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  1. I have a filemaker 6 database. I have been using calculated values for several date fields. All has been well, but now some dates are way off some are right. I am taking a user inputed date and adding 364 for one(it has never failed.) The next two always fail together calculted off the same field as the other(Approval Date). The two fields add 350 or 400 and must be in date form. They come out in date form just not the right year some time 2003, 2004,2006 but rarely 2005 like they should be. I can not see what is wrong why one is working add the others are not all are calc. off the same field. Any sugestion would be very helpful. Here are the exact formulas i am using for each. Expiration Date date Index, auto-enter,calculation Expiration Date= Approval Date + 364 must be date format renewal date auto-enter,calculation renewal date=Approval Date+350 must be date format termination date 2 auto-enter,calculation termination date 2= Approval Date+400 must be date format
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