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  1. Hi Ray, I initially had help creating the scripts - any idea how I would perform your suggestion..? Many thanks, Shane :-)
  2. Hi Ray, Hi Keith, Again, many thanks for your replies. I appreciate the help. Keith - Yep, that's how it looks like. Exactly the same. Ray - to amend the member's details, I just click on 'Amend Details'. Change anything that needs doing, then select 'Submit'. The reason for this is so a 'snapshot' of the details is created, and the user can then scroll down to see that the details previously were. I'm at home at the moment, so can't check what version of FileMaker 7 we have at the office. I do have a trial of Version 8.5 here at home that I can open the database with. If this problem can't be resolved - Can you suggest another way of performing the task I require - even if it means changing how the database is designed. Many thanks, Shane :-)
  3. Hi Keith, Hi Ray, Many thanks for your replies. I have amended the database so that only the following is/are checked: 1) Serial Number - Generate on Creation. Next entry 80000 increment by 1 2) Proibit modification of value during data entry. In Options/Comments - it now shows 'Indexed, Auto-Serial, Can't modify auto' However, when I amend an existing Member it's still changing the Membership Number to 8xxxxx Any more advice..? Many thanks, Shane :-)
  4. Hi all, I have been creating a Membership Database. I have members with existing numbers - starting at Number 1. Any new members, I wish to start off at 80000. However, what is happening is: I add a new member - it gives the correct new number of 80000 onwards, but when I amend details (such as an address) on an existing member the database then gives this amended record the new 80000 + number instead of keeping its original one. Could anyone please have a look at the attached file, and suggest where I'm going wrong. (I have uploaded the file to my server - the URL below is a direct link to download). http://www.box.net/public/static/4xtyj0bens.zip It would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Shane :-)
  5. Hi all, Strange request, I know - but does anyone know where I could download a copy of FileMaker Pro 6 (Windows) Trial, from....? Many thanks, Shane -)
  6. Hello, I have a Membership database with a field that i would like to automate. I have fields: Factory Start, Contribution, and Amount. I wish to have the Amount field populated by automatically working out the total Contributions made since the Start Date. eg: Member started on 01/01/80 - paying £1.50 per week, with today being the 05/09/06 = £xx paid in Contributions. The contribution amounts are: Adult £1.50 per WEEK Juvenile £1.11 per WEEK Retired £2.50 per MONTH Student £10.00 per YEAR Unemployed £2.50 per MONTH If anyone could please help me do this, i'd be very grateful. I have attached the database. (Use Membership Number 1 to view Member details). Kindest Regards, Shane. database.zip
  7. Hi Fenton. Many thanks for the reply - it was very helpful. [color:green]1. The field on the layout is the related field Factory::Factory. It is NOT the local Membership::Factory field. Which is what it should be. That would allow a choice of factory for that member. The other fields (addresses, etc.) are related fields in Factory, which is correct. They will therefore show the current data for the chosen factory. I have ammended the database to suit your comments and have now successfully got the addresses working. [color:green]2. There are also a bunch of other factory fields in Membership. If you absolutely needed that data IN Memberships, you could make these lookup fields. But I don't think you do need them, as you're just showing the related Factory data on the layout. You only need 1 Factory field in Memberships, to identify the factory. I have gone through all the fields and removed the ones that i do not need. [color:green]3. The Factory identification choice in Memberships should really be an ID field. That is what relationships should be based on, not names. Names work OK, for beginners, but can be problematic. The ID would an auto-entered serial number (or text) in the Factory table. This is optional, but something to learn. You can hide the ID entirely, from drop-down lists, etc., in FileMaker 8. I will keep this in mind, but have not got Filemaker 8 - i may download the trial version over the weekend and have a play with it. [color:green]4. The relationship has "Allow creation" turned on, which may or may not be correct in this case. But it also has "Delete related records" turned on. Which means if you delete a Member you will delete the Factory record, in the Factory table, of the factory chosen for them. You may want this, I don't know. But you'd better not have more than 1 member with that factory, 'cause once deleted it's gone for everyone. I have ammended this to suit. Again, thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. Kindest Regards, Shane -)
