to generate unique serial numbers in a limited range (lets say 100 -999). Since the range is limited it is important to be able to reuse deleted serial numbers. Let´s say record 1 in a database gets sn. 100, record 2 gets sn. 101 etc. If I delete record 1, sn. 100 ought to be free to use... that´s where the script above comes in. By "saving" the serial numbers in the global field serialKopID and making sure to put back the serial number before deleting a record I always have 900 numbers available. -Now I nedd to get this to work, not only from a button, but also when using "Delete record" from the menu.
  9. Thanks Soren for your reply. Well... before a record is deleted a text in a field ought to bee put into a global field. After that it´s all right to delete the record. If I do this with a button the script looks like this: Set Fileld ["serialKopID", "serialKopID & ", "& kopID"] Delete Record/Request[] kopID is a field with the text I need to "paste" after the information in the global filed serialKopID. After that the record will be deleted. I need the same thing to happen even if the user uses "Delete record" from the menu or from a webinterface. Any ideas, please... ?
  10. Is it possible to make a script excecute when a record is deleted and/or created without creating a button. Greatful for help with this matter ! PS. I use FM version 6.
  11. Aha... Solved the problem!! I tend to get stuck with FM:s "vocabulary". The MiddleWords-function was what I was looking for.
  12. Thank you DukeS, for your reply. I do follow your thoughts, managed to make a loop script to fill the Serials field with my range (is it ok with ", " as separator (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...) ?) but... I´m not good enough to figure out the syntax for the adding and deleting values from my Serial field. Any chance you could elaborate a bit... ?
  13. I need to generate unique serial numbers in a limited range (lets say 100 -999). Since the range is limited it would be important to be able to reuse deleted serial numbers. Let´s say record 1 in a database gets sn. 100, record 2 gets sn. 101 etc. If I delete record 1, sn. 100 ought to be free to use... if I only could get a script to apply this to the next new record. Greatful for help }:|-) PS. I´m using FM 6.
  14. It seems Safari 2.0.1 and FM 6 IWP isn´t compatible, at lesat not before reloading each screen. This is really annoying. A big questionmark to me is why this isn´t mentioned in any comment on any FM-forum. I hope there is a sollution everybody else knows about. Happy for any comment...
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