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  1. Oh, FYI, the problem seems to be happening in the Windows bind. I haven't binded the solution on the MAC.
  2. A YEAR AND A HALF LATER AND THE PROBLEM IS STILL THERE!!! I looked for a thread like this a few days ago and didn't find it, so I posted this topic: SDK Bind Failures and Deleted Records There I detail weird results when I tried to create an SDK from a solution that I migrated from FM6 to 8.5. When I sent a bind that finally seemed okay to my client he later reported the disappearance of all his records in one of the files; this has occurred twice for him. Now I have been just sitting on his files for a week, scared as hell to send them back to him. This is a big deal because I'm in the middle of a sale, and if he bails then all his friends that are interested will bail too! And I just sunk all that money into the new FM 8.5 Advanced, not to mention hours and hours of development time. Anyway, I'm going to rebuild the problem file from scratch (it's not very complicated), and then rebind the solution. Send it to my client and tell him, what?, that he should back up 20 times a day because the files I'm trying to sell him may make all his data disappear? -OTB
  3. Can they see the records in a portal? If they can then you put a button in the portal with the script "Delete Portal Row".
  4. Can you just export out of Filemaker and import into Ship Manager, or do you always need it to queary on the fly?
  5. Why not just use a script to loop through and create one record in a new table for every 5th record in the main table. This new record will contain a text field and five fields (one for each record in the main table), as the script is looping through the records in the main table it can set the value in the new record in the new table.
  6. I was having this issue too. I had two related tables, NOT in the same file, let's call them file A and B. If I had a layout open in File B in the backgroud with related fields in File A, then when I would try to view a list in file A it would draw really slow. So on a hunch I set File B to a blank layout everytime I switched to File A and now it works fine, but what a pain.
  7. Hello all, I've got a table for patients and another table for visits. I need a list of patients with their next appointment date. Each patient has multiple appointments from the past and for the future. I tried creating a calc in visits that said: case(appointment date > get(currentdate); patient ID) Then I could build a relationship from the patients table to the visits table based on Patient ID. That of course works once: since you can't build a relationship on an unstored calc the current date doesn't update. Is there a custom function I can use?
  8. You are definitely right, it is not prudent to put Summaries into portals. What I'm doing is basically just getting the result of a calc in a related table that has a global container as its result. One record, one calculation. I've attached a couple of images that show what happened before I made the adjustment to my calculation and after. Notice how in the before all the calendar dates are blue. They are only supposed to have a color if the patient has an appointment that day, i.e. there is a record to match the patient Id - date. Then in the after picture the calendar is looking like it should. But you are probably right that I could have also fixed this problem by setting the field with it's proper color rather than using a calc to give it it's color. It's just a curiosity to point out. By the way, I actually am also using Summaries in a portal in the same database, and it is for just counting a few records at a time. If you look to the left I have a portal that lists all the appointment slots and shows how many appointments are scheduled for that slot. Since there can only be a few appointments per slot it's very fast at doing the calculations. Speaking of speed, I'm finding that FM 8.5 is noticeably slower performing the same tasks I'm doing in 6. And I did clean up all the file references. Thanks for your reply Søren!
  9. No all match keys are stored calcs - Patient ID & Date. The relationship works fine it's the results that are quirky. Thanks!
  10. White papers, shmite papers. They don't tell you about the real anomalies that occur. I always have more success just doing a google search. Anyway I am making my way through them. The only reference I could find to globals was: That isn't much help is it? Thanks anyway Lee!
  11. Are you importing a source file? Some kind of export from another database? Or are you just trying to clean up a messy database? If you are importing, how is your source file set up? Company Code, Company Name, Department, Issue, Contact Person, etc...
  12. It's funny how I always figure a problem out when I stop to go to the bathroom. Check this out, it *is* a problem with a mystery record producing a result that the portal picks up. I solved the problem by putting a condition in my case statement for Appt Status calc. Here is the original statement: Appt Status = Case(PatternCount( Visit Status; "Cancelled") > 0 or PatternCount( Visit Status; "No Show") > 0 or PatternCount( Visit Status; "Rescheduled") > 0; Cancelled Flag; PatternCount( Visit Type; "History") > 0; First Visit Flag; PatternCount( Visit Type; "Reevaluation") > 0; Reevaluation Flag; PatternCount( Visit Type; "Conference") > 0; Conference flag; ; Appt Flag) Now I added the condition which wouldn't allow the calculation to return a result unless there was a patient ID, i.e., an existing record: Case(PatternCount( Visit Status; "Cancelled") > 0 or PatternCount( Visit Status; "No Show") > 0 or PatternCount( Visit Status; "Rescheduled") > 0; Cancelled Flag; PatternCount( Visit Type; "History") > 0; First Visit Flag; PatternCount( Visit Type; "Reevaluation") > 0; Reevaluation Flag; PatternCount( Visit Type; "Conference") > 0; Conference flag; [color:red]not IsEmpty(Patient ID); Appt Flag) It's crazy that even though there are NO records in the related database the pure existence of this calc returns a value. Goodnight everyone!
  13. Okay, I'm basically entertaining myself here. I can't believe no one has anything to say on this. Well I tried one more experiment. I changed the related field to a text field that was a global and it gave me the same results...: So maybe it has something to do with globals. The Appt Status calc has a result that comes from a global container field, so I don't know if that is related to the problem or not? I guess I need to eat. Cheers!
  14. What is it you want to do? Make a mailing list of just companies you sent to or each individual at each company or each department at each company?
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