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  1. replace double quotes with escape character - add backslash . html text -calculation field result, should be similar to "data:text/html,<html><head><style type="text/css">body{background-color:#f1f1f1;}</style></head><body style="border:0pt">welcome</body></html>"
  2. here is sample file. SearchContact_Sample.zip
  3. here is sample FM12 database file. the search functionality is built using portal filter feature.
  4. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Attached is the file in FMP 11. Let us know in case of any queries. Thanks Test_DB_v11.zip
  5. To troubleshoot this issue, check/execute following steps: 1. Create layout in file on server A. This layout should be based on a table from a file on server B and the fields from this table on the layouts. Create PHP test page, which has FM PHP API query either showall or find, with reference to layout created in previous steps. If records are fetched, it is verified that file On server B is accessible from File on server A through PHP. This is to check that through PHP, file on server B is accessible via file on server B. 2. Next,in the script which you are running, at the initial add a script step which goes to a layout in a file of server B, and then continue with the main script - actions you have to perform. Also cross check the, the account with PHP permission enabled, of file on server B, has required access (privileges) to tables/fields used in script of file on server A.
  6. Hi Please find the attached file where we have implemented as per your requirement. on which field the dropdown list you ceated is based on? I think it should be a global field and the relationships based on this field. We have done in the attached file. Test_DB.zip Thanks
  7. Set a relationship using constant or cartesian relationship between two tables one from each data source. for eg FMTemp table of FileMaker database and OracleTemp Table of Oracle data source. Have one constant field (with value 1) and one record in both tables. Set relationship based on constant fields in two tables. Create layout based on FMTemp table and place the fields of OracleTemp table on this layout. Now before executing the import/export script, using above layout/relationship, check if OracleTemp table data (field value) is accessible. If yes, then proceed with further actions.
  8. Hi, Can you verify following, 1. Check if Windows server 2008 firewall is turned off to avoid any blocking at setup 2. If server has any Anti Virus program running and if it has it own firewall that is blocking the process. 3. Most Importantly if the setup has installed ARR successfully locally and if not then you can do that manually by downloading it from web or the set up has the file you can look into. Please make sure that these things are in place and IIS can render the admin console page at http://localhost:16000/admin-console, here I am presuming that you have successfully installed the database server. All the best.
  9. Hi, We have a Ticket Booking application using FileMaker 12. hers is one of the chain os tables Parent >> Child1 >> Child2 There are few calculation fields in Child1 which are either count or sum of fields in table child2 and hence those turn as unstored calculations. next these unstored calculations fields of child 1 are referred - sum up in the parent table and parent table also has unstored calculation fields. On one of the layout which has portal of child 1 (with unstored calc fields) and also the unstored calc field of parent table, it takes time to load and sends application in not responding mode. It further aggrevates the problem when user starts "find" which uses data from unstored calc fields. This is been extended on the web using PHP. So when the records are fetched from parent table from web application and if unstored calc fields are placed on the referred layout, web page execution is painfully slow. Can anyone suggest a work around to this as well? Since this is a multiuser booking application it is important to get updated data in real time. Can anyone suggest an alternative solution for this? Mainly to replace use of unstored calculation fields? Or some radically different approach to this?
  10. Hi All, In FileMaker, I have created cross tab report using subsummary parts and summary fields. But because of lot of summary fields in my sub-summary part and trailing grand summary part, my cross tab report is taking more than 20-25 mins to load. So, I need to speed up this loading time of this report. So, for this I tried to create this report using HTML5 and jQuery/JavaScript with FM webviewer. However, I stuck at one point which is - how to pass summary fields data to html code since summary fields are working on the filemaker foundset. Can any one please help me to create cross tab report using HTML5 and webviewer? Thanks and Regards, Trupti Metasys Software Pvt. Ltd.
  11. MetaBiz Highlights: Multi-platform business management software that handles several aspects of Workflow Management and Customer Relationship Management. Interactive Analytics helps you realize effective organization management and efficient operations. Accelerate growth, increase your revenue and improve business processes with this software. MetaBiz caters to all sizes of business organizations. Metabiz offers solutions in the following areas: Customer Relationship Management – Manage your clients and contacts in an optimized way. Personalize your communications with your clients. Efficiently handle your documents. Workflow Management – Streamline your workflow processes with a powerful workflow management tool which includes Projects, Timesheets, Calendars etc. Inventory Management – Maintain a Product Repository and efficiently oversee the inflow and outflow of your products. Reporting and Analytics – Make informed decisions with the use of detailed reports and graphical charts. User Management – Manage Users and Roles, maintain Application Access Logs and track Employee time with Timesheets All you need for this tool: FileMaker Pro 12 . Hardware and Software requirements are based on those for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server (if relevant). MetaBiz runs on Mac, Windows, iPad & iPhone with hosting on your own server or the cloud. We are happy to add or customize features for an additional fee . Transform your businesses. Achieve more in less. A simple solution to your business management problems – the buzz word in ‘Biz’nesses– ‘MetaBiz’. Click on the link below to download the trial version: http://www.metasyssoftware.com/metabizfilemakerproduct.aspx
  12. here is reference link http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_alias.asp
  13. The invoivelineitems can be populated in following way. On invoice layout, place a portal of invoicelineItems. On top right of portal provide a 'add items' button. On click of this button, in popup window show either a drop-down list of product groups (if number of product groups is less) or show a list view of product groups. On selection of product groups, using the ProductGroupsProduct join table, get the related products of selected ProductGroup and populate (add those many records to) InvoiceLineitems - set the Fk_productgroup, FK_ProductId fields of invoicelineitems. And this way user can add multiple productgroups to invoice.
  14. Tables required to build this invoicing solutions will be - 1. Products 2. ProductGroups 3. ProductGroupProducts - join table to establist/set many-to-many relationship between products & ProductGroups 4. Invoice - parent table with invoiceId, custmerId, invoiceDate, InvoiceStatus and more similar attribute 5. InvoiceLineItems - Child table with fields - PK_InvoiceLineItem, FK_Invoice, FK_ProductGroup, FK_Product  Attached is screenshot of Entity Relationship Diagram. You can table occurences of Product & ProductGroups and relate it InvoiceLineItems for functionalities.  You can design functional flow in different ways, on basis of if all the products of selected product groups are included in invoice or only specific products are to added from slected product group.  Hope this is helpful.  Thanks
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