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  1. I acknowledge this is probably a complex question and will involve a specific script designed for this particular application (rather than a generalised 'this is how you do it' answer). This is probably the key script that will determine whether Filemaker can be used as a solution. So, I figure I might as well show my appreciation... If you can help me out with this problem I will happily pay you (anyone) $40 US [via paypal - obviously you will need an account]. I hope this doesn't break the forum rules? I also hope it enough to entice someone!? I really am desperate to get a handle on this. PM me your account details or post a response - first solution = first paid. Thanks once again.
  2. How do I make this relational? I have one more desperate plea for help in importing text. The issue I have is that this has to be a relational database rather than flat (as I first thought). The database is designed to track patient admissions in a hospital. One patient can have multiple admissions over the span of time (a lot of patients are discharged and then 'bounce back' within a few weeks). Hence, a relational design is warranted. My database scheme is relatively simple: 1. Patient data table: Medical Reference Number (MRN): Unique to each patient Patient details: such as name, date of birth etc These details are entered as a once off and a script already exists in the example file to import them from the email text (thanks to fenton and sbg2). 2. Patient admission table: Admission date: This is a unique date for each patient depending when they were admitted Other admission details: Doctors name (AMO - admitting medical officer), diet codes, presenting problem (DRG). I have used MRN to join the tables however I assume that the answer will involve merging the MRN with admission date to produce a unique ID for each patient admission? I tried to duplicate the self-join example fenton supplied above in order to check if a specific admission for a patient (and relevant details) already existed in the database... but failed dismally I want to import patient details AND admission data from the same email text file - the text file contains both patient data and admission data. I am having trouble writing a script that creates new admission details for patients that do (or don't) have existing details in the patient data file (ie the MRN already exists or they have had previous admission). Obviously, I don't want to duplicate admission or patient data when importing. Any help you can provide is (as always) greatly appreciated. The linked file has example email text (including one patient with 2 different admissions) and the script supplied by sbg2 and fenton. The email parsing (text location) for all fields is included in a separate script. I'm not sure I have the relationships or fields set up appropriately for the end script result. Pt_Data_v2.zip (9kb)
  3. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you. I must admit that getting my head around the self-join thing has been a little daunting for a newbie like me. I'm still not sure I understand it but I'll certainly use it (just hope I never have to debug the thing)! I've just taken a trip to your website and availed myself of your tutorials - thanks for all the info, I have a lot to digest!
  4. Hi everyone, First of all I must pass on my thanks to sbg2 who nutted out the majority of my queries regarding importing email text in this thread. I am now able to import lots of repeated text entries via his script however I want to set up a script that does not import text data that already exists as a record (i.e. the info is repeated in the email text). I have tried to do this using the find script step without any luck and was thinking there must be an easy way to query the database. Please take a look at the file attached and I'm sure you'll understand what I mean. If you look at the example text import strings, you will see one patient's data is repeated. I don't want to create a duplicate record of this. The MRN (Medical Reference Number) is the only field that will need to be queried as it is always unique number. Basically I want the database to know: 'If the MRN in the email text = an existing MRN in the database, don't continue the import script, move on to the next part of the email text' [Edit: I have been unable to upload my zip file so please download it from here (right click 'save as' will probably work best). Thanks in advance. Steve
  5. Thankyou for the info my learned comrades. I will try the new screen layout 'mimic' to achieve the same result.
  6. Hi everyone, please excuse the newbie question - I consulted the search engine but didn't net a result. I'm trying to figure out how I can set up a custom dialog script (popup window) that displays a value list (drop down menu) for a given field. Basically I want the diaglog to ask 'What is this persons location' and then the user can select one answer from a given value list (which then becomes the 'location' field). I understand how to define fields that must be a member of a certain value list - I just can't get those values to show up in a custom dialog script step. Can this be done? Thanks once again in advance
  7. Thank you once again, the new script works brilliantly! I haven't managed to get my head around how to implement the variable data stuff (still swimming in newbie code) so for the time being it will be a busy day if the formatting changes. It would certainly be a worthwhile thing to implement. As a workaround I could set line, position and paragraph return data for the email text 'fields' in a related table, then just use those fields in the calculation? I figured the global field's issue was primarily size related - I have now made that field global. My only other concern is that this will be a shared database: can two (or more) different users both access and replace the global field with different text strings at the same time?
