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  1. Thank you for directing me to the help file. I have read your posts where your first post is generally to read the help file. However, I can not get the lookup field to work in the browse mode. Do you have other suggestions?
  2. I want to be able to have a field that will look for a specific record in a table. I would like for it to be a live search (meaning as I type it is filtering down to the specific record ID) in this field. When It has uniquely identified it, I would like to hit enter and then the record and its related records appear in the portal. If I was doing this in MS Access - I know a bad word but one with which I am familiar - I would create an unbound control that would lookup a record and select the record and its associated records in the related table. Can someone give me the structure to follow to replicate this. I do not like the idea of using find to do the same thing.
  3. Instructions: click phone log - top right side. then see the two records click email phone log to create a pdf
  4. yes, I have a client ID related to the notes table. The date is automatically entered when record is updated. I agree that it shold work, but it did not. I am perplexed. Would it help you to see it?
  5. <"Can you provide a little more information? What is your script Script; Enter Browse Mode, Show all records, Go to layout - Report, Perform find[restore] specify field - datecalled //,Enter preview mode, Print restore, Enter Browse mode, Go to layout Main Form The layout is just a screen print out. The information comes from two tables.
  6. I deployed a small database yesterday. A purpose of this db is to record notes of a phone calls made by select clients. These notes are kept in a text field in a portal record. In its first test a user entered two records in portal record. This was fine until the report was processed at the end of the day. The report, which is run by a script that looks at the system date, generated a report that only showed the first recorded note, but not the second. Why did this happen? I can not seem to figure it out. John
  7. Hello All, I am perplexed. What I want is to use the pop-up or drop down field to look up a record on a layout. I have tried this without tabbed layout and with tabbed layouts. When I find the record in the list the FM thinks I am wanting to change the Primary Key for the contact. The lookup is in a value list. Is this my problem? Does it need to be a different way? John
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