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  1. yeah... i was thinking about that but was hoping there was another way. I have done similar things in the past and it totally chokes up the server. Has anyone used the Troi Scout plugin? it may do what I need to do, not absolutely sure though... it is Mac only but I have access to a couple macs so that may not be a problem.
  2. ok... I need a way to search my entire database for keywords and have a report printed out of what records contain these keywords. Every field in every file needs to be searched for these keywords. I am running Filemaker 6 on my client machines with Filemaker Server 5.5, the database i need to search is about 30 files and at least one of the files has well over 100 fields that will need to be search in 400,000 records. Is there any plugin that will do this or is this something that I will have to script, because it sounds like a really complicated thing to script.
  3. Occasionally we have to close our databases that our opened on Filemaker Unlimited in order to do maintenance on them and things of that nature. Now every time I reopen the databases I have to go back in and reset all the web companion options. None of the options under “Set up views” seem to remain after the database is closed and reopened. Is this normal behavior? If not what I am doing wrong? Btw, using Filemaker 5 Unlimited.
  4. yeah, my problem was more along the lines of the filemaker screen kind of flickering and occasionally filemaker would just all together crash. I was able to track it down to the intellipoint drivers though. also my issue was in Filemaker 6.
  5. I've been downgrading people to 5.2 and that seems to be solving my problem, I don't know that my issue is the same as yours though.
  6. spoke to soon, still having the issue. Going to downgrade him to 5.2 and make sure that helps, as it has with me in the past.
  7. just curious, what version of microsoft's mouse drivers are you using? I was having some issues with the intellipoint 6.1 drivers...
  8. just following up on this issue, just in case anyone else runs across it at a later date. By the way, the version of the mouse drivers in question is the Intellipoint 6.1, I just noticed I forgot to include that in my first post. It turns out that the problem was with the "task switcher" option of the mouse driver. This option allows to assign a function to a mouse button that when pressed brings up a window to easily switch between tasks and programs. Disabling this function seems to have stop filemaker from crashing all the time.
  9. First off, I am still using Filemaker 6 with all the latest updates for it on and Windows XP system. I recently have installed the most recent version of the Microsoft Intellipoint Mouse drivers and they seem to cause problems with filemaker. In some cases it just causes the filemaker screen to flicker noticeably but in other cases in seems to actually cause filemaker to crash completely. It took me awhile to connect it to the mouse drivers, but uninstalling them seems to have fixed the issue. Has anyone else run into something like this?
  10. Tested just changing it to an auto-enter calc field on a backup copy of my database and it worked fine, all the values remained intact. Implementing it into my live database a little bit later today. Thanks for your help.
  11. yep. i've read that... i know what the consequences may be with this system, however for now I am going to keep it in place. It may get changed when I redo the database, which is something that is on my schedule to do at some point.
  12. well, I was attempting to use the method desribed here; http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/1472/post/1472/#1472 however in my newbie state, I misused it a bit. It is probably more than I need, and a sequential auto enter field would probably do the trick for what I need, but again, I was a newbie and thought I was doing something really cool. There is no way I'm going to go back and change how almost every relationship in my database works though. I am going to give this a try on a backup copy of my database and see what happens. -- Anyone else ever have little things like this crop up, where you are just looking at a database you made when you were less experienced and you just go "Oh god, what was I thinking?"
  13. Ok, so I am trying to make some changes to a database I made years and years ago when I was inexperienced. Now what I did was use the following calc (that I got from someone on here) to create unique IDs: Right( "000000" & Status(CurrentRecordID), 6 ) & "-" & Right( "000000" & Status(CurrentTime), 6 ) & "-" & Right( "000000" & Status(CurrentDate), 6 ) The problem is that instead of doing it in a text field and making it an Auto Enter Calculation, I actually put it in a Calculation field, which has worked up until now. The people that use the database have requested a function to duplicate records, so I started working on creating it for them. The only problem is, when I duplicate a record it doesn't give that field a new unique ID because it is not an Auto Entry field. And because it is a calculation field I can't change it. Any suggestions to how I might do this? What would happen if I changed the field to an Auto Entry text field now? Would I lose all the info that is already in there? Btw, still using Filemaker 6.
  14. I know how to create the URL... what I am trying to do is emulate the "==" that can be put into a form to make it do a exact match... (or a "field content match" as it seems to be called in the filemaker find mode) this: acts differently than this: I was wondering how to get that "==" to work in a URL instead of a form... because just using the "eq" will not work in this case... it is like the difference between doing a search in filemaker for "=Search Criteria" and "==Search Criteria"
  15. well I solved my problem by just doing a hidden form and making the link submit the form. But if anyone can still let me know how to get the "==" exact find method to work in a URL instead of a form I will be greatly appreciative.
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