  8. Thanks for the reply - I will try out the new script later today, see what comes up and report back. The text example (in my post above) has been copied and pasted (with only name/identifiers changed - to protect the innocent) from the email - so the number of paragraph returns/spaces/etc will stay the same. The only thing that will change will be the number of patients in each email (anywhere from 1 to 45) however, formatting should stay the same. With some minor modifications to your original script I have been able to extract each part of the text into all the separate fields I want. However, I did not use a global setting for the text container field, is this an important omission on my behalf? What are the implications for not using a global field?
  9. I must add my thanks for the script too - it is brilliant. However, I would like to complicate things a little further if possible? I am working with a patient database at a large hospital and we want to quickly import patient data that come to us as text files (see below). I have used the script above to pull out the relevant data for a single patient but we often get a list of 30 patients in a single file and copy and pasting (and then using the transfer script) 30+ times can be rather time consuming. Is there a way, I can adapt the above script (or is there another way) to fill in the details of more than one patient (1 record per patient). Luckily the data comes across with the same number of paragraph returns between each patient. Thanks in advance. Format for text file Bed number Reference number Gender Name Date of Birth Admission date admission time Procedure (blank) Dietcode1 Dietcode2 Dietcode3 Dietcode4 (blank) (blank) eg.... 201 0267474 F JOAN CITIZEN 27-06-1912 18-05-2006 1900 DOCTORB HEMICOLECTOMY SOFT HPHE ENTFL 202 0499373 F KATHY JONES 23-11-1945 11-04-2006 1430 DOCTORJ SUB DURAL HAEMORRHAGE SOFT ENTFL 203 0247708 F JANE DOE 27-01-1931 11-06-2006 1635 DOCTORJ RIGHT CEREBROVASCULAR ACCIDENT DIAB ------------------------
  10. Mark and Steven, thanks for the insight and the input. I will investigate VLA and talk to the IT department here to see what they know (I'm hoping its a lot!). No doubt there will be plenty of additional questions coming soon. Thanks once again. Steve
  11. Hi everyone, first post here (sorry for the length) and sorry for the irritating cluelessness on my behalf. I have been nominated to put together a proposal to purchase filemaker products for a medium-large sized (~400 beds) hospital here in Australia. The small allied health department would like to construct a database which will be accessible to staff via the hospital intranet. Obviously they don't want to have to purchase 20+ copies of filemaker pro if they can get a web-hosted option together. Filemaker has been chosen as a possibility due to ease of use and the fact several staff members are already familiar with basic filemaker construction (myself included). The plan is to have the database communicate with the hospital database (ODBC) as far as patient details go and then construct this allied health database around that - the idea being to track relevant patient data (not currently tracked on the hospital database) from admission to admission. This data will be used for research and patient care purposes. At any one time it is unlikely that more than 20-30 users will be using the database via the web. There will be a dedicated computer to run the server side of things. For more complicated (non web compatible) scripts there will be several managers computers that will have copies of FMPro. Additionally, there is a chance that they would like to be incorporate Palm devices to upload new info to the database (i.e. bedside data entry). I assume that each computer that hotsync's to a palm will need to have a copy of FMPro? Also, I wanted to confirm that FM Mobile 8 will be able to upload data to a server hosted databases? If it goes ahead, we will be employing the IT department to integrate the databases while the basic design/layout will be handled internally within the allied health department. I know I may as well ask 'how long is a piece of string' but my question is, will FM Server (or advanced) handle this sort of job? Are there any fatal assumptions that I have made at this early stage? Thanks in advance for your help! Steve
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