  8. Hi Everyone -) I am currently developing a Membership database, but have ran into a little bit of a problem. On various layouts I have a field called 'Factory' that when selected, gives a drop down list of Factory Names/Code Numbers. When the user selects a Factory, the 'Factory Address' fields should be automatically completed. This information comes from the layout 'FACTORY' - where factories can be added/removed, and their details can be ammended. However, the issue i am having is that when i select a Factory from the drop down list, the address details are not automatically completed, even though the relevant data is showing in the 'FACTORY' layout. I think i am doing something stupid, but i can not see what. Could anyone please have a look at the attached database and see if they can spot anything. There is already a member in the database (Number: 80000) that you can use has an example, or just add another member if required. Many thanks, Shane :-) Unity_230306.zip
  9. Hi sbg2, Many thanks for the reply, file and explanation. I'll have a look at it asap, and let you know how i get on. Again, i appreciate your help. Kindest Regards, Shane. -)
  10. Hi, Many thanks for the reply. Just to elaborate: No changes will be made to the Contributions etc, for the rest of the year (had a meeting with my boss to discuss this) - The life of the database is to be approx a year. "...Then to figure out the total contribution made from Union Start date is fairly simple: Create a new relationship box, named UnionContributions just for the need of a name, between the Member Contribution table and the Membership table where: Membership::Membership Number = Member Contribution::Membership Number and Membership::UnionStart >= Member Contribution::TransactionDate Then in the Membership table an Unstored Calculation field defined as: ContributionsSinceStart = Sum(UnionContributions::Payment).... " I'm pretty much a newbie at FM (sorry - a few fellow members of FMforums have kindly helped me out in getting the database this far) - could you please explain this/how to create this. I appreciate your help, and for taking the time to reply. Kindest Regards, Shane.
  11. Hi sbg2, thanks for the reply. Although, nothing is for certain - the likelyhood of contributions raising in the next few years (within the life of the database) is pretty low - they have only just been raised (very minor raise) in the last 6 months. Many thanks, Shane -)
  12. Hi, Thanks for replying to my post - Sorry for the delay in replying, i've been without an internet connection all weekend.... : Kent_S : Sorry about the no Amount A being on the database - i attached the wrong copy. The correct one is attached now. sbg2 : Yes, ideally i would like the database to update the contributions itself, based on the date the member joined the union, and the actual Contribution amount that they paying. Also, you're very much correct - at some point the member would swap Contribution catergories, like you mentioned. Any advice on how i could get this to work would be much appreicated. Many thanks for your help guys. Kindest Regards, Shane :B 090106.zip
  13. Hi all, Happy New Year! I have a membership database with various layouts that contain the following fields: Union Start Contribution Amount A The Contribution field is a pop-up list containing the following contributions/membership fee list: Adult - £1.50 per week Juvenile - £1.11 per week Retired - £2.50 per mth Student - £10.00 per year Unemployed - £2.50 per month What i need to be able to achieve is to have the 'Amount A' field automatically work out the Contributions paid from the date in the 'Union Start' field upto the present date. For reference: Adult = £1.50 pw Juvenile = £1.11 pw Retired = £0.58 (58pence) pw Student = £0.20 (20 pence) pw Unemployed = £0.58 (58pence) pw Could anyone please offer help/advice on how this can be achieved..? I have attached a current copy of the database. Many thanks, Shane :-) 060106.zip
  14. Hi Genx, Happy New Year. I am posting this in regards to the help that you kindly provided in creating the 'Notes' section for my membership database. The solution you came up with is great, and works wonderfully for my needs. However, i have a query which i hope you can again help me with. On the 'Amend Details' layout of the database, i would like to be able to have certain fields auto-generate a Note when the data in them is amended. These fields are: Name Address Lodge District Factory Occupation These auto-generated notes would ideally have the following format: Name: Name Change Address: Address Change Lodge: Lodge Transfer District: District Change Factory: Factory Change Occupation: Occupation Change (Currently new Notes already insert a date stamp). Please could you give me any help/advice on if/how this could be done. I'd appreicate anything that you could offer. Sorry for posting this request in this manner, but i can not see any email address for you listed - in order to contact you privately. I have attached the latest copy of the database so you can see its current state. Again, many thanks. Kindest Regards, Shane -) 030106.zip
  15. Hi Genx, Yep, that's what i wanted to do... told you it was something silly... Though, it wouldn't have helped me that i was out till 4am this morning (celebrating some good news for the family). Also, it looks like the recent changes ARE at the top in the portal... though, after the morning i've had i'm not taking anything for granted... lol. Again, thanks for your help Genx. :-) Kindest Regards, Shane
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